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The Best Natural Face Moisturizers

There are so many moisturizers out for sale in the world today, it’s hard to decipher which ones have actual benefits to your skin and which actually make problems worse. And many of the proven skin moisturizers that work are often very expensive for little quantity. However, there are certain moisturizers that have been proven effective and you may already have on hand already, all natural ones. Here are 5 of the best natural face moisturizers!

1. Cucumbers

The stereotypical spa treatments always show people with some sort of face mask on and cucumbers over the eye, but just to be clear these veggies are not just for decoration. They are full of nutrients that help reduce inflammation of the skin and also since they are full of water, they help rehydrate dry patches. If you want to use the cucumbers all over your face, I would recommend making a sort of paste by either hand mashing them or blending them with some sort of base like yogurt. But if you’re just solely focused on your lips a slice over each eye will do the trick to help reduce puffy eyes.

2. Olive Oil

Not only is olive oil a power substance to add into your meals with all of it’s benefits to your body internally, but it also can be a healing agent to the skin. The antioxidants of the oil work to rebuild damaged layers of the skin leaving them soft and smooth after application. Olive oil is best applied in moderate amounts to the face. You do not want to overdo this moisturizer as it can clog pores and worsen acne if done too frequently. Therefore I would do it maybe two times a week maximum. If you even want a little exfoliation into your moisturized you can add a little sugar as well!

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is truly a wonder food. Not only does it one of the only foods that can act as a probiotic, but it also can help rejuvenate dry and inflamed skin. Its antifungal qualities help to eliminate bacteria and other wanted germs that may be lurking on your face and it’s lactic acid works to tighten pores. All together you have a product that can reduce age lines, rehydrate the skin, and acts as an exfoliate without harsh scrubbing even being necessary. That’s pretty amazing for a snack that’s probably just sitting in your fridge. I would recommend just using plain greek yogurt for the trick. Flavored yogurts could have added products that aggravate the skin. Also make sure to keep the product cool, as it’s cold creamy nature adds to the moisturization process.

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4. Avocados

Avocados are again typically associated with spa treatments, but many people do not realize why the fruit is so good at hydrating the skin. The magic all lies in its fatty acids that work to moisturize and repair damaged skin. The fruit also has plenty of antioxidants and vitamins that make the skin stronger and less susceptible to damage. I would prepare this moisturizer by mashing up the fruit and letting it chill in the fridge for about an hour. The coolness will add to the benefits of the moisturizer by tightening the skin.

5. Coconut Oil

Over the past decade, coconut oil has definitely been making it’s way to the forefront in terms of skin care. The oil has been found to have many antifungal agents that protect the skin from harmful bacteria that cause breakouts, as well as fatty acids that hydrate the skin and act as an added layer that helps prevent dry patches and inflammation. Typically the product comes in a solid state in jars but turns into oil once heat is added. While this is a great moisturizer, all should be warned that coconut oil is messy, so you’re going to want to wear an odd t-shirt when applying the product to your face.

Do you have any natural face moisturizers of your own? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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