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The Best Outfits That Match Your Fall Activities

The Best Outfits That Match Your Fall Activities

The fall season brings a much needed refresher to many of our lives. School starts again, the air cools down, and new fall outdoor activities become available to us. From pumpkin patching to spending the night in the city, the fall has so many fun activities to offer. And with all of these options for fall activities comes a variety of outfits to try! Whether you’re spending the day enjoying the refreshing air or hitting the books in your school library, there is a fall outfit for you.

Here are the best outfits that match each and every one of your favorite fall activities.

Errand Run

Starting school once again? Starting a new job? Just getting back into the swing of your non-summer life? Fall is the season of premier productivity. For those fall days when you can muster up some newfound productive energy, running errands can be a great way to get out and get things done. Errand-day outfits can span from the chillest of looks to the (almost) most extravagant. Here are some ideas for both ends and everywhere in between.


1. Black Jeans & A Long Jacket

Such a simple outfit, especially with the white sneakers- which make the outfit just that much more comfortable. A classic black jean can be worn with countless fall outfits. And a long camel coat or jacket is another popular fashion trend right now! Both are classically fall and the perfect simple outfit to throw on for a day of running from store to store or getting things done. 

2. Comfy Sweater & Leggings

The perfect way to dress up a normally relaxed item of clothing (leggings) is a cute and comfy sweater. Pair the outfit with some booties for the ultimate fall outfit. Any slightly (or very) oversized sweater will do the trick with this outfit!

3. Statement Jacket

One of the best parts of fall is the renewed ability to wear jackets and coats. To add some personalization or stylistic touches to your next fall fit, try a statement jacket on top. Dress it up with some fancy pants & pumps (like shown here) or dress it down with those black jeans and sneakers we were talking about! Either way, a statement fall jacket is a super fun way to dress up whatever you’re wearing underneath for a fall day of running around. 


4. Comfy & Chic

Fall is a great time to get creative with your outfits. Whether you’re heading out for a day of chores or heading into work, a pair of a-line pinstripe pants with an oversized sweater and an oversized scarf is the perfect mixture of comfortable and chic. 

Day Trip to the Patch

The classic fall activity? Heading to a pumpkin patch. If you and your friends are planning a day at a fun fall patch or orchard, preparing your outfit will be half the fun! This characteristically fall activity requires some characteristically fall wardrobe choices. Here are some ideas for a day of pumpkin picking, apple eating, or other outdoor fall activities.

1. Make it Athleisure

Athleisure is a great style choice for a day at a patch or just enjoying the great fall outdoors. With all that walking around you’ll want to be comfortable. So throw on a cute hoodie, some leggings or jeans and some sneakers. Top it off with a fall coat if it’s cold enough and even add some sunglasses to keep it fun and functional!


2. Accessorize! With a Hat & a Bag, perhaps?

Accessories are key with any fall fit. Find a fun hat to (pumpkin) spice up any outfit. And grab a backpack or tote bag to help you carry your things on your ventures to the nearby farm. 

Fall Workout

Finally! It’s cool enough for a workout outside! Going for a run outside or heading to your favorite workout class provides yet another opportunity to try a new fall outfit. Here are some outfit ideas for various fall workouts.

1. Joggers for Joggers

Joggers are a great fall outdoor workout clothing item. Whether you’re going for a jog or running some bleachers, they can help to keep a variety of outfits warm enough and comfortable enough to workout in. Pair your joggers with a fun hoodie or long sleeve, a cute hat to pull your hair back, and whatever else you need to optimize your exercise!


2. Classic Yoga Fit

Leggings and a crewneck sweater? You can’t get more fall than that! Both clothing items are great for a fall wardrobe because they can be mixed and matched with your other clothing items to create countless fall outfits. Wear your crewneck with a pair of ripped jeans for a comfy casual outfit. Pair your leggings with an oversized sweater and booties for a nice night out. But for the purpose of a workout outfit, wearing leggings and a sweater together are the best fall option for heading to and from the studio!

Study Session Look

Fall means back to school! And with that inevitably comes some long days of studying and completing school work. Study tip: get comfortable! Wear an outfit that you’ll be able to feel productive in (a.k.a. Not the exact same thing you went to bed in), but keep it as comfortable as you can so you can focus on your work instead of how itchy or tight those pants are!

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1. Groufits & Sweats FTW

Groufits are fall outfits you can never go wrong with. In fact, they’re a great option for any season. But especially when you’re trying to hunker down to get things accomplished, a cute and put-together outfit of simple sweats is a must. Pair your simple gray tee and sweatpants with a comfortable sweater to make the already-fall outfit even that much more cozy. 

2. Layers, layers, layers!

Outfits made of multiple layers are crucial for any fall activity, especially something you’ll be doing all day (like studying!). Layers help keep you comfortable and well-tempered all day because you can take off layers if you get too hot, or add a layer if you get too chilly. A vest is a great layer option for the fall because it’s just light enough that it won’t make you overheat within moments of walking indoors. Pair your vest with a long sleeve tee and some leggings and you’re all set to feel comfortable and cute all day long. 

Night on the Town

Last but not least, fall is a great time to enjoy those outdoor restaurants and night time activities before it gets too far into the year and therefore way too cold. A night on the town during the fall can call for a variety of outfits; here are a few ideas for how to create yours. 


1. Fur Coats Over Everything

Fuzzy, fur, and faux fur coats are a super fun way to personalize a fall outfit. Adding just the right amount of celebration to any outfit underneath, a fuzzy coat is a great topper. Wear yours on top of a nice dress with some tights and boots for a chic and stylish fall night out outfit. 

2. Fall Monochrome 

Monochromatic outfits are a super fun way to combine clothes. Have a lot of neutrals or darker colors like olive greens, burnt oranges, or another fun fall color? Match them together for a chic monochromatic outfit for a night out. Skirts and sweaters with some boots and purses as accessories is a great way to fall-ify the monochrome trend.

3. Skirt & Sweater

Just like the oversized sweater + legging or jeans look, an oversized sweater is a great match with a fall skirt too. Once again you can go for the fall color scheme with warm toned neutrals. And don’t be afraid to add a pair of high boots to make your fall fit perfect for nighttime. 


Whatever your fall activity, outfits are notoriously the most fun in the fall. So use what you’ve got or grab some fall basics to create some cute, chic, stylish and comfortable fall outfits for the upcoming season. 

What’s your favorite part about fall? What item of clothing are you most excited to wear for the new season? Let us know in the comments below!

*featured image from Emma’s Edition’s tips on “How to Pose at a Pumpkin Patch“!