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10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

2020 has been quite a year for us all. A worldwide pandemic has taken over, wearing masks and social distancing has become the new norm, innocent people of color are still being killed by the police, and the world is basically in chaos. Sometimes it’s best to just laugh at the sheer absurdity of this year in memes. Cue the memes!

1. The Pit Of Despair 

Every morning we are stuck on the same chapter of the story, better known as “the pit of despair.” It’s like reading a book and being stuck on the same chapter for way too long. So please when can we move on from this chapter and skip to the happy ending? Meanwhile, we’re just stuck living in a dark hole that somehow we can’t climb out of. Coronavirus cases keep increasing and so far there’s not much we can do to control the spread. However, please wear your masks…PLEASE. 

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 T

2. The Zoom Meeting Struggle

Turning your camera on in a Zoom meeting is slightly horrifying. I don’t want people to see me in my pajamas looking homeless, but also getting ready and putting effort into what I look like is too much. My profile picture is good so why can’t people just look at that the whole meeting instead of a silhouette of me looking half-awake? I feel like with in-person meetings and classes, we had a reason to get ready and look somewhat decent, but now what’s the point? If I’m just sitting on my computer at home I don’t feel the need to dress up or look good for the camera. 

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

3. The Fear of Getting Corona

Even if you’ve been following all the guidelines, wearing a mask, and social distancing, you are still at risk of getting Coronavirus. This meme is all too relatable for me because even before Coronavirus, every time I would cough or sneeze I would start to go down this spiral where I thought something was seriously wrong with me. I would literally convince myself I was deadly ill when it was really just a cold. Now with Coronavirus, I will sometimes wake up and freak out if my throat hurts for a few hours. The fear is real. Plus when the Corona symptoms are the same as a normal cold and allergies, it’s hard not to worry and stress yourself out. 

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

4. A Joke: Flirting In 2020

Those who are looking to date right now have it rough. If you don’t have dating apps, it’s basically impossible to meet new people in public. However, as this meme suggests all you can do is hope by making eye contact with someone it will get the message to them that they like you. Since everyone’s faces are covered by a mask all we can rely on is eye contact so might as well use it to our advantage. The new form of flirting is just staring at someone which I basically already did before so I’m good (not to say I had much luck). 

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

5. Looking Good Just To Go To Target Or The Grocery Store

At the beginning of quarantine, I bought a bunch of cute outfits that I thought I could wear soon. Jokes on me because nothing has changed and I still have nowhere to wear these outfits. If you’re in the same predicament as me, all we can do is wear these outfits to the only places we really go to right now: the grocery store, Target, and walks around the neighborhood. Cute outfits have to be worn somewhere and who knows you may see someone cute on your daily neighborhood walk or grocery store trip?

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

6. Celebrities Complaining About Quarantine 

You’re required to stay in your giant mansion with an indoor swimming pool, a bowling court, a movie theater, tennis courts, and a private beach right outside your doorstep? How tragic! This is literally how celebrities were sounding at the beginning of quarantine. There are people in way worse home situations and they thought it was horrible that they had to stay home in their giant mansion which is probably bigger than some towns. Plus so many celebrities have multiple homes so even if they got tired of one place they could easily go to the other house; you know, just because. 

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

7. Tan Lines Looking A Bit Different In 2020

During most summers people usually get swimsuit tan lines from being in the sun at the beach. However this year people are getting mask tan lines instead. The struggle is real. Masks are just the new normal now so might as well embrace the mask tan lines just like Ted and Marcia.

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

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8. 2020 Graduation Be Like

Imagine having to graduate college with no graduation ceremony and receiving your diploma through a PDF. Well, 2020 seniors basically had to sadly. I feel so bad for those that worked so hard in college just to get their graduation canceled and their degree mailed or emailed to them. They deserve to get more recognization and corona literally took that away from them. 

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

9. Watching Movies and TV Shows Taken Place Pre-Corona 

It’s so weird every time that I watch TV now and see people so close together, shaking hands and giving hugs. I’m like “Why aren’t they wearing masks?” It’s like part of me has forgotten that Pre-Corona people actually went out with other people in large crowds without a mask and literally weren’t afraid. It’s so weird how much has changed just from TV shows made in 2019. Sometimes it makes you really nostalgic about all the things we used to be able to do without even questioning it. 

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

10. 2020 Is Like A Neverending Infomercial 

“But wait there’s more…” I’m hopeful that when every new month starts things will start to improve, but nope. Every time we feel like things are looking up, something changes, and then “BAM!” the world is still in chaos. 

10 Of The Best Memes About 2020 That Are Too Relatable

This has been a long year so far and it’s only September. I really hope 2021 will at least be a little better.

Were any of these memes relatable to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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