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The Best Men’s Shoes For Summer 2022

It’s 2022 and fashion only keeps growing. For men, it can prove to be a little difficult to find an outfit that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. You have to worry about a suit or matching your shirt with your pants. Accessories such as watches, and glasses can make or break your entire look. One part of men’s fashion that everyone always looks at would be the shoes. Men have to look good from head to toe, that includes a nice haircut, freshly lined beard, and a fashionable outfit with some complimentary accessories. It doesn’t stop there; the shoes must be just as powerful as the rest of the outfit. No matter the occasion, you want to make sure that your feet are looking just as good as the rest of you. Here are a few comfortable yet stylish men’s shoes that are in fashion and may help you match some outfits together this year.  


Sneakers are for casual or athletic events. Men’s shoes luckily have many functions as in one pair can be used to play a sport or go out to the mall with friends. Yeezys are very iconic men shoes right now. These shoes were made to be running shoes and help you maintain your comfort while you engage in any athletic activity. These shoes are perfect for playing sports or going to the gym. While they were made for athleticism, the shoes also go great with casual and business casual wear. Yeezys have a look of comfort and a look of formality to them. In my personal opinion, a pair of all white Yeezys look great for a business casual attire or even just a nice date night out. With a lot of positive reviews coming from the community, these men’s shoes are a must get for any man trying to up their fashion sense this year. And with the summers only getting hotter and hotter by the year, it’s important to have a pair of men’s shoes that keep you comfortable while you’re out and about. These shoes are also a brand that only go up in value. If you take good care of them and decide to try and sell them later on, you might have good chance at getting a good price for them.

Skate Shoes

Probably one of the most common pair of men’s shoes you’ll see this year, Vans Old Skool shoes. The Old Skools are popular for a reason. These shoes go with absolutely any outfit. Getting a black pair of these will secure your shoe selection for the majority of outfits you pick out for yourself. It’s a safe bet to have a pair of these in your closet somewhere. These shoes can be used for any casual outing you have. Put them on to go out on a date or out with your friends. These shoes are also good to use at the gym. They provide an equal footing, so they are great to use for squatting weights and power lifting. These shoes are also super easy to keep clean and to take care of. If you don’t want them in black, they have plenty of other styles for you to choose from. You can never go wrong with picking a solid color, but they do have plenty of other options available as well. As the name suggests, these shoes have survived the test of time and have come back in great style. These shoes come as high tops as well if that is more of your style. Anywhere you go, you are guaranteed to find someone wearing a pair of these shoes. And the fact is, that they are great and reliable for any occasion.


Men’s shoes don’t always have to be complex and in your face. A nice pair of shoes can be subtle and simplistic. That’s where loafers come into play. These shoes offer a quick on and off service that a lot of shoes don’t. These shoes are made for the purpose of being comfortable. Loafers have made their way back into men’s fashion recently and have been being used to style simple yet effective men styles of fashion. Loafers are a great pair of men’s shoes to have for the upcoming summer because they keep your feet comfortable but also nice and cool. These shoes are another type that go with casual outings and business casual. These are shoes I would suggest wearing to a job interview if you are having a hard time putting an outfit together. These shoes come in solid colors meaning that you could pick any color for any outfit you are planning to wear. Men’s shoes are meant to be enjoyable and relaxing. 

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Gym Shoes

It’s 2022, the gym is a place where a lot of men spend a lot of time in. While it’s a place meant for not dressing to impress, the gym has become a place where people do end up wanting to look good in. Having a pair of shoes that match the energy you take to the gym is key to having a great workout and to letting everyone else know that you are looking good while you do so. If you want a pair of shoes that are overall great for lifting weights and running that also have stability and versatility, then you might want to look into the Reebok Nano X. These shoes were made for the purpose of looking good and feeling good. It’s a terrible feeling when your feet start to hurt or overheat during your workout. These shoes make sure that doesn’t happen. These are made for long, intense workout sessions. These shoes come in a variety of colors and styles that make it easy to combine with any gym outfit you have planned for the day. If you don’t end up using them for working out, these shoes can also be used for casual wear. They look great with a pair of jeans and are upper comfortable for walking around to get some errands done. These are a pair of men’s shoes I would recommend to anyone. 

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