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The Best Outfits For Men To Be Wearing This Winter

The Best Outfits For Men To Be Wearing This Winter

The Best Outfits For Men To Be Wearing This Winter

When it comes to dressing for the winter, it’s important to ensure that your attire is appropriated for the season’s icy temperament. But also, keep up with the latest styles to make sure your layered look is up to date!

It’s a well-known fact that colder months really are the best time of year for men’s fashion. Because this is the coziest time of year, it can be difficult breaking out of those casual summertime shorts.

Here is a list of the best outfit’s men should be looking out for this winter!


1. Leather Jacket

This year we’re bringing back a little bit of old school with this classic look. Keeping you both warm and stylish this winter, leather jackets are an absolute must-have for those looking for relaxed and comfortable everyday attire.

Popular shades include neutrals such as tan, burgundy, brown, and the favorable black, of course. While leather coats themselves are durable, make excellent heat insulators, and easily absorb perspiration, you should avoid purchasing any cheap leather as the quality will not fully make up for these useful features.




 2. A Wool Overcoat

Instead of spending the rest of the day at work in a stiff business suit, grab the attention of your coworkers in a presentable sleek, and well-tailored wool overcoat.


Sharp and sexy, yet oh-so casual, you can’t go wrong with this fitting look. Along with its heavy fabric, this long-sleeved overcoat can be single or double-breasted, usually with a single vent located in the back to allow easier movement for the wearer. For muted tones, go for black, brown, gray, or navy blue; if you’re looking for something a bit more eye catching, go for the more vibrant colors such as light blue, yellow, or red.

 3. Hoodies

Hoodies are by far the most comfortable sweatshirts anyone can ever own. Which is why we are once again bringing back this warm, lovable attire for another season!


Cozy, roomy, and warm – it’s like wearing a thick comfortable blanket! For decades, hoodies have been given a variety of designs and textures. Yet, no matter how different they can be, we can still enjoy those lazy Sundays on the couch and those long walks in the park with them, despite the drop in temperature.

This warm-layered fabric will always be ready for you anytime you need a quick and easy slip-on. All hoodies are good hoodies!

4. Plaid Flannels

Flannels will always be our essential, everyday garment for the cold to come. Simple, yet oh-so-comfortable, it’s no wonder there once again making their rounds for this year’s trendiest outfits.


Whether you decide to button up the front or leave it open, flannels can be the shirt of your choice no matter the occasion. For a cool and refreshing new look, keep your eye out for darker shades. Such as dark greens and reds; while rocking an open shirt, put on a loose, pastel-colored shirt underneath to brighten the appearance. Try out light greys, blues, or a solid white T-shirt will definitely bring out those muted patterns.

 5. Cotton Sweaters

Cheap, light, and amazingly comfortable – this sweaters box fitting look will give you that slouchy, shiftless feeling to relax and simply enjoy your day.


Great for layering and for pulling off a casual and stylish last-minute outfit.

While you don’t necessarily have to be one solid color, however, simple and casual is just the way to go for men this winter.


6. Black Denim Jeans

Whether you’re dressed up for an evening around town or for an important event, black jeans will make an excellent addition to your winter wardrobe. These simple yet comfortable pants will effortlessly give you the cool vibe you’ve been looking for this season, not to mention the pair up very well with the previously mentioned styles listed above.

With these trendy pants, you won’t find yourself in many situations where they’re deemed inappropriate!

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7. Brogue Boots

You don’t have to be a shoe expert to know that these must-have boots will look and feel perfect the moment you step outside the house.

Originating from Scotland and Ireland, brogue boots were initially worn to help water drain freely while their wearers were walking in any wet terrain. Over the many years since their first debut however, the design has evolved to attract the eyes of men who seek to wear them for more decorative purposes.


Brogue boots come in two different styles: derby (open laces with elongate or round toes) and oxford (closed laces with elongated toes), and designs include the full-on brogue styled boots, half styled, or a small quarter.

 8. Hiking Boots

While you might not be making any plans to tackle the great outdoors anytime soon, it certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone to look the part!


These sturdy and durable hiking boots are excellent to trudge through when dealing with the thick snow and slush. However, if you are looking forward to pulling off this trendy look make sure to pay extra attention to what your wearing with them, mainly to avoid looking like your planning to attempt Everest. (Note: Hiking boots are a great fit to flannel shirts and hoodies!)

 9. Neutral Toned Parka Jackets

These extremely snug and heavyweight jackets are guaranteed to keep your warm for a holiday!


Heavily favorited since the mod era, this classic apparel is excellent for rain coverage and unrivaled warmth. With its neutral pigmentation, you won’t have to worry about it clashing with the rest of your wardrobe. In fact, thanks to the parka’s relaxing design, you can easily go for an easy-going, laid-back look with a simple pair of jeans, a shirt, and sneakers.



What style are you going for this winter? Does this list give you some ideas of your own you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment for us down below and tell us all about it!