The Best Makeup For Sorority Rush You Can Wear

The Best Makeup For Sorority Rush You Can Wear

Sorority rush does not need to be expensive. Use this time to truly show who you are, and use makeup to enhance your features. Do not feel tempted to go out and find top-quality items unless that is what you normally use. Be yourself and stick to what you’re comfortable with. Here are some of our suggestions for makeup for sorority rush!

Cheaper Options

To go the cheaper route, you want to make sure you are wearing the best cheap makeup alternatives. For example, some cheaper makeup brands that work perfectly well for these occasions are Morphe, ColourPop, or NYX.

Besides these options, the top makeup brands that most girls use are Tarte, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, or Two-Faced. These other brands, since used so often, can help you give off the look you want.

Ultimately, it depends on what you like. Personally, although I love Morphe eyeshadow palettes, I love using Tarte palettes for my contour. You can mix it up if you want.

The Best Makeup For Sorority Rush You Can Wear


By far, the best waterproof eyeliner has to be the Stila eyeliner. You must have waterproof eyeliner for your sorority rush just in case you cry. Sometimes rush gets very emotional, especially if people share stories, so you want to make sure your face is still perfect. Along with that, some good mascara to wear is the Better Than Sex mascara or the Benefit BADgal Bang mascara.

Try to get dark brown eyeliner instead of black if you have dark hair because your eyeliner is meant to pop out your features. If it is darker, it will take away the natural look.

Along with that, make sure to apply finishing powder or finishing spray at the end of your makeup look so that you can avoid the circumstance of it coming off with sweat. Some good finishing spray is the Urban Decay setting spray to apply after you are done with your makeup.

The Best Makeup For Sorority Rush You Can Wear


It is best to wear the makeup that you already have at home. If you are going to buy makeup just for a sorority rush, it is not worth it. Find the style that is best suited for you and stick with it, since this is what you are going to be using daily. You do not want your girls having a fake impression of you, or be in the position of holding it up.

Dues are expensive as it is, so you do not have to buy high-end-quality makeup in order to impress anybody. If this is the purpose of you joining a sorority, then that is not the right sorority to join in the first place!

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The Best Makeup For Sorority Rush You Can Wear


Try to have colorful makeup because it will make your personality shine and it will make you stand out. Of all, the key to sorority rush is to make sure that you are likable and that you are distinguished among others. With this, you can have the assurance to join your dream sorority and you can also emphasize your shining colors.

However, do not go too crazy! Try to wear only the colors that will match. Colourpop and Morphe palettes work really well for eyeshadows in this case.

If you color your hair, do not do it for sorority rush only, but it will help you stand out. Feel free to try new colors and find a group that will accept this. Make sure to only choose colors that you like and will match, not something that you think will impress others!

The Best Makeup For Sorority Rush You Can Wear

What makeup for sorority rush will you try? Tell us in the comments!

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