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The Best Movies About College That All Freshmen Need To Watch

The Best Movies About College That All Freshmen Need To Watch

These movies about college are films that every incoming freshman should be watching before they start hitting the books!

By the time you head into college you’ve probably already seen a ton of movies that are going to influence you and affect the experience you’ll have. What’s it gonna be? Will you be the hot bad chick who everyone secretly hates? The nice guy who follows his dreams, hearts, and smarts? Will you be the mellow alt chick with major talent? Or will your parents be so cool that they’ll say you don’t have to go to college? Well you should really only be yourself and make the most of the years. …Who am I kidding? Watch these movies about college, because they’re based on stuff that college experiences are made of! Also they each offer a decent life-lesson that can help you if you get stuck. Here’re the best movies about college you should watch if you’re a Freshman and you’re about to dive in.

God’s Not Dead (2014)

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Probably because I’m extremely empathetic towards people who stand up for what they believe in. Josh, the protagonist of the film, is troubled by a professor who’s trying to use his title as a means to control classroom opinions. The best lesson in this film, aside from the fact that God’s not dead, is that if you really want to make a difference you have to do the extra work required to prove your point.

If you want to convince people to believe your theories by all means go ahead, just do your research and present well. You never know who’ll follow you and support you and what you’ll achieve for stepping out of the norm. If you’re a freshman attending college for the first time, this movie will show you that you have to bring your A-game and be prepared to fight some real world battles, sometimes with no team behind you.

The Best Movies About College That All Freshmen Need To Watch

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Another awesome flick. This one to me is mostly about friendship and team-building. A group of girls stepped out of their norms to come together and do something amazing, sing! The lesson for freshmen here is that it’s good to make friends and be apart of something. If you watch the following two films after you’ll learn that you definitely need that support later on in life.

The Best Movies About College That All Freshmen Need To Watch

Happy Death Day (2017)

Happy Death Day is quite the creeper film. To sum up what I learned from it, I’d say that you should probably not be a biotch to everyone around you. You’re only going to build tension and drama. And hopefully in Real Life you won’t get axed for it. But yeah. Better safe than sorry. Freshmen, be kind to each other and build respectable relationships.

The Best Movies About College That All Freshmen Need To Watch

Hearts Beat Loud (2018)

This was a sweet and comedic film about a father and a daughter. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. What I took away from it, and what a freshman in college might, is that you don’t always have to play by the rules of society. Sometimes you can get by just by doing what makes you happy and those important to you happy. This one got great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and would be great for first time Freshmen.

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The Best Movies About College That All Freshmen Need To Watch

Helicopter Mom (2015)

This hilarious film that I’m sure everyone has seen, and if you haven’t and you’re a freshman you should definitely watch it, tells a story about an insanely obsessive mom and her son whom she’s smothering. We’ve got to be thankful for the efforts our parents give though. Even if it’s too much and overbearing, thank em, because trust me it’s better than them not doing anything at all! So if you’re parents are doing less than Maggie Cooper, trust me you’re normal and you’re good, and it could be worse.

The Best Movies About College That All Freshmen Need To Watch

The college experience is different for everyone. As a freshman starting for the first time, you’re going to learn that college life is a huge, exhilarating, life-changing transition. You’ll learn as you go, but some advice can help.

These are for sure the best movies about college that a freshman should watch. What are your favorite movies about college? Let me know in the comments if you’re a freshman and had any similar experiences!
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