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The Best Lipstick Colours To Try This Summer

The Best Lipstick Colours To Try This Summer

The Best Lipstick Colours To Try This Summer

Finding a great lipstick colour for your skin tone can be tough, especially when you have so many different parties to go to this summer (which means a bunch of different outfits, are we right?)

Plus, lipstick shades go in and out of style all the time, especially when the seasons change, which means you definitely need to put away that pumpkin shade from fall (don’t worry, we’re still hanging on to ours too).

So if you’re never really sure what lipstick to choose and really don’t feel like going out to Sephora and experimenting for different outfits, here are the best lipstick colours to try this summer, courtesy of another indecisive shopper.


Hot Pink

A classic summer colour no matter how you wear it (we’re talking really cute hot pink nails, baby) this shade is amazing for turning heads at any summer event — from mid-summer parties and music festivals to family BBQs. Plus, this shade is perfect for pairing with any colour in your wardrobe, especially with other bright colours like turquoise, or a classic black and white look.

Americana Red

Bold reds are always a good shade to go for, no matter what occasion or your skin tone (just remember to know what undertone to look for — we’re talking blue or orange). This specific type of red is a little deeper and bolder and works perfectly with most colours style-wise. It also is up there making you look like an old movie star, because who doesn’t want to look like Marilyn sometimes?

Plus, as seen in the photo below, it’s a great look for Pride… just saying.


Tip: there’s a great colour from Lime Crime that does the job (and that we’re totally obsessed with).

Petal Pink

This light shade of pink is the perfect everyday colour for both spring and summer, especially when paired with pastels or bright colours in your wardrobe. Like most nude shades, this colour is low maintenance and doesn’t need constant application (and rarely needs even a second reapply), even during summer activities on way too hot days.

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Hot Clay

An interesting mix between an orange shade and nudes, this colour trend works perfectly with neutral colours in your wardrobe and is a not-in-your-face alternative to bright shades like red. Plus, there’s a lot of different types of clay shades you can choose from, so it can be super versatile if you’re willing to go looking for a perfect shade (we personally love the sunset orange below, but your choice ;)).

Bright Coral

Coral is a classic spring and summer shade, so there should be no surprise that it’s on this list. The best thing about this colour is that it goes with literally any colour style wise (like the bright colours in the picture below, or even more natural colours like beige or black and white). It’s a cute, fun colour that brightens up any makeup look, and usually leaves a glossy finish on your lips to make you look dewier.

Juicy Berry

Berry is an interesting colour because it can mean so many things: a deep purple, which is perfect for going out, or a light magenta-type colour, which gives just a little more of a casual vibe (like below). Plus, this colour is a good middle ground between the more “full-out” colours like red or pink so that you can pair it with any outfit, any time of day.


What do you think of these lipstick colours? Have you worn or own any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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