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The Best Looks You Can Wear To Class Or During A Night Out

Students live busy lives, we don’t want to sacrifice our social life for study, so with this in mind, we have to be smart about the most efficient way to rush from the classroom to meet the girls at a bar. These looks you can rock day to night, classroom to bar! 


Boxy blazers, or your grandpa’s blazer, is coming back and its coming back strong! A blazer is a perfect item to wear to class, but! it is super easy to make it cute, chic and young. Throw on your blazer over some blue straight cut jeans, layered jewellery, platform sneakers, and a sloughy tee tucked, or a cropped turtle neck and you have got yourself a super cute outfit! If you wanted to make it a little bit more dressy for a night out, throw on some heeled boots and swap your tote bag for a cute purse. You will be turning heads wherever you go. This is a perfect outfit to wear from the class or during a night out for drinks. 

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All Black

Wearing all black may make you feel like Cat women or Sandy from Grease. However, try and get that our of your mind because wearing all black can look extremely chic, professional and just a little bit sexy. Throw on a black pair of skinny jeans, a heeled black boot, make sure its comfortable. Add a black lightweight knit, or a satin blouse, and throw on an oversized black leather jacker. This will add some edge and complete the look. If you slick you hair into a low bun with a middle part, you will make sure that your face is gets all the attention. This is one outfit that is perfect on a busy day of class and socialising! 

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Statement Pants

If comfort is key to you, especially during class, this is a great way to get both comfort and fashion that will take your from the morning to the evening effortlessly. Find yourself a pair of either paper bag style pants or tailored trousers. You are able to pair them with a plain bodysuit or a satin blouse in order to blend together sophistication and sex appeal. stacking fine jewellery to add some detail, and some platform sneakers will be the perfect finishing touches. This look is great for a more casual night out with your friends, if you wanted to dress it up to take you to a fancy dinner, swap out the sneakers for a pair of stiletto heels to add some height. This outfit will stun whoever sees it! 

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The Classic Blouse

The perfect mix of corporate and party, a blouse and a pair of skinny jeans. If you want to be business on the top and party on the bottom this is the combo for you! Get yourself a loose, flowing blouse and a pair of slightly distressed skinny jeans and you will be good to go! Pair it with a cute bag and a pair of shoes of your choosing. If you feel a little too put together wearing a blouse, I know I often do, un button it a little when you get to the bar, problem solved! This is one of the best looks to wear to class or during a night out! 

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If you don’t want to miss out on a minute of the fun on a night out with your girls, try out some of these looks to save you time going form class to a night out. Let us know what your perfect class to night out outfit is! We would love to see!

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