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The Best Items To Bring For Your Labor Day Weekend Celebration

The Best Items To Bring For Your Labor Day Weekend Celebration

It’s shocking to me how it’s already July and clothing stores are bringing out their fall clothes and lookbooks, while decor stores are preparing for Thanksgiving and Halloween. How has time passed so quickly? Yeah, I don’t know either. 

Well, in any case, it got me thinking about the plans I have for the upcoming months and, more specifically, labour day weekend. I thought I’d share some essentials I’ll be taking with me for my labor day weekend. 

1. Tote

It doesn’t matter where you’re set to go for your Labor Day long weekend, my advice would be to bring a tote bag. This could take you from airport to airport if you’re going somewhere outside of your city or for any long road trips, or it could simply be the bag you take to carry the many snacks and dishes you’re taking to your best friend’s cottage. Again, wherever you go, a tote is an essential. 

Everlane’s Weekender bag is a favourite for many going on longer trips. For those shorter trips I opt for a bag like Jenni Kayne’s Woven Basket Bag (pictured below). It’s deep and sturdy enough that you can pack a bunch of goodies for your long weekend celebration, and it’s definitely beautiful to look at. Form and function — what more could you want in a tote? 

The Best Items To Bring For Your Labor Day Weekend Celebration

2. Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter that labor day is closer to fall than it is summer. Those sun rays will more than likely still be warm and bold — a beautiful reminder to soak up the dog days of summer but also a warning to keep your skin protected. 

I pretty much don’t leave the house without sunscreen or without at least putting on a layer of sunscreen, especially if I know I’m going to be outside for a while. I’m very fair so I made it a priority to keep myself protected from the sun as best I can. On Labor Day Weekend, where I imagine there will be tons of BBQs and outside adventures, sunscreen is an important item to pack in your bag. 

Some good sunscreen companies are Banana Boat, Aveeno, La Roche-Posay, to name a few. My favourites, however, are natural sunscreens like Korres’ Yoghurt Sunscreen or COOLA’s SPF 30 Sunscreen (pictured below).

The Best Items To Bring For Your Labor Day Weekend Celebration

3. Wide Brim Sun Hat

I love a good wide brim sun hat. They are perfect for any and all vacationing activities, providing an Audrey Hepburn aesthetic to your style but also some serious sun protection. I carried my sun hat with me all around Greece when I was there last year but I also almost always had one with me this summer in my hometown at the beach, at BBQs, walking downtown, etc.

Gigi Pip has a beautiful 6-inch brimmed hat called the ‘Gwen‘ with a beautiful black sash around the hat to keep you looking effortlessly classy and shielded from the sun. This particular hat is guaranteed to be on my list of labor day packing items!  

The Best Items To Bring For Your Labor Day Weekend Celebration

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4. Blutooth Speakers 

This is less practical if you’re traveling on a plane this labour day weekend since I imagine wherever you’re going you’ll be touring the city, but if you’re taking a trip up to the cottage or to a friend’s house for the weekend, blutooth speakers will be a perfect addition to your labor day weekend packing list.

Crank up the tunes with a speaker like Beats by Dr. Dre or Anker’s SoundCore speaker (pictured below). Speakers are often on the expensive side, but they are long-lasting and sure to be a hit with anyone and everyone. Trust me, if you bring the speaker, they’ll be celebrating you.  

The Best Items To Bring For Your Labor Day Weekend Celebration

5. Swimsuit

I’ve made the mistake of not bringing a swimsuit to labor day weekend celebrations, but NOT THIS TIME. In fact, whenever I go up to the cottage, I bring a bathing suit, even if it’s forecasted to rain, because you never know when there will be the opportunity to go swimming! Err on the side of caution and always bring a suit. Trust me!

Aerie has some beautiful suits this summer, ranging from bikini to long line (pictured below) to cut-out one pieces. You can’t go wrong! Plus, depending on where you live, this weekend might be one of the last ones where you can wear your bathing suit, so take advantage!

The Best Items To Bring For Your Labor Day Weekend Celebration

What items are you packing for labor day weekend? Are some of them listed here? What did I miss? Share below!

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