The Best iPhone Apps For Students

The Best iPhone Apps For Students

iPhone apps for students are a great tool to stay on top of things. Life as a full-time student tends to get hectic (believe me), and I’ve always found solace in using my apps to help with my days. Here are iPhone apps that are totally useful for students!

1. Evernote

Any thought, voice-note, scanned documents or piece of data that you need written down, you can keep in Evernote. It organizes itself in categories depending on what your documents have to do with, so you can keep class notes in there and separate them based on subject.

It can even be linked with a desktop app.


We all have our moments. is a wonderful app because it has a thesaurus, synonyms and antonyms all included along with it’s definitions. Everyone should have a dictionary app on their phone.

The Best iPhone Apps For Students

3. UniDays

UNiDAYS is an app that gives discount codes specifically to college and university students. Their discount codes are applicable for many different things, such as food and drinks, and can also be used for some retail shopping.

All you have to do is download the app and write in which school you attend.

4. Pocket Schedule Planner

Ever just completely space out about where your supposed to be next?

This app allows you to enter your entire schedule in, and will send you notifications about what is next in your day. It’s an easy app to navigate, and acts as a backup in case you forget where to go.

5. Quick Graph

This ones for all my math students out there.

Quick graphs quite literally produces quick graphs. You enter in the equation for any 2D or 3D graph and it shows it to you visually. You can even save it as a photo and add it to your library.

I’m not sure why anyone would ever want to do that, but it’s an option nonetheless.

6. EasyBib

MLA and APA have been the bane of my existence as a college student.

Ever since I found this app, it does all the work for me. No more thinking about what the difference are in each method, just simply enter in the information and the app does the rest of the work for you. When you’re done with your citations, you can export it to your email. This works for any source type, a.k.a newpapers, journals, academic articles, and for any type of citation method needed.

7. Quizlet

A fun and extremely helpful app in the scary world of test preparation.

This app adds in flashcards and images to help ease the retention process. Download the app and search for your course, and I’m sure they’ll have something to help with!

8. Netflix

Study break time means watching The Office season 5 episode 13, for the twentieth time.

The Best iPhone Apps For Students

9. myHomework

This app is perfect for people who just cannot keep track of assignments if they tried. It’s a daunting task to write things down in an agenda; easy for some, but hard for more. This app allows you to enter in all your important due dates and tests, and then have the app remember for you.

10. Messenger

Group projects are becoming much more prominent in the course work for many colleges and universities.

Sometimes, you’re placed with people you don’t know. You may not want them to have your cell number, and some may not even have iphones. The messenger app is essentially a group chat, and when the projects done, the group chat dismantles itself. It’s an easy alternative to texting, and much less invasive.

The Best iPhone Apps For Students

Will you be trying out any of these? Do you know of any other iPhone apps for students? Let us know in the comments!

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