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The Best Packaged Desserts

The Best Packaged Desserts

There is nothing quite like the beauty of dessert. It is, without a doubt, the sweetest meal of the day. Whenever you have had a rough day and you want to just take some time to relax, some dessert is the perfect way to lift your spirits. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what makes a good dessert. Basically, the only requirement is that it is a little sugary sweet, tastes delicious, and makes you happy. While there are a lot of fresh dessert options out there, like from a bakery, it is not always practical to get those everyday due to cost and how they age as they sit in your fridge. That is why you need some pre packaged desserts. These are meant to last a while and you can find them at pretty much any grocery store. They will be a terrific thing to have in your home when you get that end of the day sugar craving. Here are some packaged desserts that will make sure you end your day on a high note.

Hostess Cupcakes

1. Hostess Cupcakes

Everyone loves the sweet taste of chocolate. It is a classic flavor for desserts that can put a smile on anyone’s face. You should always try to have some form of chocolate in your house. One of the best versions is in cupcake form. That is why if you want to have a chocolatey dessert in your household, you should get some Hostess cupcakes. These cupcakes come in two pack and they are small enough that they won’t be too filling, but big enough that you will definitely be satisfied. The cupcakes are very soft and feel incredibly fluffy in your mouth. There is also chocolate frosting on top for double the chocolate factor. Then, when you bit into the cupcake, you are greeted by a vanilla frosting center that is very creamy and balances everything out. Overall, this is a very sweet and decadent small dessert that will certainly fulfill any and all of your chocolate cravings.

Hershey’s Cookies and Crème Bar

2. Hershey’s Cookies and Crème Bar

There are so many candy bars on the market for you to buy. They can be treated as a snack to tide you over during the day, but they could also be a nice dessert. Because of all of the options, it can be hard to decide which one to eat. How about one that has more than one flavor and is as rich as a candy bar could be? If that is what you want, then your candy bar dessert should be a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar. This is not your typical candy bar. This is made out of a white crème, which is a little similar to white chocolate. A lot of people aren’t white chocolate fans, but this has a more decadent yet delightful flavor. The cookie part of the name comes in the little chocolate cookie bits that are scattered throughout the inside of the bar. It is like you are having an Oreo in the form of candy. This bar is a bit richer than most other candies, which is what makes it a great dessert choice. Have a few rows or the whole bar, you will have a happy time either way.


Milk Bar Ice Cream

3. Milk Bar Ice Cream

You are probably used to a lot of the ice cream flavors on the market. Most brands have the same flavors over and over again. While those flavors are always delicious, you might want to try something new and bold. Fortunately, Milk Bar is here with that exciting new dessert that you have been craving. The company started by making delicious cookies, and now you can buy their wonderful flavors of ice cream. Now these flavors are not your basic vanilla and chocolate. This brand has so much more to offer. You can get some fun flavors like pie, cereal milk, and birthday cake. You will probably not be able to find these flavors from any other ice cream brand. A pint of one of these creative flavors will be the perfect thing to cap off your day. It is time to branch out and make your dessert an exciting adventure.

Twix Ice Cream Bars

4. Twix Ice Cream Bars

How about a dessert that is the best of two worlds? Everyone loves a classic Twix bar. With the crunchy nougat bar, smooth caramel, and the terrific chocolate shell, this is a candy bar that is loved by many people. You may think that there would be no way to improve such a classic, but what if there was a way? Another dessert that everyone loves is cold and creamy ice cream. So what if the two were combined? That is what led to the creation of the Twix Ice Cream Bars. From the outside it looks like a normal Twix bar, albeit a bit bigger. However, once you put your teeth on it, you will realize that the inside is made of ice cream. The chocolate shell surrounds a rectangle of vanilla ice cream, with caramel and nougat pieces at the top. While vanilla ice cream may be seen as simple, it plays really well with the chocolate caramel and nougat. This is taking one of the greatest candy bars to the next level. So if you are craving some ice cream for dessert but you are also a huge fan of what a Twix bar can bring to the table, this is the dessert for you.

Entenmann’s Coffee Cake

5. Entenmann’s Crumb Coffee Cake

A sweet spice that should be appreciated is cinnamon. It can be a little strong, but in a good way. It can add a layer of energy to whatever dessert you have and can spice up anything that you are making. That is why cinnamon should be included more often. One of the great ways to have cinnamon is on a cake. The softness of the cake blends well with the slight harshness of the cinnamon for a spectacular combo. That is why you should do yourself a favor and get some cinnamon crumb coffee cake. Specifically, get a box of Entenmann’s cake. Despite the name, there is not actually coffee in the cake, it is just known for pairing really well with coffee. It is a plain soft vanilla cake with cinnamon crumb chunks that make the plain cake very bold. It is topped with some powdered sugar for extra sweetness. There is a lot going on with this cake and that is what makes it a fun dessert. Everyone loves a good slice of cake, and Entenmann’s has a way for you to make that slice of cake dessert more exciting.

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Brach’s Candy Corn

6. Brach’s Candy Corn

Every year around the fall, there are certain foods that are out in the market. These are seasonal offerings that you need to take advantage of while they are out there. This is especially true for sweet desserts. They can be a great way to perk you up as the days end quicker, and are especially great for the sweetest time of year, Halloween. The fall is all about candy, so treat yourself to some of the great fall candy out there. One of the best examples is candy corn, specifically Brach’s brand. They are a colorful treat and have a tasty sugar sweet taste. They may not be for everyone, but they are the perfect dessert for the fall. The warm fall colors and the lively taste should be appreciated by everyone. Even when it is not Halloween, grab a couple handfuls of this candy for your dessert to end your day pleasantly.

Cookie Dough Café Edible Cookie Dough

7. Cookie Dough Café Edible Cookie Dough

There is something about eating raw cookie dough from the tub that is just a happy time. It may not be the safest thing to do, but there is something about that taste that is just so irresistible. It’s creamier than normal cookies and tastes a bit sweeter. Because of the salmonella, it is probably not something you should do that often. However, what if there was a safer way for you to eat cookie dough? That is where Cookie Dough Cafe Edible Cookie Dough comes in. They have made cookie dough that is totally safe for you to eat. It comes in a little single serve cup, much like a scoop of ice cream, and you can just eat it with a spoon with no problem. This can satisfy all of those cookie dough cravings with no health risks. This can change the dessert game for you and make dessert a whole new amazing experience.