The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

The best lingerie for your body can be hard to find. Here are a few tips for every figure so you can find something just right.

If you have been, or plan to be, naked in front of another person in your life than you have probably thought about what kind of lingerie to wear. We have all had the thought, we just want to wear something super sexy to see if we can really make their eyes bug out of their head. So, you go to the store and try to dress yourself in the best lingerie outfit you can find. But the first one is too tight, the second one practically swallows you whole, so by the time you get to your third outfit you have yourself convinced that your body just doesn’t look good in any type of lingerie.

WRONG! Everybody has the power to bring whoever they desire to the floor. Just because the outfit that looked great in the stores window doesn’t look great on you doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off those kind of clothes. You just have to dress to your body type like you would for any other shopping trip in your life. So before you swear off any kind of push up bra with a lace, read through our tips for the best lingerie for your body type.

Before you jump into it though. I want to give a special shout out to Boudoir by Kelli Marie. Kelli and all of her lovely clients provided the photos for this post so we could properly show off every kind of body type. Click on any image to be brought to one of her social media pages.

Now let’s talk lingerie and body types!


If you have the body shape of a juicy pear, than that means your big ole’ delicious booty is wider than your upper body and you have a beautifully defined waist. To show off everything your body has to offer throw on a bodysuit with a plunging neckline, this will help will flaunt everything you’ve got from top to bottom. If you want something with a little more oomph up top, than grab a sexy demi cup bra with a little bit of padding to really show your girls off. And by girls I obviously mean your boobs.

The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type


Or as I like to call it Forbidden Fruit. If you define your body as such, than that means you have a fullness to you that someone just wants to take a bite out of. If you are shopping for something sexy and seductive to wear than select a bodysuit that will help elongate your torso. You will also want something to help define your waist a little bit more, a suit with a bit of a corset look will make anyone before you drop to their knees.

The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

Inverted Triangle

We see you with your gorgeous broad shoulders and tiny hip line (and yes, we’re jealous). When you are ready to throw on something sexy, slip into some low rise panties, they will fall on the widest part of your hips helping to accentuate them. While you don’t need much to show off your puppies, wear a balconette bra to heat up the bedroom a bit. If you want something a little bit more playful than grab a babydoll, it will help show off every inch of you in the best way without any effort.

The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type


You can probably take the guess that if your body type can be described as a rectangle than you are probably all straight lines. Meaning your shoulders are well aligned with your hips and you are lacking in the curve department, but that doesn’t mean that your bodies aren’t every inch as drop dead gorgeous as a Victoria Secret Model. If you are looking to show off your body in the best way possible than you need to go crazy with the ruching and ruffles. They will help create the illusion of a bigger bust and waist. A bra with padding or a push up bra will help give what you got a nice big “hello” no one in the room will miss.

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The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type


We have finally come to our last figure. The infamous hourglass. The figure that every magazine tells us that we need to have even though most of our bodies aren’t built that way. We all think you look gorgeous in anything, but it can actually be hard find clothing that fits right when your full bust is stretching out all your tops and your lovely round bottom simply can’t be contained. When you are looking for that time between the sheets aim to show off those natural curves. Corsets would be the perfect look on you any time of day. For something a bit more fun go with something that has a vintage look to bring out that tiny waist. Maybe neither of those sound good. If you’d rather an outfit that is a little easier to get on and off, than go for a teddie or bodysuit. Either way you’ll be strutting like a goddess in any look you choose.

The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

While the thought of wearing practically nothing in front of another human being can be intimidating, we’ve all taken a glimpse at those sexy little panties on the store mannequin. We all want to feel fabulous, fierce, and flawless when we are basically in our birthday suit.

No matter your body type or the lingerie you choose to fault it in, always remember that you are drop dead gorgeous and are in the skin you are meant to be in. So show it off!

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