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The 10 Best Matte Lipstick Brands To Know About

You’re either a dewy or matte girl, and personally I’m a little bit of both. However, when it comes to my lips, I enjoy a good matte lipstick. A matte lipstick that’s of good quality isn’t always the easiest to come across, as sometimes they’re too drying or the formula is too patchy. Whether you prefer liquid mattes or the good old fashion lipstick application, these matte lipstick brands are the ones worth knowing about! Yes, some of these brands are pricey, but some are straight from the drugstore with the same quality! Either way, they’re the best matte lipstick brands out there that are worth the purchase!

1) MAC

Offering both liquid and traditional lipstick options, MAC is the leading brand for all things makeup – especially their matte lipstick. If you want an easy and seemless application, then MAC is the way to go.

2) Colourpop

Although Colourpop only offers matte liquid lipsticks, these lipsticks have gotten such great reviews that it’s worth putting them on this list. The formula applies extremely smooth and dries down to a beautiful matte finish!


These matte lipsticks have continuously been ranked as the best by multiple beauty bloggers and websites! The formula applies super pigmented, and leaves your lips with a velvety finish.

4) Urban Decay

The “vice” lipstick has gotten rave reviews, and comes in over 100 shades. With a shade range that large, I guarantee that you will find the perfect color in this traditional matte lip for you! Definitely one of the best matte lipstick brands since it offers such a variety of shades!

5) Stila

If you’re looking for a creamy full coverage matte liquid lipstick, then Stila has the lipstick for you. Not only does it apply easily, but it dries down to a nice matte finish that doesn’t transfer throughout the day!

6) Maybelline

As far as the drugstore goes, I have to say that Maybelline takes the cake when it comes to their matte lipsticks. These traditional mattes apply like a dream, as they have a super smooth and hydrating finish. Definitely one of the best matte lipstick brands from the drugstore that’s worth checking out!

7) NYX

NYX is another great drugstore option when it comes to their matte lipstick formulas! The finish is beautiful and lasts for hours, and if you’re into liquid lipstick, then check out their lingerie line!

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8) Too Faced

As a part of their peaches collection, Too Faced dropped this non drying matte formula! First of all – the packaging is super cute and luxurious; second – it smells like delicious peaches. The formula is long lasting with a proclaimed 8 hour wear time, which is definitely worth trying out!

9) Smashbox

Smashbox has always had great products, and their newest matte liquid lipstick continues to add to that reputation. The liquid lip comes in many different colors, and claims to not dry out your lips!

10) L’Oreal

L’Oreal is a drugstore brand that’s been around for years, and their formulas have only gotten better. The recent launch of their matte lipsticks proves that they’re evolving as their formula is long wearing and super hydrating!

Do you think we missed any of the best matte lipstick brands? Let us know in the comment section below!

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