The Best Memes Of The Decade

The Best Memes Of The Decade

Memes are a part of our culture now. Whether you love them and have over 9000 saved, or you hate them and have blocked every person that’s sent you one, deleted every app from your phone, only use it to call people, and have removed the internet from your life. 

Wal-Mart Yodeling Boy

This meme is one that became viral through the efforts of the people and videos and watching memes and his singing in a public place that was what brought him popularity and famous in the meme land. I personally loved how popular a cute little kid got from a viral video and thought it was great how the people received him and everything. It’s been a while since he’s gotten a lot of attention from the people of the meme world but I think he’s made an impact on everyone here and he deserves to kick this list off.

Thanos Snap

This is a recent meme that I think earns a spot here because of the impact the Marvel Universe had on the people across the world. I’m personally a big fan of this meme because of the reuse value of it. People can tailor it to whatever needs they want and put any kind of caption that relate to may people or not and they can do whatever they want with it and it will probably be funny to the audience they are trying to appeal to. I love memes that have high reuse value and think this is one of those memes that can be used forever not only because the format is great but also because the movie made a big impact on people in general and there’s a large fanbase there. I bet if you looked into it, there would be a following of people that are fans of the Marvel movies who love a good meme. This meme was made this year but I think because of the large impact the movie had on people and the world, this meme is here to stay. The relevancy and timeliness of this meme will never die in my opinion and that is one thing I think memes are often overlooked for. Sometimes I think about all the memes that were only relevant for a week because it was specific to an event or an event that happened on national TV, and I feel for those memes. People can try to revive them but at the end of the day they can not. Luckily this is a meme that can be reused over and over and over so people should not and will not get tired of it. But that is up to the audience and meme culture, so we shall see what happens with this masterpiece. I personally do not think this meme will die fo the next decade, but who knows.

The Best Memes Of The Decade

Deep-Fried Memes

Deep fried memes make my eyes go wonky sometimes, but you can see how much each person really cared about the meme itself. You can tell by the content within the deep fried memes and also how fried they did it. Honestly, I’m personally not a big fan of these kinds of memes. They’re too busy for my personal taste, but depending on the content within them, I will chuckle or exhale from my nose when I see one I like. I follow an animal crossing memes account on instagram, and they will post deep fried memes of animal crossing content that I really like and am a big fan of and the reason I included this meme in this post is because I got some feedback from people who like memes n my life and they said this meme should get mentioned because it held a special place in their heart, especially in the early part of the decade. 

The Best Memes Of The Decade

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Bone Apple Teeth

This meme is a twist on words and I love and hate it. It was overused for a moment in time, around 2017 and 2018, but it has died down since then and I appreciate when people pull it out here and there. especially when it’s unexpected. There’s nothing better than someone who isn’t a meme connesuire and they bring out a bad boy, especially this one. This is on of those memes that everyone, even boomers would understand because no one seriously says bon appetit seriously. It may take a bit of explaining to them, but they will get it, trust me. Sometimes I reflect on the memes that have been introduced to me and many come to mind, but around this meme is when I started to notice how quickly memes would die. Their shelf life was usually around 2 weeks unless it was a strong meme everyone liked or hated enough to use ironically. This one was both.  I know some people despise this meme because they took something and changed it instead of coming up with something original. But aren’t all memes taken from something else and made into something better? They are all enhanced, right? No meme on earth is original content, so I always bring that up when people bring that argument up. But some people loved this meme because it was easy to spice it up in your own way. You did not have to stick with the original bone apple tea format, and it allowed for some creativity on the users part. I personally loved that. There felt like an unlimited amount of ways to personalize this meme and I loved that aspect of it.

The Best Memes Of The Decade

We are in the prime time of the meme era, and I’m so grateful to be alive during this time. It seems like every other week now we’re getting bombarded with a new meme and new formats and I am 100% here for this. Let us know what meme was the number one meme in your heart this decade, or let us know your meme of the year for each year the past decade in the comments below.

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