The Best Moves For A Strong Core

A strong core will make your life so much easier in my opinion, because your core holds you up, strengthens your back, helps keep you balanced and does so much more. Before jumping into any moves to build a strong core, I will say spot reducing is impossible to do, so if you clicked here looking for a way to lose fat around your mid-section, you can’t specifically do that with these or any moves. I chose these moves because I always feel my core being engaged when I use proper form, and I can do them anywhere! Here are some of the best moves for a strong core.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form a certified trainer or fitness expert. I enjoy working out to stay healthy and active. I recommend you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise. If you engage in any physical activity, there is risk of injury. If you try any of these moves, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Julia Phillips and Society19 from any and all claims or causes of action known or unknown, arising out of Julia Phillips and Society19’s negligence.

Criss Cross

This move is a classic to me. I feel my obliques engaging and being used with every criss and feel strong after every cross. For this move, I see people reach with their elbows to touch their knees a lot, and while that may be a good starting place, sometimes I believe you don’t need to engage your core to do that. So I suggest people trying to touch their shoulder to their knee, so they lift off the ground and activate your core. It also spares you from neck pain, because lots of my friends complain about that when they do this move.

Before you do this move and pop out 30 of them in one minute, I would suggest focusing on getting your form correct and feeling your core work before moving too fast. A mind muscle connection will help you perform the move correctly, get you in-tune with your body and you’ll be more aware of moments you use your core throughout the day.

This is a great move that I feel is a great foundational move to building a strong core. 

The Best Moves For A Strong Core

Double Leg Lifts

The name of this move is probably used for lots of moves that don’t look like the image below, but I call these double leg lifts. You will definitely mostly feel your lower abs working when doing this move, but trust me, most of your core is working with this move! With any ab move, most of your core is working. With any exercise move, your core is working.

The important thing here is to keep you lower back pressed into the floor. If your butt is too big, you can place your hands in a triangle above your butt to provide support. As you get stronger you should be able to do it without the support, but always start out safe! Build a strong core before going big and risking injury. The lower you move your legs, the harder it will get. Start out by seeing how low feels comfortable. Once you perfect your form, push yourself and go lower. Take your time with this move, don’t hunch your shoulders, and keep your spine pressed in the ground.

This is a great move for building a strong core and improving leg flexibility! I think it’s a good move to track your flexibility so you can see progress as you move forward with how straight your legs are and keep track of your strong core with how low you can go.

The Best Moves For A Strong Core

Dead Bugs

This is a move you should always perform slowly in my opinion. As the image shows, you lift one arm above your head while lying on your back, and extend the opposite leg out. You repeat the move but with the other sides, and that’s one rep. Move slowly and focus on activating your muscles here. Breathe while using your diaphragm, not your stomach or chest. It will help with mind muscle activation and a strong core helps to prevent injury. This is a great move that I feel is a great foundational move to building a strong core. 

The Best Moves For A Strong Core

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High Flutter Kicks

This move is a bit of a cario move depending on how fast you go! Even if you go slowly, I think it still involves more cardio than the rest of the moves here. Lay on your back and raise your legs up to a 45 degree angle, then start moving them up and down at opposite times for as long as you can. Similar to the double leg lifts, your lower back needs to stay pressed down into the ground. That will prevent injury and will allow your core to be doing most of the work which will build a strong core.

The Best Moves For A Strong Core

Reverse Crunches

These take some practice, so prepare yourself mentally. I suggest recording your progress for all the moves, but especially with this move! See how far you’re getting off the ground, if you’re pushing up instead of out, and if you’re scrunching your neck when executing the move. To do the move, you push your legs and lower body up off the floor while your shoulders and upper back stay on the ground. Repeat for as many reps as you can. This is a great move that I feel is a great foundational move to building a strong core, build your balance, and help with flexibility.

The Best Moves For A Strong Core

Russian Twists

I suggest trying this move without any weight, unlike the picture shows. keep your back straight, butt on the ground, feet off the ground, and core tight. Move your hands (or elbows) from side to side and feel the burn. Adding weight will make it more challenging and work your core out more, but form is key if you want to stay strong and healthy! This is a good move for building a strong core.

The Best Moves For A Strong Core

Your core is your foundation! You use it in everything you do, and having a strong core should enhance daily life, and if it’s added to a lifestyle you love, you will end up looking good too! Leave your favorite moves for a strong core in the comments below! Also let us know if you tried any of these moves and what you think!

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