The Best Jewelry To Wear To A Fancy Event

Let’s say you are going for a fancy night out. You need to look your best for this night so you need to think hard about what you will be wearing. Most people’s minds will go immediately to clothes, but that should not be the only thing that you think about. Another important of your outfit is the jewelry that you decide to wear. Jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes and can go on many different areas of your body. The point of jewelry is to class up a look and is supposed to be your cherry on top. Some pieces of jewelry could be a little casual and may just be more for a normal night’s outfit. Then there is the jewelry for fancy outfits. This is the cream of the crop for jewelry and will give your outfit the wow factor. There may be some crossovers between normal night and fancy night, so you have to think about if you are making the right choice for this specific night and clothing. These are some pieces of jewelry that will help your fancy night. You should always look your best, and this jewelry will help bring you there.

Fruit Choker/Bracelet

1. Fruit Choker/Bracelet

You don’t have to always be serious when dressing up. The clothing part of your outfit may be pristine, but the jewelry is where you have a splash of fun. It can be a bit of statement but won’t make your outfit too crazy. This piece of jewelry can definitely accomplish the job. It follows a pattern of elegance and vibrancy. It is made with beautiful silver beads as well as cute little fruit beads. This will be a nice little pop that can help give your outfit some flair. While all of that gives some style, the best part of this is the versatility. You can wear this as a cute choker to give your outfit a bit of edge and give the jewelry more attention. You could also wear this as a double looped bracelet for some style off to the side that will catch people by surprise. It all depends on what kind of outfit you are going for. Because of the neutral silver along with a large amount of colors in the fruit, there so many pieces of clothing for this accessory. Jewelry works in many ways, but it will always dazzle.


Pendant Set

2. Pendant Set

As they always say, the more the merrier. Sometimes you can have multiple pieces of jewelry on for a layered look. It will show that you like to go all out and your outfit is carefully crafted. You may think about wearing multiple types of jewelry, but what if you wear all of the same type? That is why you should get this set of pendant necklaces. This is a set of four necklaces. They all have the same vibe, but they are each unique. They are mostly similar in the gold chain part, is the individual jewels in the center that separate all of them. The pendant necklaces are attached so you will always wear them together. This will create a textured outfit that will allow you to go a little crazy at a fancy event, but not too much. This will go great with a modern or unique dress where the necklaces combined will create a rockstar look. Just because you are being fancy doesn’t mean you can’t be little exciting, so go for all of the necklaces that you can.

Chunky Bangle


3. Chunky Bangle

Sometimes jewelry is only meant to accentuate an outfit. Other times, they can be a bit of a star. Jewelry is allowed to be a little bit bold from time to time. This is not to say that fancy events are the place for a radical accessory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go big with your accessories. This chunky bracelet is a great example of jewelry that is noticeable but not too much. This is a thick bracelet that is at least a few fingers wide. It comes in a rich black color with a gold interior. The gold interior matches the thin gold stripes that go all across this bracelet. This is clearly a bracelet that has fanciness to it and it will be able to stand out in the right ways. The thickness of the bracelet with the bit of gold is what will help people take notice. If this was the only piece of jewelry that you were wearing, you would still be able to have a complete look. Bracelets are usually be pretty simple at a fancy event, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Have some fun and take some small risks in your style.

Statement Earrings

4. Statement Earrings

There’s never anything wrong with going a little dramatic. If you want a little attention with what you wear, go ahead. This works really well when wearing a pair of earrings. That will help the attention go to your face for some nice eye contact. These earrings will help you stand out anywhere. These earrings are chandelier style with multiple jeweled strands hanging from the earrings. They are gold with turquoise jewels hanging from the bottom, as well as blue, pink, and white jewels in the middle. To sum up, this is a piece of jewelry that is filled with glitz and glamor. It is able to be attention grabbing while still being fashionable. All of the colors and the size of the earrings will cause people to take notice in a great way. You should bring this out for a very fancy event as they could make you seem overdressed at the wrong time. Where this with a simple outfit and your face will get all the focus. Be daring and never be afraid to hide from the spotlight.


Emerald Ring

5. Emerald Ring

Maybe you want to shine just a little. Whether you are making a big impact or a small impact, you should always do something special with your outfit. This emerald ring will help do the trick. This ring has a classic style that for simple sophisticated look. It is a style that has existed for a long time and adds some fanciness to your outfit. While the style is classic, elevating it will help make that style special. That is the purpose of the emerald. The emerald is beautiful green color that will shine bright in any light. It turns this simple ring into something amazing. Everyone is going to want this ring. It is not a big piece of jewelry, and that is what makes for a nice accessory that is not too much of a distraction. It will look especially great if your dress is fairly neutral, such as a little black dress. That will give this ring some pop that will tie you fancy event look together. Sometimes the smallest pieces can make a world of difference.

Pearl Necklace and Earrings


6. Pearl Necklace and Earrings

Some styles of jewelry will never go out of style. They are tasteful pieces that people have worn for decades. They will always make an outfit look extra nice and show that you care about what you wear and where you are going. That is the purpose of a pearl necklace. Pearls have always shown that a person is well put together and that they work hard. A single strand of pearls can make a world of difference for your outfit. They work best with classic designs, as a particularly adventurous dress would not go with the elegance of the pearls. When you put together your classic fancy event look, you will seem like someone who has it all and you will give an air of poise and grace. The great part about this pearl necklace is that it comes with a set of pearl earrings. With one pearl on each earring, it will obviously match the necklace and will create a very organized look. Unique trends may come and go, but sophistication will last forever.

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Hoop Earrings


7. Hoop Earrings

It is nice to have a piece of jewelry that is always there for you. It can go with most outfits and can be worn for many different occasions. An example of this type of jewelry is hoop earrings. Like the name suggests, this is an earring in the shape of a hoop. It is basically fairly big gold circle for each ear. There is nothing elaborate about it and there I nothing attached to these circles. They are just the hoops. Because of their simplicity, they can work for many times day. In casual times, these earrings will help your outfit a little without making you look overdressed. Then there are the fancy events. A lot of colors go with gold, so you can wear these with most fancy outfits. You may only want a simple piece of jewelry to let your dress shine at a fancy event while still accessorizing. These earrings will also work if you want to put multiple pieces of jewelry on as they won’t clash. Hoop earrings can always be counted on, and they will help any fancy outfit you put on.

Snake Ring

8. Snake Ring

Who is up for a little adventure? Everyone has a wild side that they want to let out, so how about letting it out when you want to dress up. The point of dressing up is to build confidence and to live your best fashion life. Whatever those ideas mean to you, take advantage of that. If the way you build confidence is through a little adventure, then this snake ring is what you want. This piece of jewelry is exactly as it sounds. It is a ring that is styled like a snake. This ring coils around your finger from the head of snake to the tail. It’s like a animal on your body, except it is tiny and the color of gold. So it has that energy of a wild snake, but the gold is what makes it fancy. This is a shiny piece of jewelry that will go with any dress, and it has a design that someone may not notice right away. But once they do notice, they will see that there is a bit of wild child in you. You don’t have to go too crazy at your fancy event, but just enough to show that you like to have your fun.


Rhinestone Chain Bracelet

9. Rhinestone Chain Bracelet

Everyone can use a little sparkle. It can help brighten up your look and brighten up any event. Shimmery sparkles have existed for a long time and have been a sign that someone likes to be fancy and cares about how they look. That is still true today and these are ideas that you can incorporate in any fancy event where you make an appearance. This bracelet will help give you that shimmer so that you will be radiant anywhere. This bracelet is a small chain that is covered completely in silver rhinestones. This is not a particularly large piece of jewelry, but when the light hits it right, this bracelet’s brightness will be seen from a long distance. This will give any outfit a little razzle dazzle and it will show that you wanted to look your best. So add a little twinkle to your outfit and show that you don’t want to hide, you want to be fabulous.