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The Best Jobs For Teenagers To Pick Up

The Best Jobs For Teenagers To Pick Up

It’s hard going shopping with no money and when you ask your parents they respond with, “Get a job” and it’s annoying and frustrating. You want to get a job to be able to go shopping with friends but what job hires a teen with little to no experience and almost have a high school diploma? Believe it or not, there are a lot of places looking to hire open-minded and hardworking teenagers with little to no job experience. These jobs not only will you be able to earn money for shopping but you can save up for college.

1. Fast-food worker

Don’t assume working for a fast-food restaurant is bad because a lot of fast-food chains like Mcdonalds and Taco Bell strive to help high school students with college expenses, so don’t knock out working for a fast-food restaurant. Working for a fast-food restaurant is one of the best starting jobs for teens. Although it is not the ideal place to work, it is just to put something on your resume if you have never worked because it is tough to get a job without experience. And to work in some restaurants that require you to serve people, some places require at least 1 year of experience in food services, and working for fast food restaurants will guarantee your foot in the door for better jobs that do not require you to talk to people through a window. McDonald’s and Taco Bell are not your only options, you have Dairy Queen, any ice cream parlor, Burger King, etc.

The Best Jobs For Teenagers To Pick Up


2. Retail stores

Now, working in retail stores like Wal-Mart, JC Penny’s, Macy’s, etc., they do require at least 1 year of experience in sales, which is why working at a fast-food restaurant is recommended for jobs for teens. But for those that have at least 1 year of experience with sales and retail, you can work anywhere in the mall and any other retail store. Now, some grocery stores do not require experience when dealing with stocking shelves and bagging. Again, this may not be your ideal job but just remember that it is to add something to your resume.

3. Restaurant

You may not mind working for a restaurant like Morton’s Steakhouse, Applebees, Chile’s, and Olive Garden Because you wouldn’t mind working as a waitress/waiter, as long as you aren’t working in the kitchen or cleaning the bathroom, but don’t assume that once you apply for a waitressing position, you’re going to get it. But working in a restaurant is better than flipping burgers at a fast-food place because you do get paid the salary you are given plus the tips you receive from costumers based on your performance. So, if you are great when it comes to serving people then this is your calling.

4. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the easiest and best jobs for teens because everyone is good at something, whether it is a first-grade bath or fifth-grade spelling. The point is that there are a lot of kids and parents of kids who are seeking help from professionals or students who know how to explain certain materials. You know you past the 1st grade, why not look for tutoring jobs for 1st graders. Though the job is easy because you can apply to tutor someone in a subject you know by heart, the process is difficult because of safety precautions. You may need to take training courses to boost your profile or you may need to pay a fee to have a background check, which is required for safety reasons and qualifications. Websites like Chegg offer tutoring jobs, which vary from $12 per hour to $25 per hour.


The Best Jobs For Teenagers To Pick Up

5. Surveys

If you or parents aren’t allowing you to get a job or you’re not in the position to get a job (or if you’re lazy to get a job), then completing online surveys may be right for you. Although these jobs for teens are not a top choice, it is cool to be paid based on your opinions. Survey sites like Inbox are great. The lowest the pay for one survey is 25 cents and the highest varies. Another good site is Swagbucks, which rewards you with awesome gift cards. Survey Junkie is another and the pay varies but you can cash out when you reach $10.

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6. Babysit

Why not become a babysitter if you have experience with babysitting your sibling(s) or other family members. Babysitting is not for everyone but for those who like taking care of kids. Babysitting jobs for teens do a lot of knowledge and care because you, a teen, are getting paid to take care of another person’s child. It’s easy to sign up to be a babysitter but it’s not easy to get your first gig because a lot of parents are looking for the best and safest for their child(ren). Make sure you do the background checks and put as many experiences you’ve had to make your profile presentable and trustworthy.

7. Dog walker

One of the best jobs for teens is dog walking. A lot of people are too busy or lazy to walk their dogs and you don’t need much experience at all to do that job. You can find people who need babysitters on Craigslist or by using apps like Rover to become a dog sitter. It is recommended that you agree to background checks for costumers’ safety. This job is perfect for teens because you can dog-sit during times that fit your schedule since you have school to think about. I highly recommend dog walking only because there is a house sitting option but that is not safe for teenagers under 18. But dog sitting is a great job, especially for those who have pets already. If you are under 18, have your parents join you when you go to meet the dog owner because at the same time you are dealing with strangers you do not know (maybe).

The Best Jobs For Teenagers To Pick Up

I hope you found these job suggestions helpful. But it’s understandable that the summer is approaching and you need some cash. Share with your friends who need a job and comment on your favorite job.

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