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The Best Morning Routine For You According To Your Horoscope

Having the best morning routine is essential to starting the day off right. However, your morning routine might not be the same as someone else’s. Knowing the best way to be consistent when you wake up can make such a difference and, believe it or not, your horoscope plays a key part in understanding your special process.


You’re a fixed sign, so having a set routine in place is imperative. Before you go off and fight the injustices of the world, you’re going to want to start the day with some sort of fitness class. Because you enjoy being around other people, consider signing up for pilates or aerobics. Both are great examples of getting the energy you need to right the wrongs of today.

You might also want to consider a brief walk around the neighborhood with a cup of tea. Take in the fresh air of possibility. Gather your thoughts in the morning before you head into the chaos. You’re naturally inclined to put most of your effort into others anyway, so give yourself the morning at least. You deserve it.


You are the most in tune with your emotions compared to the other signs, so continue to hone in on those when you wake up. Your morning routine starts with some acoustic music in the bathroom while you get ready. Focusing on the deepest lyrics to process past troubles so that you can start fresh for the day is healthy for you.

Afterward, make a strong cup of coffee and give yourself at least fifteen minutes to do some cathartic journaling. You want to keep your priorities in perspective and after some healthy measures, you can distract yourself with some funny TikTok videos for a good laugh after.


Unlike the calm morning routines of others, yours is explosive and full of energy right off the bat. Even though you are eager to attack the day, give yourself some time to exert some of that energy to benefit yourself when you wake up.

Head to the gym for some weightlifting or a tough cardio session. After a good sweat, take some time to plan out your projects and means of production. You’re known to take on more than you can handle at times, so having a solid plan in the morning will set you up for a successful day. Feel free to play your most energetic bops while you do this.


As an earth sign, it makes total sense to use your mornings to connect yourself with being outdoors. You’re also a very sensual person when it comes to your interactions with others. Start the morning with a good stretch session outside to stay in touch with your body before you do anything.

A good morning routine for you involves tending to something you can focus on with your hands. A garden would be an excellent outlet for you. Start with something small like herbs or vegetables and be patient with yourself. This is your time to pour your compassion into something else before you focus on the other people in your life.


Silly mornings are the best mornings for you. Start with a concert session in your shower and strike up some friendly conversations after. Whether it’s a flirty text to someone you like or a FaceTime session with your best friend, being playful as soon as you wake up will keep you in the best mood throughout the day.

You’re used to making plans for travel, but you know how hard that’s been lately in these circumstances. However, that shouldn’t stop you from taking the time to make a list of places you’d like to visit by exploring some new travel hashtags on social media while you’re eating the breakfast you cooked for yourself. Keep your mornings fun and full of positivity.


Let’s face it. You may not be a morning person, but it’s still possible to start your day off peacefully. Even if you’re not quite ready to talk to others yet, talking through your own thoughts out loud can be healthy for you. Coach yourself to make today your best.

Your healthiest two options after would be either going for a walk or going for a swim. Either way, this is your time for yourself. If you’re choosing to include being outside as part of your morning routine, take some time to observe your surroundings. You enjoy people watching, but taking the time to take in the details of your environment will bring you gratitude and ultimately lead to a more positive mindset.


Maybe you’re not as intense as Aries, but you still benefit from an energetic morning. In the bathroom, give yourself a pep talk for the day to hype yourself up for what’s to come. You love to dance, too, so as you cook breakfast, play something that gives you a little pep in your step.

You’re a natural leader, so you’re used to taking initiative for the benefit of others, but your mornings should solely be about you. With such a forward way of thinking, it’s important you spend some time reflecting on your own personal progress. You’re also a nostalgiac, so give yourself some time to reminisce on social media memories before you get too busy. You can’t move forward today unless you spend some time reviewing what happened yesterday, and this is an essential skill for any leader to have.


For you, visuals are everything. You can’t have a functional morning routine without a functional space. Start by finding your own place in your home. If you live with others, pick a spot that you can designate as your own personal spot based on aesthetics. Do you feel most awake in the sitting room? In the downstairs guest bathroom? In the garage? Whatever you designate as your own personal space, be sure it’s bright and vibrant to match the day you want to have.

Once you have your space, start the morning with Instagram or Pinterest. Learning something new about art or design is uplifting, and following this up with some deep reading of poetry or literature will fill your creative mind. Spending some time organizing your space or even the space of another spot in your home will also clear some space in your head. A clear space makes for a clear morning.

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Libras thrive on balance. Having a balanced morning will set you up for success. You’re going to want a healthy mix of relaxation and energy to get the day started. Start with some yoga to align your mind with your body. Follow it up with some words of affirmation and motivational quotes for positivity.

Afterward, a shower with some bops for you to sing along with is uplifting, and having a healthy breakfast after is perfect for your morning routine. Since you are usually concerned about your social media and what you put out there, use this time to explore pages that are uplifting and provide more inward thinking. What you think of yourself is just as important as how you portray yourself to others on Instagram.


A low-energy morning routine is more your cup of tea. You’re not quite ready for the sunshine and bright florescent lights of the day, so lighting up candles is a gentle way to get things going for you. You’re much bolder when it comes to trying something new, so start off by planning your outfit for the day or maybe listening to a new artist on Spotify. Don’t keep your morning routine set in stone because you are much more of a go-with-the-flow sign.

Keep the energy calm for you. Sometimes going for a morning drive whether it’s for breakfast or just to clear your head is healthy for you. You thrive best when you have the freedom to clear your head and to switch things up before you deal with the madness of the day.


Out of all of the other signs, you are typically the most adventurous. Your morning routine should be calm, but being outside is going to make you feel most alive for the day. Spending your entire morning with nature is going to be the best option for you. Each morning, plan a different route for a walk so that you can explore something new each time.

In addition, if you are planning to get coffee or get breakfast, try somewhere new each time. Getting to know new cafes and food spots can be exciting for you. If you live in a smaller area, even trying new coffees or dishes can be great, too. Whatever the experience is, make it fun for yourself so that you start today’s adventure the right way.


Your morning routine is a checklist, which is perfect for your sign. Establishing a consistent process for yourself is healthy, and starting it off with the perfect cup of coffee is the first step. During your coffee time, plan the day out. Got some time to declutter something or to get to that task you keep putting off? Get it done that morning. It’s important for you to feel a sense of accomplishment, especially when you wake up.

You usually keep yourself busy throughout the day, so use your mornings to also communicate with the people you may have put off. A text conversation or a phone call to your best friends or even your family is best and it even keeps a healthy mindset for you to check in with the important people in your life.

Did any of these morning routines start your days off better? What are some other things that work for you based on your horoscope? Let me know in the comments below!

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