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The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

Best Movies, The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

We could all use a great girl’s night in. Sometimes that’s all you really need; a night with our girlfriends watching a great movie, delicious snacks, and cozy sweats or pajamas. But picking a movie that all of your friends will love and enjoy watching can be difficult especially if you’re friends all have different tastes. Well, this list of certified girl’s night movies is sure to delight all of your viewers, no matter what. You really don’t need to look further than these silver screen girl’s night classics that are the best movies for when you have the whole gang together.

1. Mean Girls:

Still standing at one of the most quotable girls night movies is Mean Girls. If there is anyone out there who hasn’t seen Mean Girls, it’s about the new girl, Cady, finding her place in her new high school and having to make peace with the clique at the top, “The Plastics”. There’s a bunch of other memorable quotes and scenes in this movie and a one-sentence summary won’t do it justice, so you just have to watch it. If you have a friend that has not seen this movie, you definitely need to get a group together to watch this ASAP. So pull all of your girls together and have the perfect movie night; filled with everything pink and fashionable. It’ll be so fetch. 

The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

2. Clueless:

For the ’90s teen chick flick with the ultimate cult following, be sure to check out Clueless. This movie not only was iconic for its fashion (that inspired decades of awesome costumes), but it also was a loose adaption of Jane Austen’s popular comedy, Emma. In Clueless, Cher and her friend, Dionne, give social outcast, Tai, a makeover. Cher realizes she likes performing good deeds but later when Tai becomes more popular than Cher, they argue. Cher realizes that the motive for a lot of her actions was her selfishness all along. It’s a hilarious movie that ends perfectly upbeat and would be a blast to watch on your girl’s night. Coordinated or matching outfits would be a plus.

The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

3. Pitch Perfect:

If you want to watch a movie that is all about friendship and the bonds formed between a group of awesome chicks then Pitch Perfect is for you. You also get some insane dance numbers and covers of songs, since they are an acapella group. What else could you want in a girl-power movie? Also, if you and your girls feel like having a marathon there are three of these films, so prepare yourselves with enough popcorn to hunker down for a couple of hours.

The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

4. Legally Blonde:

Another chick-flick/girl-power classic is none other than Legally Blonde. When Elle defiantly tells off Warren, I think I can speak for everyone who has seen this movie and say you will leap for joy. Or if you’re too comfy on the couch, you will definitely at least clap. After Warren dumps her, Elle works her butt off and gets into Harvard only to have him rebuff her once more. When you first turn on the movie you think it’s going to be about Elle trying to get Warren back, but really it’s about how hardworking, friendly and intelligent Elle is while completely sticking it to Warren. A must watch for every girl boss group of friends.

The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

5. Bridesmaids:

If you’re in the mood to laugh for about an hour and a half, then watch Bridesmaids. With amazing comedic women like Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy at the helm of this movie you will definitely be rolling on the floor laughing by the end. Bridesmaids centers around Annie dealing with some troubles in her life and all of the crazy trials and tribulations that come with being the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding.

The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

6. Pretty in Pink:

If you and your girlfriends are looking for a character that almost all of you will be able to relate to, then watch Molly Ringwald portray Andie in this ’80s classic. John Huges was the man behind this classic and he was responsible for all of your other teen comedies like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In Pretty in Pink, Andie is a highschooler known for making her own clothes and being associated with her best friend Duckie. When Blane, one of the rich and popular boys, asks Andie out she struggles with keeping her best friend and interacting with a different social group.

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The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

7. Devil Wears Prada:

No one will ever be a better girl boss or ice queen than Miranda Priestly. The Devil Wears Prada Character is another female that will forever be quotable and memorable. When Andy gets a job at Runway magazine she has to suffer through Miranda’s rigorous, and sometimes even diabolical, demands and orders. Relly what this movie comes down to at its core is the drive that many women have to make it in their careers. While some will do whatever it takes to skyrocket straight to the top of their careers, others are more content to focus on other aspects of their lives and both decisions are okay.

The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

8. Miss Congeniality:

Sandra Bullock will always be one of the queens of Hollywood. Sandra completely nails her character, Gracie, an FBI agent who is forced to go uncover after hearing that a beauty pageant might get bombed. She struggles with being a “girly girl” and originally looks down upon the other contestants, but soon realizes that the other women in the contest are funny, well-rounded, and thoughtful. This is a classic feel-good comedy where the main character has grown by the end of the movie and sees that they were wrong about something. It’s hilarious and will have all of your friends feeling good at the end.

The Best Movies For A Stay In Night With Your Girlfriends

Which girl’s night movie is your favorite? Which movie will you be watching during your next girls night? Let us know in the comment section down below?
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