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The Best Lounges in Seattle

The Best Lounges in Seattle

One of the great things about Seattle is the various nightlife scenes it has to offer. Many nightclubs, pubs, and music venues light up the city when the sun goes down. Even if the loud city crowds aren’t quite your scene, the many lounges where you can just hang out with your friends, relax, and grab a drink also lie within every corner of the city. Of course, everyone has their own different types of fun and enjoyment. And the unique, and rather large, metropolitan of the Pacific Northwest keeps that in mind. These are the best lounges for every kind of nightlife occasion in Seattle, whether you’re more upbeat, mellow, or want to be taken to a different setting with the theme they provide.

Rabbit Hole

If there are essentials fit to make a lounge the perfect place to hang, they must include a vast food menu, an even bigger selection of whiskey, and classic ways to entertain any and all crowds. That’s exactly what this first Seattle lounge does for the patrons that come across it. It’s not too dim-lit or too noisy if your concern is the volume of the crowds that may come in. what tends to bring people back is their heaping serving of nachos that can be enjoyed by the entire party.

Raygun Lounge

Located in the lower Capitol Hill side of Seattle, steps away from the other joints that help close the more colorful part of town this local dive bar is perfect for an upbeat, yet chill game night experience. It’s built with a variety of classic arcade games, and a game store for the essentials for the fun to continue at home. Not to mention the host of various D&D sessions, along with a stock of books and essences to extend gaming.



Located in the Capitol Hill streets of Seattle, walking in, you’ll see why the location is appropriate for this carnival-themed lounge. The bright interior livens up your night in an instant, and you’re welcomed immediately in the style the most colorful part of town can provide. Right as you walk in, you see one of the bars with a spacious seating area, and that’s upstairs. As you go downstairs, even more seating, another spacious bar with friendly tenders, and a variety of classic games to enjoy your time while sipping on their specialty cocktails.

Lava Lounge

It wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t a tiki bar on this list. One of the many located in Seattle, it immediately greets you with every tropical vibe that can ease anyone’s mind, even if it is located in the busy metropolitan streets. As far as stepping in the doors, you’re in a tropic paradise fit with shuffleboard, a selection of rum, and live music to match.


The Pharmacy

This next lounge is self-acclaimed as one of Seattle’s many “hidden treasures.” Located in Pioneer Square, you’re taken to “1960’s palm springs when people socialized with a tasty martini or craft cocktail in hand.  The ambiance is relaxing, the music is never too loud, and the drinks are always tasty. The Pharmacy uses top quality spirits, liqueurs and ingredients in each cocktail.” And, the craft cocktails are made to go with the history that lies in the theme of it, with them all being discovered in times of simpler pleasures.

Vue Lounge

Opening in the Belltown area in 2018, this is one of the many Seattle lounges that make you feel right at home with its modern-rustic feel in the interior. The first room you see is a bar with comfortable seating for a more laid back night. Going further into the lounge is the dance floor with wonderful table service. And it’s not just the layout that makes you feel at home. The staff from the bouncers and security to the bartenders ensure safety for their tenants. You can even host your event with incredible assistance from the lounge staff, design plan and all.


Sol Liquor Lounge

Throwing in another Cap Hill lounge in the mix, this next one takes pride in their “craft cocktails using only the freshest, and highest quality ingredients.  Our seasonal menu releases feature original cocktails that will satisfy your palate.” And if you want to get tropical, stop by on a Tuesday for their weekly tiki night!

Connect Lounge

More than anything, a quality lounge should be one to bring people together and increase that human connection. That’s exactly the goal of Connect, and it’s another one of the many places one can host an event. Right away, you get the welcoming sense of “community & bringing people together and sharing stories.  A place whose stories will make you wonder about what your life story will be. A place where you can get inspired through conversations over delicious food and creative drinks. Positive, welcoming, uplifting!”

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This next lounge is perfect for your next outing if the primary goal you’re going for is comfort. Because, sofas, expertly crafted cocktails and all, it sure as hell provides it. Immediately walking in, you can see the capturing of vibes from “the lavish eccentricity of London’s iconic social clubs like The Groucho and Soho House in a uniquely Seattle way.”

Monkey Loft

What’s better than a fun space with an even better view of the city? Some would say almost anything else, but others, such as the Stranger would say nothing. The layout includes a “surprisingly intimate cocktail bar and DJ venue in Sodo, with an attempted industrial aesthetic and a destination vibe for dance music enthusiasts. Placing them above the competition is their “Deck,” an outdoor after-hours patio with a fireplace, several seating areas, and pretty incredible skyline views.”


Oliver’s Lounge

Everyone needs a joint where the vibe is classier than anything. Located in the Mayflower Park Hotel in Westlake, you can easily “relax to sounds of contemporary jazz and the sights of the bustling city, all while enjoying specialty cocktails and famous martinis in Oliver’s Lounge.  Oliver’s also provides a casual setting for lunch and light snacks.”

Do these Seattle lounges have the kind of recreation to give the experience in the city you were looking for? Which ones did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!

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