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The Best Morning Routine To Get In Shape

The Best Morning Routine To Get In Shape

Your morning routine should consist of getting into shape. If you work a regular 9-5 it can be hard to get to the gym and avoid the crowds. 

The best alternative is to develop a morning routine that will help you get the day started. 

Day One

Jumping Jacks

Start with 60 seconds of jumping jacks to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Try to focus on keeping your legs from going wider than your shoulders. 


The Best Morning Routine To Get In Shape

Body-Weight Squats

30 seconds of squats should really tone your lower body. Since you won’t be moving any heavyweight focus on your form. Bend your knees just over your toes as you squat and keep your back as straight as you can. 

The Best Morning Routine To Get In Shape



Hold your plank for 60 seconds. The plank workout is designed to work your core, or basically, your entire body. Keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle and back straight as possible while tightening your abs. 

Mountain Climbers

Perform for 30 seconds. Mountain climbers are beneficial to your morning routine for many reasons. It works out multiple muscle groups and joints, improving mobility. 

Assume the pushup position and maneuver your toes upwards until your knee almost touches your chest. Alternate each leg in this motion for 30 seconds. 


This workout will instantly wake you up. I find it beneficial for those who are not a morning person and great if you can’t make it to the gym. 

Once you finish the circuit, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat once more. 

Day Two

Russian Twist 

Russian twists are a great ab workout that also requires full-body motion.  You want to do 30 reps on each side. If you feel your lower back start to hurt then you’re doing it wrong. 


Keep your back straight and don’t maneuver too fast as this will cause your form to be sloppy. 

Medicine Ball Crunches 

Superset this with the Russian twists. 4 sets of twelve reps will get you shredded abs in no time. If you don’t have a medicine ball then you can do actual crunches instead. 

Rest for 25 to 45 seconds before repeating again. 


The Best Morning Routine To Get In Shape

Day Three

Plank to Push Up

This is an intense workout if you do it right. Start in a planking position before switching to a push-up. Start with your forearms shoulder-length apart and then once you get to the push-up, lower yourself back down into the planking position. 

Do this for 20 seconds. 


Mountain Climbers

20 seconds of mountain climbers. 


Lie down with your arms outstretched. Keep your legs and arms straight as you do a full sit up and back down again. It’s important to relax your hip flexors so they don’t take over the motion. 

The goal is to lift the weight of your arms and your legs simultaneously. This is one of the more intense and difficult ab exteriorizes out there. Set your timer for 20 seconds. 


Take a 30-second rest before repeating each circuit four more times.

Day Four 

Jump Squats

Start in a squatting position and jump. You don’t want to jump as high you can so jump like you’re using a jump rope and go back into a squatting position. 

A phenomenal exercise that works on your glutes, abs, and leg muscles. You’ll want to do these for 20 reps.  



20 Reps of push-ups. Simple enough right? Well, there are different variations you can use. Push-ups are essential for building and increasing upper body strength. 

You cand do military-style, triangle or diamond, wide hand or Hindu pushups. Each works out the same and different muscle groups. 

I prefer the military-style because I find it best for working out the most muscle groups. 

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Plank And Arm Lift 

Start in a planking position and lift your arm up like you’re Superman. Tighten your abs to make sure your hips don’t shift. Alternate arms to achieve the desired effect. 

You want to do 20 taps so 10 taps on each arm. Repeat each circuit 4 times.


 Day 5 

Star Jumps

Star jumps are often called jumping jacks, but these are going to be done differently. Start in the low squat position and jump like a jumping jack, but instead of bending the arms keep them straight.

Do 10 reps of star jumps to get the morning routine started. 

Wall Sits

The easiest, but not so easy workout can be done literally anywhere in your home. Wall sit for about 20 seconds. Lean against the wall and bend your legs at a 90-degree angle. 


Side Planks

When doing side planks, you can either maneuver your arm upwards from the original planking position or you can remain stationary in the side plank position. 

I remain stationary, but you’ll be working out more muscle groups by maneuvering. Side planks are best for working out your obliques, which typically, don’t get worked during normal ab exercises. 

Rest for 30 seconds afterward and repeat each circuit 5 times in your morning routine. 


Before and After

When you do your morning routine, you want to make sure you eat right too. I would recommend making a smoothie for when you wake up in the morning. 

It will give you added energy to complete your morning workout instead of relying on caffeine to wake you up. If you really want to get in shape, you have to have a great diet as well.

This something I am learning the hard way. Add the right amount of protein to your shake or smoothie for the desired effect. 


After your workout, you should eat an actual meal rich with protein as well. Whether it’s eggs, oats, or a peanut butter sandwich, make sure you’re getting enough nutrients to help you gain muscle mass or to lose weight. 

I would recommend cooking eggs since they’ll have the most protein already packed in them. You can combine them with a granola bar, whole wheat bread, or a banana so you won’t feel too hungry come lunchtime. 

Do you have a morning routine that gets you out of bed? Did this article motivate you to get in shape before you commit to the gym? Share us and leave a comment below!