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The Best Looks You Should Try At Your Next Pedicure

The Best Looks You Should Try At Your Next Pedicure

Nail trends are ever-changing and evolving. They allow us to add a fresh look to a dull nail and incorporate our own personal style. Pedicures are a simple way to take care of your feet, in turn caring for your overall health so we have compiled nail trends that you must try at your next pedicure for a fresh and fun look!

The Micro French

The classic French that we grew to love in the early 2000s has returned with a modern twist. Created by Orly founder Jeff Pink, the original French Manicure was the most spotted nail trend on any red carpet in the early 2000s, it quickly went out of style due to a lack of creativity when compared to the ever-changing nail art emerging online, the French mani became stale. The French tip was no longer associated with current styles and was lost on trendsetters. With the influx of early 2000 trends hitting the industry the French style of nail art has now returned, but with a modern twist, and is also being worn on our toes! 

This year, we are seeing the trend continuing to evolve into a modern look, Micro French tips. Micro Tips are being seen with silver tips, pastel patterns, and monochromatic color schemes. The French Manicure celebrates the natural beauty of a well-manicured foot. The french tip style has also strayed away from the original thick white tip, opting for either thin ‘micro’ tips or a detailed shape outlining the tip of the nail. The next time you take a trip to the nail salon, opt for a baby blue or matte black micro tip!


Glitter Ombre!

Glitter on the nail has remained a steady trend. Ombre is also trending for nail art and has been seen on the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Cardi B, and Kylie Jenner. Glitter ombre nails offer the nail delightful contrast and beautifully detailed work that will hold up in any winter boot. Try the two together at your next pedicure! 


Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are popping up all over the nail industry. From nail shapes to nail polish designs. A bold geometric shape adds contrast and interest to the nail and can be made utilizing monochromatic colors for a lighter look or contrasting colors for a more bold approach.  At your next pedicure appointment, try a bold triangle tip or multiple sizes of polka dots, the options are endless!

Neutral Color Pallets

Natural color pallets are always in! They help to accent the nail and allow for minimal maintenance as they easily hide nicks and peeling of the polish. When picking a neutral you want to choose a color the highlights the natural beauty of your skin color and does not blend in completely with it. Neutrals are often tans, pinks, and browns. For a more intense look to your neutral pallet, choose a color that is the opposite of your skin color, darker or lighter, which will help to make your neutral color pop! 


Neons! Neons! Neons!

Neons are exploding within the fashion industry, and the nail world is no exception. We saw neons at New York Fashion Week, Jeremy Scott and others showcased Neon colors in their Winter shows. Neons are a fun way to spice up your style, and neon nails add just the right amount without making an overbearing statement. Neon colors can also help to accentuate your natural skin color and can make it appear brighter. Kim K wore neon nails for her 40th birthday bash! At your next pedicure appointment, opt for a neon yellow, pink, or blue!


Earthy Greens

Greens are a very popular statement color for 2020. From forest green to neon green, Greens are taking over the fashion scene. Dark, vampy greens are becoming a very popular nail trend as the color is becoming more and more popular throughout the zeitgeist. Many greens tend to have a lot of yellow added to them so when choosing a green, make sure it highlights your natural skin tone well and has less of a yellow tint to it. 

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Cool Blues to Soothe

Cool, classic blues are the new it color for 2020. Blue nail polish looks amazing on everyone and every skin tone. The pandemic has had a major effect on people’s moods and psyche, causing us to be attracted to bright, happy colors this year. Blues can also affect your mood and can help you think of brighter days (think of a bright blue sky). Try a baby blue, Indigo, or opt for a vampy Navy the next time you sit in the pedicure chair. 

Tinted Grays

Like the cool blue, tints of grays look great on every skin tone and has remained a popular color within recent years. Grays are continuously a trend we see for nails, especially during the winter seasons. Grays are very versatile making them a popular color, as you do not have to worry about matching your nails to your outfits. In the winter months when your toes are hidden, grays hold up well and can withstand rubbing inside of your boots. A fun way to embrace the gray trend would be to try an ombre look, starting with the darkest tone on your largest toe and moving down in shades towards the pinky nail. 


Scarlet Red

Reds have always been a trending color when it comes to nail art. Red is also one of those colors that looks great on every skin tone and can be found in many different shades. My favorite is I’m Not Really A Waitress by OPI, a tried and true classic red. Red can be sophisticated, sultry, and daring. It can make a huge statement. Red makes one feel empowered and powerful, sexy, and seductive. Planning a date night at home with your significant other?! Brush on a new coat of red polish and flaunt them throughout the house. 


Pedicures not only keep your feet looking pretty and well-groomed but help to keep them healthy. They help with circulation, help to maintain healthy cuticles and skin, relieve tension, and keep skin moisturized, eliminating callus, and build up. The next time you chose to sit in the pedicure chair, ask your Manicurist for one of these fun trends, they’re sure to amp up your mood and keep your nails looking their best!