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The Best Light Sources For A Room

The Best Light Sources For A Room

What’s the point of a room with no light? If you’re looking for some ideas to brighten up your room look no further! We’ve compiled the best light sources for a room!

Check out these lights and feel your home brightening!

1. Overhead Light

Most rooms have an overhead light. This is the main light controlled by a light switch. Usually, these lights are pretty simple. However, they don’t have to be! 


Overhead lights are fun because they’re quite big so that they can light up the whole room. This means that you can find some fun large shades or lights to swipe out for your ordinary one. 

This could be a chandelier or a stained glass cover. You could also find some interesting designs that surround your main light that make it more visually interesting. 


2. Tableside Lamps

Next up is table side lamps! These small lamps are meant to sit on your bedside table or dresser. These lamps come in so many different designs that it’ll be hard to pick just one! You can place multiple lamps all around your room to ward off any dim sections!

Tableside lamps are fun because you can switch out the lampshade or the base on any lamp. Have fun mixing and matching until you find your dream combination! 

These lights are great for when you’re winding down for the night. They create a relaxed atmosphere and make a great reading light!


3. Tall Standing Lamps

Tall standing lamps are the older sibling of tableside lamps! These lamps are usually placed in corners to brighten up a room. 

You can have any lampshade or base for tall standing lamps as well. The bottom is usually weighted so that the tall lamp doesn’t topple over. 


Tall standing lamps are very versatile. With a unique lamp, you can really make a statement in your room. On the flip side, they can also just serve as a simple light source that doesn’t take away from the rest of the room. 

4. String Lights

String lights or fairy lights are super playful and fun! You can string these lights just about anywhere! 


You can line the ceiling of the room or put them on just one wall. You can wrap them around furniture such as bookshelves or small tables. 

These lights come in all different sizes. There are big light bulbs and tiny little pinpricks of lights. They also come in interesting shapes ranging from stars to elephants!

These lights are also good for relaxing the lighting at night time, much like tableside lamps. 

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5. Novelty Lights

Novelty lights brighten up a room and add some character! Novelty lights can bring joy to any space. 


These can take the form of anything that isn’t your typical light source. For instance, neon lights, light up moons, or salt lamps that change color. 

Novelty lamps make a fun statement and brighten up your space! Novelty lights are often beautifully multicolored, not just white or yellow light like ordinary light bulbs. 


6. Natural Light

During the day, natural light is your best friend! It doesn’t require any electricity, just an open window! Enjoy the beautiful white light as dawn breaks and the gorgeous golden light as the sun sets. 

Be sure to open your curtains every day to let the natural light easily fill your space! If you feel opening your windows heats up your room a bit too much, think about getting some sheer curtains! This allows some natural light to get in while also tempering the amount of heat!


What light source are you going to add to your home? Comment down below you favorites!

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