The 10 Best Movies To Watch When You’re Bored

Are you ever just bored? Are you looking for some kind of entertainment? One of the best ways to ward off this dull mood is to watch great movies. These 10 of the best movies to watch when you’re bored!

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

In 1986, Ferris Bueller shows us exactly what a day off should look like. He rides around town in a sleek convertible, visits a few museums, and even crashes a parade. He is the opposite of boring, and he never wastes a second. Watching his excitement and exploration will motivate you to have an adventure on your next day off. Without a doubt, this makes number one on the list of best movies to watch when you’re bored.

This is one of the best movies to watch when you're bored

2. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

One of Wes Anderson’s most fun-loving movies, Moonrise Kingdom follows two pre-teens running away from home and falling in love along the way. It’s innocent, but ambitious. These two kids are living their best lives for the one day they have away from responsibilities. This movie will encourage you to embrace your youthful liveliness.

3. Clueless (1995)

This movie is a classic, feel-good film. Cher, the main character, is loveable and relatable. Her go-to attitude will encourage you to be just as peppy, optimistic, and energetic.

This is one of the best movies to watch when you're bored

4. Amélie (2001)

Amélie has been living a routine for years in her small town in France. Her life may seem a little boring, but one day she sets on an adventure. Her stick-to-it attitude will make you want to uncover a mystery for yourself.

5. Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Anne Hathaway as Andrea Sachs begins her dream job but discovers that it’s not it had cracked up to be. However, she powers through, and her determination leaves a wish-fulfilled sense for the viewer. This movie can encourage you out of your spiritless mood and is one of the best movies to watch when you’re bored.

This is one of the best movies to watch when you're bored

6. Miss Congeniality (2000)

Sandra Bullock goes undercover at the Miss USA Pageant when her job with the FBI puts her through a makeover. There is never a dull moment in this film as Bullock’s character tries to stop a crime before it happens and maneuvers through love along the way. It’s sure to pump you up.

7. Legally Blonde (2001)

Elle Woods begins her journey to Harvard just so she can salvage an ended relationship. Along the way, she learns about herself and her intelligence. She grows into an independent, motivated woman that can inspire you to do the same.

This is one of the best movies to watch when you're bored

8. Lilo & Stitch (2002)

This throwback film will remind you of your childhood when it seemed like you were never bored. Lilo’s and Stitch’s relationship is full of innocent laughs, love and will certainly let you surf away from your boredom. This is sure to be one of the best movies to watch when you’re bored.

9. Inside Out (2015)

When Riley’s emotions fall out-of-whack, she becomes bored, unmotivated, and sad. It could be how you’re feeling, but Inside Out uses funny characters and inspirational quotes to pull Riley, and its viewer, away from her lethargic day.

This is one of the best movies to watch when you're bored

10. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Different from endearing rom-coms and coming of age films, this Marvel masterpiece adds lightheartedness to a colorful action film. Chris Pratt isn’t too bad to look at for two hours either. This film’s wit and style will be sure to enlighten you.

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