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The Best Outfits To Wear For Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of culture. If you were not already aware, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s victory in war over France. The celebrations that take place on Cinco de Mayo include parades, food, music, dancing and even battle reenactments. If you are planning on getting together with friends and/or family for Cinco de Mayo, here are some of the best outfits you can wear to embrace Mexican culture and show your pride!

1. Paisley Print Open Back Mini Dress

This Paisley Print Open Back Mini Dress is perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is all about dancing and having a good time with the people you are celebrating with, so wearing a flowing dress is the perfect attire. Most women are told to dress pretty casually, with florals and/or ruffles in their clothing, making this paisley pattern perfect for the occasion. They are also told to either wear bright colors or colors that represent Mexico, and as their flag is red, green, and white, this red and white dress kills two birds in one stone! I definitely recommend checking out this dress from Venus!

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2. Red Cold Shoulder Ruffle Detail Maxi Dress

Now even though women are typically told to dress casual for the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo, it doesn’t mean there won’t be some more formal celebrations happening around you. If you happen to be attending a festival or ceremony where there is going to be a more formal dress code, this Red Cold Shoulder Ruffle Detail Maxi Dress is the perfect dress for the celebration! I mean, who does not live to dress up now and then? It is a beautiful bright red color with ruffles, and even though it’s pretty fancy I am sure you can get in a few dance moves in it! It is available now on Pretty Little Thing for only $44! Pretty Little thing always has some pretty great deals, but you should totally buy it now before the price goes back up!

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3. Scallop Hem Tribal Embroidery Skirt

This skirt is EVERYTHING! I am literally obsessed with this skirt from Shein, and I think it is absolutely perfect for Cinco de Mayo! It’s pretty casual but not too casual, and it comes in two different colors, this red color and an orangey-yellow. The scallops on the bottom of the skirt are super flattering and the colors scream Cinco de Mayo! I prefer the red color if you want to be more festive, and you can pair it with just about any solid colored top, cream, yellow, white, green, you name it! The floral print on the skirt really gives me a Cinco de Mayo vibe, so I’m sure you will receive many compliments! Shop the skirt from Shein now!

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4. Pompom Ruffle Armhole Tribal Embroidered Dress

This Pompom Ruffle Armhole Tribal Embroidered Dress is TO DIE FOR from Shein for such a cheap price! Since Cinco de Mayo is obviously in May, the weather will (hopefully) be a lot warmer than it is now so this summery vibe dress is perfect to celebrate in! Just be sure not to spill any chips and salsa on it! The print on the top of the dress with the pompom ruffled sleeves 100% fits the vibe of Cinco de Mayo. Also, check out that adorable bag and earrings the model is wearing to compliment the dress. Super cute and Shein sells them as well for a very fair price. You can totally get away with dancing the night away in this gorgeous sundress! Shop it NOW in the link below!

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5. Multitrust Women Floral Short Sleeve Casual Party Boho Maxi Long Dresses

This Multitrust Women Floral Short Sleeve Casual Party Boho Maxi Long Dress is from Walmart! Yep, ladies, do NOT sleep on department stores like Walmart! They actually can have some super adorable and very affordable clothing, such as this amazing maxi dress. This dress is only $20 and it comes in all different sizes. It is absolutely stunning and perfect for a Cinco de Mayo day of celebrations. You can dance in this dress, move swiftly, and look amazing all at the same time. Maxi dresses are always super comfortable, and the flowy style with florals and the color red is just the perfect combination for Cinco de mayo. Buy it now on, I bet it’ll sell out pretty quick! You can get dresses like this at all types of stores, but what makes the difference here is the price. Don’t overbuy something if you do not need to, I promise you this will be worth it!

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6. Ruffle Trim Bell Sleeve Plunging Neck Knot Hem Floral Top

Lastly, but totally not least, is this Ruffle Trim Bell Sleeve Plunging Neck Knot Hem Floral Top from Shein for only $17! Shein for the win, honestly. Their prices are great. This is yet another article of clothing from Shein that is perfect for Cinco de Mayo. The florals? Perfect. The flow arms? Amazing. The tie in the front? Oh, so flattering. This top is just begging you to be danced in and shown off to the world! I love the necklace combo the model paired it with as well, and with the big earrings and a white skirt or white shorts… how can you say no to that? Definitely check out this incredible top on Shein for your upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

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Did you get some inspiration for what to wear on your day of Cinco de Mayo celebrations? I hope so! What are your favorite trends to wear and activities to do on Cinco de Mayo? Let us know in the comments below!

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