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The Best Makeup Trends Of 2019

2019 has been full of amazing, innovative, and unique makeup trends. While several of these trends are completely new, there are also trends that have been inspired by past decades. Halfway through the year, a television show called Euphoria aired, and ever since then, makeup trends have been popping up faster than ever. No matter what style of makeup you prefer, this year has been full of looks that are wearable, bold, natural, and artistic. It’s always enjoyable to experiment with makeup, so we hope that this list inspires you to try out something new! 

Euphoria Makeup

Euphoria was released on HBO in June of 2019, and ever since then, everything Euphoria-related has been trending. Other than the incredible cast, storyline, cinematography, and music, the show is also known for its innovative makeup looks. Several of the characters in the show wear makeup that’s stunning, colorful, unique, and expressive. Naturally, makeup lovers took inspiration from the wide variety of looks on Euphoria

Some of the most notable makeup looks are glitter tears, colorful winged eyeliner, eye makeup coupled with sequins, eyeliner made out of pearls, monochrome eyeshadow, and geometric eyeliner designs. These looks are bold, brave, and vibrant, but they’re also surprisingly easy to recreate at home. Euphoria has been repeatedly applauded for bringing back interesting and colorful makeup. 

Bold, Natural Brows

For the past several years, eyebrows have been an important part of many makeup routines. First, the “Instagram brow” was super trendy. Then, natural brows started to rise in popularity, but most people still preferred a bit of structure. In 2019, bold, natural, bushy brows are highly coveted. Whether you have naturally big brows or you use various products to mimic the appearance, strong brows are a huge obsession right now. 

Obviously, not everyone has naturally big brows, so this isn’t always an option. However, eyebrow products like Glossier’s Boy Brow and Milk Makeup’s Kush Brow make it easier than ever to mimic the look of a natural and voluminous brow. 

Dewy Skin

Do you remember the days when everyone was obsessed with wearing makeup looks that were entirely matte? Yeah, those were dark times. Thankfully, this is no longer true. Dewy, glowy, hydrated skin is more popular than ever, and it’s super easy to achieve. If you apply a moisturizer before putting on your makeup, use a hydrating primer, don’t put on too much setting powder, and top off your base with your favorite highlighter, your skin will look great! 

Matte face makeup may be ideal for some situations, but the wonderful thing about dewy skin is that it’ll make you look healthy, youthful, hydrated, and rejuvenated. There are tons of amazing products on the market that’ll help you on your journey to skin that looks like it’s naturally glowing! 

Glitter Accents

Glitter makeup has never really gone out of style, but this year, some of the most popular makeup trends don’t involve a face full of glitter, but small details! There are all sorts of ways to add some glitter to your makeup look without going overboard. Some popular looks from 2019 include glitter eyeliner, pops of glitter in the inner corners of the eyes, a line of glitter used to create a cut crease, and so much more. 

Because glitter accents are so popular right now, there are a lot of new products that will help you achieve these feminine and detailed looks. You can find glitter eyeliners in pretty much any color, and these products can be used in a ton of different ways! 

Bold Colors

In recent years, neutral colors have been quite popular, and while this may always remain true, 2019 has been full of colorful and extravagant makeup looks. This year, no one’s shying away from playing with color! Whether you prefer a bright pigment, a soft pastel, or a colorful metallic shade, there are all sorts of amazing products that’ll help you add creativity to your makeup looks. 

Bold colors can be worn in a variety of ways. Obviously, you can experiment with colorful eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even mascara. You can wear fun colors on your lips, too. One of the most interesting makeup developments of 2019 has been colored highlighters. Several makeup brands have released highlighters that have colorful undertones, while still remaining wearable. 

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Lots of Blush

This year, makeup lovers have finally realized how amazing blush is. In the past, it was considered important to wear subtle and natural blush, but in 2019, that belief has been put to rest. Now, you’re encouraged to wear blush however you want. A lot of people like wearing large amounts of pigmented blush that doesn’t look natural in the slightest, and it’s awesome. Another popular trend this year is to wear blush on the tip or bridge of the nose, which can give a cute and youthful look. 

Whether you prefer powdered blush or cream-based blush, several makeup brands are coming out with innovative new blush products. One of the most noteworthy examples is Glossier’s Cloud Paint, which is a cream-based blush that has definitely risen in popularity this year! 

Artistic Eyeshadow Looks

As is the case with several other trends on this list, artistic eyeshadow looks are creative, bold, and unique. In 2019, makeup lovers have definitely become reacquainted with the artistic side of makeup. Tons of the most influential beauty gurus are embracing eyeshadow looks that are fun, interesting, and creative.

Although you might prefer eyeshadow looks that are neutral, subtle, or wearable, it can still be super enjoyable to test out your creativity and try out an artistic style of eyeshadow. There are tons of interesting makeup tutorials to watch online, which will definitely get you started! 

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed this list of 2019 makeup trends. This has definitely been an important year in the beauty world, and we’re excited to see what new trends come around in 2020. Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite trend of 2019!

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