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The Best Music To Listen To While Working Out

The Best Music To Listen To While Working Out

The best music to listen to while working out depends on what kind of music you’re into, but I firmly believe these songs are songs every person should have in their workout playlists. They get you pumped up and feeling ready to move!

Attention by Rich Brian (feat. Offset)

This song is a hip hop song that’s perfect for running and feeling like a bad ass while working out. The fast beat will keep you wanting to go and push yourself, while the drums and flow of Rich Brian and Offset are going to motivate you but in a lowkey way because they’re not loud about it. It’s a subtle badassery that’s going to hype you up for your workout and keep you pushing and going.

Rich Brian and Offset together is a combo that hypes you up and this song is great for working out to.


I think this song could be on any workout playlist, whether it be for cooling down or warming up or for your main workout playlist. In my opinion, it fits with any part of your workout and should be added to yours!

The Best Music To Listen To While Working Out

Better Now by Post Malone

This song is definitely the perfect song for warming up to.


It starts off slow and easy, which is how your warm-ups should start so you don’t injure yourself, then picks up the pace. Kind of like how you should start slowly to prevent injury then pick up the pace as to get blood flowing and your heartbeat up.

It slows down again and picks up the pace, just like when you go hard then take a break in between sets or moves when you workout!

I think the way this song is set up is perfect for working out, especially weightlifting or workouts that incorporate rests in between moves.


It’s also catchy and can distract you from the pain and soreness your body feels as you push yourself to your limits! This is definitely a song I recommend adding to your workout playlist!

The Best Music To Listen To While Working Out

Hard Work Pays Off by Future, Juice WRLD

The name of the song is enough to add it to your workout playlist. All the hard work you put into working out is going to pay off after you do it daily and make it a part of your lifestyle.


It’s got a good beat, not too fast, but it’s upbeat and will motivate you to get moving. The song itself isn’t very hype, but the story from the lyrics get you ready to improve yourself and change your life.

This song could be added to your warm up or cool down playlist because it can ease you into your workout but it can also calm you down and get you into that chill and accomplished mindset you need when cooling down in my opinion.

The Best Music To Listen To While Working Out


Money by Cardi B

This intense fast paced song will make you feel bad ass while you’re working up a sweat.

Cardi rapping about earning what she’s gotten in her life will encourage you to keep pushing to keep going during your workout. You feel like cutting your reps short because the last 2 have started to burn? Cardi wouldn’t allow it. You gotta push yourself to earn that body you’re striving for.

This is a song that I recommend for the more intense workouts of yours, whether it’s HIIT, weight lifting, running, or another intense form of exercise. This is meant to get you pumped up and ready to go.

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You should definitely add this to your pump-up workout playlist!

Nonstop by Drake

Just the name of the song is enough to add it to any workout playlists in my opinion.


This is a great song for when you need to workout to release pent up emotions or energy you’ve been holding in all day. The beat and lyrics will hype you up and get you going and ready to break a sweat.

If you want to feel powerful and unstoppable this song is a must add to your workout playlist. I think you could also include it in your cooldown playlist or any form of working out because it’s nog too intense or strong! It’s not all up in your face like some of the other songs but it can still hype you up. Since it’s not all up in your face, the song can sti be used for a more lowkey workout such as an abs focus day or deep stretching for 30 minutes.

That’s just my recommendation, but I feel like this song works for any workout playlists, not just one to hype you up.


King’s Dead (with Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake) by Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake

The fast paced hip hop song will make you feel like you gotta get your workout done fast. It’s a great song to run to, especially if you like to or are encouraged to push yourself when the beat of you music is fast.

You’ll also feel like you can lift and pull anything when you listen to the lyrics that say “miss me with that bull***” and in my opinion that could be that last set you were thinking about giving up on but decided against it last second because you felt a little tired.

This is definitely a song you should listen to if you’re doing a more intense workout, because of how fast paced and intense it is. If you’re doing yoga or winding down from your workout, this isn’t the right song for that. Some people wouldn’t mind it, but I think this is one for the more intense workouts and you should add it to your playlist if it’s not already there.


I hope you add a song or two to your workout music playlist! In my opinion, this is the best music to listen to while working out, but if you have any other suggestions, let us know in the comments below what your workout playlist sounds like and also what you would add to this list!

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