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The Best Music To Listen To When Getting Ready For A Date

The Best Music To Listen To When Getting Ready For A Date

Getting ready for a date is an exciting and fun time. The other person is interested in you, you think they’re pretty cute, you two are going to get one-on-one time with each other and you’re both hopefully going to look good during the date. The date is usually the most fun part, or at least I hope it is, but getting ready for it is when your excitement builds up. I think you need to get in the right headspace before your date so you’re able to be fully present and carry conversation, relax, and have fun. Here’s some music I recommend listening to while you’re getting ready for a date!

Mac Ayres

Mac Ayres is an RnB artist and his music will get you in the mood for a date. It’s music that’s going to make you want to be around your significant other (or someone you hope becomes your significant other) and will make you wanna slow dance or bop. The lyrics in his music are all about relationships and if you listen to them while getting ready, they’ll make your heart swoon. The sound of his music is so groovy, with a mix of relaxing and upbeat songs, that you can listen to his music even after the date! Listen to his music while in the car, or listen to his music together! His music can definitely be listened to before, during and after a date and he is a must listen to artist.

Some personal favorites I recommend you listen to are “Easy”, “Calvin’s Joint”, “The Devil’s in the Details” and “Slow Down”.

The Best Music To Listen To When Getting Ready For A Date

Ed Sheeran

A classic. Ed makes music that is romantic, sweet, beautiful and perfect for when you want to get into that date or see a significant other type of mood. He is a classic on this list, and I hope he came to mind when you read the headline of this article. Maybe you’re thinking his music is for more serious couples if you’re going on a first, second or third date with someone. I get that. Don’t just dive into relationships and get in your head as you’re getting to know someone, but I think innocently listening to these love songs while you’re getting ready is fine. As long as your mind isn’t imagining a serious future as you’re just getting to know them, listen to Ed!

Some personal favorites I recommend listening to are “Galway Girl”, “Perfect”, “What Do I Know?” and “Thinking out Loud”.


Khalid’s music will definitely get you in the date mood. His music is also great for post-break up blues, but we are focusing on his music that’s about love and how it thrives, not about the heartbreak! The vibe he gives off through his music is very chill and relaxed. You can take your time getting ready, get yourself in a relaxed mood so you’re not on edge during the date and so that you can be yourself on the date. I think his music should be listened to if you’re nervous about the date. His music is also good for those who have been dating a while because his voice is so soothing and the right songs always get me in a romantic mood.

Some songs I recommend listening to are “Talk”, “Saturday Nights”, “Location” and “Young Dumb & Broke”.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan has quite a few songs about heartbreak, but his upbeat songs (whether it is through sound or lyrics) are the perfect songs to listen to while getting ready for a date. It will relax you and put you in a happy mood that will hopefully radiate off you when you see your date. His music gives off good energy and that good energy will hopefully rub off on you.

Some songs I recommend listening to are “Bloom”, “Strawberries & Cigarettes”, “My My My!” and “YOUTH”.

The Best Music To Listen To When Getting Ready For A Date

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NIKI is an RnB artist who makes many break-up songs, but her songs that are about attraction, love and new romance are perfect for getting ready for a date. Her music is mostly upbeat, although she has a few beautiful ballads, and to be honest it’s easy to mix up her break-up songs with songs about a new romance. That’s kind of nice, but if you like to pay attention to lyrics like me, it may be confusing. Her music makes you want to dance and have fun, which is one reason I recommend listening to her music as you’re getting ready! Her music will make your heart flutter and if you listen to the right songs with your date, you can definitely send a not so subtle message to them about how you feel if you’re scared to share that the first few dates.

Some songs of her I recommend listening to are “Indigo”, “I Like U”, “Newsflash!” and “move!”.

The Best Music To Listen To When Getting Ready For A Date

Bruno Mars

Another classic. Although his music is more for dancing and having fun, I think because his music is usually upbeat and fast that it’s perfect for listening to while getting ready for a date. His music gives off good vibes and makes the listener feel suave and sexy, like they’re ready to take on the town, have a good time and let loose! His songs are easy to sing along to and definitely provide entertainment for you as you get ready, and that’s what will make getting ready fun, besides the fact you’re going on a date with someone you really like!

Some songs I recommend listening to from Bruno Mars are “Locked Out of Heaven”, “Treasure”, “24k Magic” and “That’s What I Like”.

Music is a great thing to have when you’re getting ready for any event, and will hype you up for a date. You can definitely tailor the artists to suit the mood you’re trying to get in for the date, but this music is what I like to listen to before I go out. It get me feeling all romantic and happy. Let us know in the comments below what music you listen to while getting ready for a date!

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