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The Best Outfits For A Summer Wedding

The Best Outfits For A Summer Wedding

A summer wedding is a beautiful event that signifies the joining of two people who love each other deeply. It’s also an opportunistic time to find your one true love and look amazing while doing it. 

Today, we’re going to talk about what you should wear to such an event. Sure it might not be your wedding day, but you can make an unforgettable impact anyway. 

1. For the Optional Black Tie

A summer wedding will most likely not be a black-tie affair. Black suits, sweltering heat doesn’t exactly mix well. Although the invitation will usually be listed as formal (black-tie optional) the best way to go is what you would wear for a business meeting. 


Now, you can wear a tux if you feel so inclined, but don’t forget that it is an optional choice to do so. The classic gray or navy suit will be the best for you. 

Make sure your collar has no buttons and as for the tie, you can go with a solid color or a subtle pattern to keep it on the fancy side. 


2. The Beach Wedding

I would imagine that a wedding on the beach is one of the most glorious things this life has to offer. To be honest, I would try to shy away from wearing all-white because the brightness will be far too overpowering. 

With that being said, you want to choose a suit with the thinnest material. Linen or cotton are the two that will provide the most comfort on the beach. 

The colors you should go with are khaki, beige, off white, basically any color that resembles a tan. Since you’ll be going to the beach, I would throw on a crisp and colorful floral printed shirt. 


It’s the beach, so you’ll be happy to hear that you can ditch the tie, but you’ll have to stick with the shoes. 

3. For the Festive Attire 

This is the one that you want to have the boldest option for. If you’ve happened to stumble across an incredible olive or teal suit, then now is the time to drop the bag on that bad boy. 


It’s only the first step since you’ll have to get a dress shirt. Don’t be lame and go with a solid color. Instead, opt for a polka dot look, with a solid colored tie that will complement the jacket nicely. 

You can add other accessories that will pack a punch too, crazy socks, a glistening pocket square, or even a nice pair of sneakers. Just make sure that your pants are hemmed and tailored correctly. 


4. The Actual Black Tie

If the summer wedding says “Black Tie” then there is absolutely no way around it fellas, you have to go with a tuxedo and bow-tie. However, just because the invitation says black-tie, does not mean you have to limit yourself to black. 

Any color of formal wear will work, as long as it goes with an actual black tie. As Jay Z once said, “Show up in all-white, wearing no socks” 

A nice clean white top, black pants, and bowtie would be one way to kill the black-tie look. 


5. The Casual Wedding

A casual summer wedding does not mean to show up in jeans and a sportscoat. It’s still a wedding for godsakes, dress your best. 

You’re going to want to honor the occasion with a pair of slim dress pants or some khakis maybe. You can go with a dress shirt or, my favorite option, a polo top to accent the blazer. 


6. Pinstripes

I’m not a big fan of the pinstripe suits, but I will admit that when it’s done correctly it will look beautiful. 

If you’re feeling extra dapper, you can pair your pinstripe suit, with a striped dress shirt and solid tie that will really turn heads at the wedding you’re attending. 


A double-breasted suit with red can look great like Jon Bernthal does here. 

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7. Patterns 

If the pinstripes are too much or not your style, then I would recommend a patterned suit instead. This gives you the ability to go with any style you wish. 

You can keep it simple like Khalid does here and utilize a very different kind of tie that will look great at a summer wedding. If you do decide to go with this look, wear some black loafers. 


8. The Laid Back Look

For this look, it’s all about the color. The glory of these kind of suits is that they come in a variety of different shades, but the green, swamp look is by far the best one. 

Notice how the shirt matches the socks and the shoes match the pocket square? Whatever color you opt for, this is the kind of matching you want to achieve. 

If you’re one of those people that would rather be seen, not heard, then this summer wedding suit is the way to go. It’s low maintenance, easy to afford, and even more realistic to pull off. 


9. A Suit That’s Not A Suit

If wearing a suit is simply too much for you, fear not, there are ways around it. Wear some nice patterned trousers or dress pants along with some sleek, black leather loafers for ultimate comfort in the summer wedding. 

Like Jeff Goldblum here, wear a lightweight suede jacket over a black polo t-shirt for the summer vibes.  If the wedding is outside, you might want to buy a great pair of sunglasses just for the occasion. 


10. The Celebration Suit

If you really love the two people who decided to spend every waking moment together then you should sport your best duds. 

A super shiny maroon suit will fit right in with a fancy-ass summer wedding. Black loafers, white shirt, and bowtie are sure to help you score with the single relatives or bridesmaids. 


There you have it my friends, if you plan of attending a summer wedding, I hope you try some of these looks. If you have any recommendations or feedback don’t forget to comment down below!