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The Best Outfits You Need To Try Wearing This Summer

The Best Outfits You Need To Try Wearing This Summer

Dressing fashionably for the summer is on many people’s minds for this season. Finding staple pieces is a must so you can be the trendiest you can be. I know that I will be going on a shopping spree soon so I am prepared with the best summer outfits for the upcoming warm weather.

There are many specific pieces that are on trend that will bring your outfit to the next level for the season while giving you the confidence for this hot girl summer. The most important thing is confidence and if you have that, any summer outfit will look killer on you.

Here are some staple pieces that will make any outfit look flawless for your summer outfits! They have been rising in popularity and you are guaranteed to get many compliments while wearing them. 


Anything Checkerboard Print

Checkerboard print was popular in 2018, then the trend died and now it is back and better than ever! The print gives off casual vibes but it is still visually pleasing to look at. The shirt also does all the work, so the rest of your outfit could be basic. This is an easy piece to spice up any look and you won’t even have to try that hard to rock it.




This top is a perfect example of what I am talking about and it is sitting in my shopping cart as we speak. Checkerboard vans are also a perfect example of ways to incorporate the pattern in everyday outfits.

Flip Flop Platform Wedge

Flip Flop Platform wedges are guaranteed to look good with any summer outfit. These type of sandals were very popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s and are making their way into the fashion world again. This season, you will see them all over the streets. The beauty of these shoes is how versatile they are, so you are guaranteed to get use out of them in your summer outfits. 



This Steve Madden model of them is a perfect example of the wedges I am talking about. They’re simplistic yet sexy and will spice up all of your summer looks. You can wear them with a dress, jeans with a casual top, or with sweats and a hoodie. You truly can make them your own. Steve Madden’s slip-on sandal will also be popular this season and you can’t go wrong with those either, but flip flop wedges are the new thing.

Bustier Tops

Everything on this list is popular, but bustier tops take the cake for being the most on trend and fashionable item on here. Bustier tops are popular among a very wide age group of late teens to early 30’s, so many women are purchasing them as we speak. There are many types of them, some looking more traditional and straight out of the 1800’s and others having a modern twist to them that fit more of a going out on the town type of vibe. There are so many types that fit different types of audiences and that is the beauty of them. Regardless, this summer clothing item is in very high demand for the season.

Bustier top


This specific bustier top is the most popular one seen in fashion and I own this one as well. Without fail, people come up to me and ask where I got it every time I wear it out. It is definitely one of the best purchases I made and I highly recommend getting one. Also, you can wear them with leather pants, a skirt, jeans or practically any dressy type of bottom. They are very versatile and are worth every cent.

Low Rise Mini-Skirts

Low Rise Mini-Skirts are another perfect example of the early 2000’s coming back and the rise of Y2K. Low rise is not for everyone and I personally steer away from a low cut because I don’t feel the most comfortable in them, but these skirts are all of the party and city scene. When walking out at night, you are guaranteed to see someone wearing this piece of clothing.



The skirt is paired well with any graphic or baby tees and also looks great with a bustier top. Add black combat boots if you are looking for a little more edge in your style. 

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Bell Bottom Jeans 

While the 2000’s are taking over the fashion world, variations of the 70’s are coming back as well. Bell bottoms are very fashionable for summer outfits and are a great pair of jeans that you will most definitely get use out of. I have five pairs of bell bottoms that I will be wearing all summer for the more chilly days or nights on the town. They pair with practically anything from your head to your toes. If you also want to look more mature or have a sem-casual event to attend, bell bottoms are also perfect for that. You can do anything with them.


Bell bottoms

Free People are notorious for their bell bottom jeans and always have a wide variety to choose from. They are pricey though and other places have similar ones for a cheaper price, but if you want a fancier pair, Free People has very cute ones in all different designs and colors.

Crocheted Bags 

A great accessory that is casual and minimalistic is a crocheted bag. They have risen to popularity recently and now you see them anywhere. They have a good amount of storage and are very useful in comparison to other popular bags. You will be looking super fashionable while being functional.



Since they are patterned bags, you can wear basic clothes and have the bag be your pop of pattern for your summer outfits. It also gives off a care free look and you will look stylish without even trying. I highly recommend getting one if that is the look you are trying to achieve.

I hope this list was helpful and gave you inspiration for some summer outfits! What are you planning to buy for this season?