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The Best Nail Colors For When You Want To Stand Out

There are different ways for people to stand out. You might be someone who always tries to be the center of attention. Wherever you go, you want to have people’s eyes on you. Then there are people who are not all about the spotlight. These are the people who tend to blend into the background. However, that does not mean they have to stay that way. Some people may want to dazzle every now and then. And it does not have to be a go big or go home situation. Maybe you want to stand out just a little. This can be done with the power of nail polish. Nail polish only covers a small part of a person’s body, but it can leave quite an impact. It can come in a variety of shades that can each be eye catching in their own way. They can be bright, glittery, and so much more. Whether you are someone who wants to stand out even more than you already do or you are a background person who wants a taste of attention, nail polish is the way to go. Here are some shades that will always get glowing reviews from anyone you meet.

1. Pink Big

Never be afraid to let some femininity shine through. It can make any outfit look a little fancier and it also shows that you are secure in your identity. You can do all of that while looking really fabulous. Even if you don’t want to be too elaborate, there are still options. One of the most divine options is this lovely nail color. Pink is a color traditionally associated with being feminine, as well as being romantic and innocent. These are great qualities to have and you can express them with this pink nail polish. The name really makes the polish’s purpose clear. This is a color that will leave a big impact. It is not too pale so it is hard to see and not too dark that it looks too simple. This pink is the perfect shade to help you leave a statement wherever you go. This nail color also has a bit of shimmer in it for some extra sparkle. This will really help your femininity shine through in a bold way to show that you want to be seen. Even though it will only leave a small mark, it will make you want to stand tall and proud.

2. Maraschino Cheer-y

Sometimes you want to stand out in a classy way. Maybe you are at a formal event where you have to look elegant. It is enjoyable when a nail color makes a statement, but sometimes it can be a little crazy for something fancy. There are still nail colors that work for you. This beautiful shade of red is what you are looking for. The name of the color says it all. Think of the color of a maraschino cherry, but a little more cheerful. It is not a shade of red that is too dark that it is a little plain, but not too bright that it is distracting. Red is a power color and it has an essence of sophistication. It will make you look like you are confident and classy and that you care about how you look. It will go with a variety of outfits and help tie many looks together. Any time you dress up, show off your glamor in a mature way.

3. Bee Unapologetic

Some colors just have a natural glow about them. The hue has a real shine that will brighten up any look. That is certainly true for the color yellow. It is a color that is associated with sunshine, flowers, and happiness. It radiates energy and it is almost like a natural light. This specific nail color is a shade of yellow that will make everyone stop and stare at you. It is one of the brightest shades of yellow you can find in nail polish. Like the flying creature it is named after, this color is buzzing and full of life. Make sure to wear some complimentary colors to make the nail polish work, like blue or pink. You can wear an outfit with dark colors to make the nail polish pop, or you can wear more bright colors so that nail color is the cherry on top of your glow. Yellow is a lively color, so get ready to look alive.

4. Holo FX

It’s never a crime to have a little sparkle. Sparkles are always great because it is their job to shine. Anything that has sparkles will automatically be attention grabbing, so they are always reliable if you want some attention. This nail color especially will help you shimmer. The silver color will help make your nails look like a disco ball. If the light hits your nails in a certain way, then people are going to want to dance under them. Silver is also a great color because it goes with so many other colors. Even though it is sparkly, it is still kind of a base color and can take on any bright colored clothes you want to wear. This will make your outfit full of energy. Never be afraid to add some razzle dazzle to your outfit. Some nail colors stand out because they are a bright color, this color stands out because the sparkles will attract some eyes no matter what.

5. In The Cab-ana

Every now and then you may want to take a well deserved vacation. You just want to sit by the beach, have a tropical drink in your hand, and just relax. While you may not always be able to do this, you should try to keep that energy with you. And a way to carry that energy with you is through a striking nail color. This nail color in particular just screams vacation and will cause many people to turn their heads. This color is a gorgeous shade of light blue. It is the color of a beautiful blue sky, a gorgeous pool, and maybe a beach chair that you would want to lounge on. All of that wonderful vacay energy will be stored in this wonderful color. While it would be a magnificent color to wear on your next trip, there is nothing stopping you from wearing it at home. No one at home will be able to stop themselves from noticing this joyful color. You will never feel too far away from your next trip.

6. Summit Of Style

In life, you should always try to go for the gold. Do your best and you can be a winner. At the very least, you can be a winner in your style. Gold is a color that sparkles and makes you look bold, which is why it also represents victory. This nail color is certainly worthy of a medal. Not only does it have the great gold color, but it is also filled with beautiful glitter. That makes this dazzling color even more special. It is a nail color that you should wear when you want to show that you are ready for an amazing night. For example, this would be wonderful if you were off to a nightclub or an electric party. This is not a color for when you want to be simple. This shimmering gold is meant for excitement and you want to be the center of attention. You would not be able to hide with this nail color if you tried, so it is time to go for that glory.

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7. Red Ruby Rules

There is nothing quite like an exhilarating party. You are dancing all over the place with your friends, there are the flashing lights, the crazy music, and so many more thrills. This can be a great time, but it is not a time that will last forever. Partying all the time would be a little too much, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep some parts with you. Specifically, you can keep the aesthetics of a party with you. This nail color is accomplishing that job. This nail color is all sparkles, but it comes in so many different shades. From pink to green to gold to red and so much more, it is like you are having a party on your nails. It is similar to the lights coming from a disco ball or strobe lights or all of the wild outfits that people are wearing. You can get all of this without the exhaustion when you use this nail polish. Whether you are going to an actual party or just brightening up your day, this nail polish will make you want to celebrate.

8. Neontopia

Just because you are growing up doesn’t mean you can’t stay young at heart. Back when you were a child, you might have liked to dress in fun colors and not think about other people’s opinions. Even if you are more conscious about wearing a simple and trendy outfit, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a bit of youthfulness. This nail color will help you get a bit of that childlike wonder in a cute way. There is a lot going on with this nail color. There is the bright pink background underneath all of the multicolored glitter. It is very reminiscent of a child’s birthday party. It could have been a bit much if you were doing a whole outfit, but it works as nail polish. It leaves a small mark, but it will still catch everyone’s attention. The joy of this pattern will be made clear and show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Go a little crazy and show how you are never too old to be bright.

9. Matcha Mint

Sometimes one color is just not enough. While you may already be standing out with one nail color, maybe you’ll stand out even more when that color changes. You can get double the style and double the fun. The nail polish is your answer. As the name implies, this nail polish has a green theme. Green is a terrific color that represents luck and nature. Now this is not just one shade of green. This nail polish is a mood changing polish. Based on your body’s temperature, your nails can go from a pretty pale green to a luxurious dark green without you even realizing. It is like a magic trick on your nails. This will definitely get people to notice you as they won’t even believe their eyes. The colors are pretty on their own, but it will definitely intrigue people to see a change. This will be the perfect nail polish to put on when you are hanging out with your friends as you have to show it off. Nail polish can be incredible, and there are so many unique shades and nail technology that are helping you everyday.

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