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The Best iPhone Apps For Photography You Should Try

The Best iPhone Apps For Photography You Should Try

The Best iPhone Apps For Photography You Should Try

We all love Instagram. There’s just no way around it! There’s something so fun about capturing little moments in our lives and sharing them with our friends and family. And with so many incredible iPhone apps for photography being developed, it’s easier than ever to achieve the Instagram feed of your dreams. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best apps out there, and live your best Instagram life!


This is one of the most popular iPhone apps for photography out there, and with good reason. With a clean and easy-to-understand interface and so many tools to tweak your photos, it does the job of several apps all in one. Aside from basic photo-editing options such as brightness, highlights and shadows, and saturation adjustments, this app has so many filters and preset options that you’re sure to find just what you need to satisfy your editing needs. And best of all, it’s free to download!


Adobe Lightroom CC

Chances are, you’ve heard of Lightroom CC by now. It’s the free iPhone version of the desktop app, and it’s especially popular among various influencers online. Like the previous app, it contains all you need to get your basic editing done, but the real draw lies in the presets. These are basically filters, and while the app comes with a few, there are plenty of preset packs floating around on the internet from all of your favourite influencers who’ve jumped on the bandwagon. The Instagram feed of your goals is within your reach! Find it for free here.

A Color Story

If adding extra effects onto your photos is more your style, A Color Story is one of the best iPhone apps for photography out there. Aside from all of the standard photo editing options, this app provides extras such as flares, textures, light leaks, colour fogs, and so much more. Glamming your photos up has never been so easy. Check it out for free here!


Facetune 2

Okay, hear me out: Facetune is good for so much more than just blurring out a pesky pimple or two (although it is great for that)! A super cool feature of this app is that you have the ability to spot-treat with so many different tools, and they can be used in unexpected ways. For example, the ‘whiten’ tool is great for teeth, but it’s also great for brightening up whites in your photos, making them appear crisp and vibrant instead of dull and yellowed (perfect if you prefer a clean, white feed!). The ‘glow’ and ‘vibrance’ tools will also help add that extra bit of oomph to the colours of your pictures, which are guaranteed to make them stand out! Click here to download it for free.


Have you ever wanted to post a photo to Instagram, but weren’t sure if it would match your feed just right? With an app like Plann, you can essentially plan out your feed and make sure everything looks cute and cohesive without taking the plunge and uploading it straight to Instagram. It also has the option to upgrade the app to help you grow your Instagram by analyzing things such as performance, your colour scheme, the best time of day for you to post, and so much more. Download it here!

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This is a great photo editing app to mimic the appearance of Portrait Mode in newer iPhone models or images captured with a DSLR camera. It’ll blur the background of an image just enough to imitate the shallow depth of field effect, and get your images looking super professional. Find it here for $1.39.


While many people are content using their native camera app, seasoned photographers know that one of the best iPhone apps for photography is another camera app. ProCamera 8 offers more control when it comes to capturing an image with features such as fully-manual exposure control and image stabilization. If you rely on your phone as your default camera, make sure to check this app out to get the most out of your iPhone photography. Find it here for $5.99!


Did your fave iPhone apps for photography make the list? Let us know below what your go-to apps are!

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