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The Best Outdoor Bars To Check Out In Los Angeles This Summer

The Best Outdoor Bars To Check Out In Los Angeles This Summer

Summer is near, so now is the time to start planning ahead and thinking about different places to bring your friends for fun summer nights out! Los Angeles is home to so many fun outdoor bars to check out, so I thought I would put together a list of a few of my favorites that you absolutely have to try out at least once this summer!

Tony’s Saloon

Tony’s Saloon is located in Downtown Los Angeles, right in the Arts District. It credits itself in being open 365 days a year, rain or shine. So, as an outdoor summer bar, you know this outdoor bar will be ready and welcoming to you and your friends. Some of the outdoor fun that you can involve yourself in for a night here at Tony’s Saloon include classic neighborhood games like pool, ping-pong, and darts. Sip on some yummy cocktails and unwind here for a summer night at Tony’s Saloon!


Ashland Hill

Ashland Hill is much more than just your typical “outdoor bar.” They are opened for brunch, lunch, and dinner every single day, but the real fun takes place from 3pm-6pm Thursday through Saturday when their outdoor beer garden is open for social hour. Here, you can sip on a selection of 16 different draft beer taps and enjoy your company. With a spacious patio and comforting heat lamps, Ashland Hill is likely to bring you a fun, sophisticated night out this summer!

Bar 1886 at the Raymond

Bar 1886 is located behind the historic Raymond Restaurant in Pasadena, California. Here, you are going to have a night filled with the best of the best in terms of booze and high class food. My only recommendation in saying this is that you make sure to budget accordingly before heading here for a casual summer night out with your friends. There is an extremely casual, laid back vibe in place at this bar, making it the perfect place to visit when you are not planning on getting too rowdy. Feeling sophisticated? Head to Bar 1886 at the Raymond!

Broken Shaker Los Angeles

Broken Shaker is a rooftop bar located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. When looking for a good outdoor bar to visit this summer and have a fun-loving spirit, chances are that this could be the perfect spot for you! From funky patterned tablecloths to bright murals surrounding the outdoor pool, Broken Shaker absolutely SCREAMS summer. Here, you can enjoy delicious cocktails while admiring your well-articulately decorated surroundings.


Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is definitely accurately named, being that it is the perfect outdoor bar for nothing but GOOD TIMES. This Hollywood bar is 70s themed and the outdoor patio makes you feel right at home! From the funky shaggy to the retro refrigerator that stands at the entrance to the deck, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is sure to bring about its fair share of surprises, making for an incredibly fun summer night!

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Resident is located in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, making it a popular spot for a fun night out! With a welcoming patio and relaxing music, this is the go to spot for a truly chill night out! Being that I tend to sway from the classic boisterous, crowded bar scene, the Resident provides just that! Grab a drink, grab a seat, and enjoy a fun night surrounded by peaceful fire pits and good friends!

Block Party

Block Party is a super fun outdoor bar that has a unique assortment of games in their backyard patio! Here, you can enjoy a massive game of shuffleboard with your friends or simply hang out and socialize with new people! Block Party certainly provides your classic “block party” experience that won’t give you a headache for being too loud and overwhelming like you may have experienced at your school’s frat parties! Block Party is DEFINITELY one of my favorites, so I highly encourage you to check it out this summer!


Now that you have a killer lineup of different outdoor bars to visit in the Los Angeles area, you are fully prepared for some great summer nights with your friends! Comment down below what you thought of this selection, and here’s to a FUN SUMMER!

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