The Best Los Angeles Beaches You Need To Visit This Summer

Wanting to get your tan on, eat delicious food at a pier, or swim in the salty ocean waves this summer? Look no further than Los Angeles county because we definitely have no shortage of beaches, with at least 5 only 10-15 minutes apart from each other. Here’s some of the best ones you’ll love to visit.

1. Redondo Beach

We’re starting south and going our way up the coast on this list. Not surprisingly since Hollywood is only a 30 minute drive away (if you’re lucky enough to not get stuck in traffic), Los Angeles beaches are popular filming locations. A fun fact about Redondo Beach is that the classic Baywatch TV show was filmed here! Although I wouldn’t recommend swimming here, the Redondo Beach pier is a great place for walking around on a first date or to bring your family to eat delicious fresh crabs. This beach is also a great place to exercise since it has a long, designated bike and walking path along with hefty amounts of stairs that connect the parking lot to the actual beach.

The Best Los Angeles Beaches You Need To Visit This Summer

2. Hermosa Beach

Only about 5 minutes away from Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach has a bigger, more designated area for shops and restaurants. This is personally my favorite Los Angeles beach to go to because it has everything you’d want in a beach: clean water and sand, and amazing food within a short walk’s distance. (Fun fact: La La Land was filmed here!)

The Best Los Angeles Beaches You Need To Visit This Summer

3. Manhattan Beach

Similar to Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach is one of the best Los Angeles beaches that has clean water to enjoy swimming in and amazing restaurants within reach. Manhattan Beach is home to The Kettle, a 24 hour restaurant that’s way better than your typical Denny’s or IHOP. If you ever get hungry and want a healthier option, I highly recommend going to Paradise Bowls for their scrumptious açaí bowls. There’s also a nice little aquarium at the end of the pier that’s definitely worth seeing! However, because Manhattan Beach is one of the most loved Los Angeles beaches it can get really crowded here, especially on weekends, so parking can be really tough to find. If you get lucky enough, it’s definitely worth it!

The Best Los Angeles Beaches You Need To Visit This Summer

4. Dockweiler State Beach

This beach is simply a pure Los Angeles beach: no restaurants, no shops, just a long stretch of sand and waves. A hidden-gem mostly known only to South Bay residents, this Los Angeles beach is most popular for its ability to host bonfires, as there are many fire pits available for big groups! Just keep in mind that the fire pits are on a first-come-first-serve basis, and parking here (although in ample amount) isn’t free. Plan ahead of time and you can enjoy a nice evening with all your friends, eating s’mores on the beach!

The Best Los Angeles Beaches You Need To Visit This Summer

5. Venice Beach

Just north of Dockweiler lies the infamous Venice Beach, well-known for its eccentric art and people. If you’re planning a trip to L.A., going to Venice Beach is probably already on your to-do list. This Los Angeles beach is the most unique and distinct from any other. Make sure you walk around and look for cool art murals to pose in front of for your Instagram! You can easily find a guide for finding the murals here, on Venice Beach’s official website.

The Best Los Angeles Beaches You Need To Visit This Summer

6. Santa Monica Beach

You can literally spend an entire day here with so many attractions and activities at the pier, eating amazing food at renowned restaurants, and doing some shopping if you have extra cash to get rid of. Santa Monica is also a must-see when visiting Los Angeles, for a reason. You’ll always find something to do here, so it’s no surprise why Santa Monica is one of the best (if not the best) Los Angeles beaches, loved by locals and tourists alike.

The Best Los Angeles Beaches You Need To Visit This Summer

Which one is your favorite Los Angeles beach? Let us know in the comments below!

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