The Best iPhone Apps For Online Dating You Should Know

Dating is hard dating through an app is even harder. Especially during an age of online flings and one night tinder dates. Surprisingly, there are apps out there for your iPhone that are actually made for forming real relationships through online dating so that you don’t have to go through the awkward, “What do we want out of this” talk.


Bumble is very similar to the infamous Tinder in terms of the swiping left to right. However, this app lets you swipe based off of more than just a few well angled selfies. Bumble allows you to include your interests and goals out of the app on your profile. They also have quirky preprogrammed questions to answer only our profile.

This app is also super beneficial for women. Women must respond to matches first within the first 24 hours and then the man in the following 24 hours.

OK Cupid

This dating app is one of the veterans. Ok Cupid before becoming an app was a dating platform through the internet for over 10 years. The app works like Bumble and tinder, with the tradition swiping, but your profile is built from more in depth questions that better help you understand someone before swiping right.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This dating app is much more user friendly than others and may be a better option if you’re new to the online dating world. This app comes with step by step instructions on how to set up your profile and begin matching. It also provides pre programmed ice breaker questions in case you don’t know how to approach a match. There profiles are also pretty in depth when it comes to dating app standards.


This is an up and coming dating app that has been hidden behind the Tinders and Bumbles. This app although online, provides a more organic communication. Your matches are based on proximity to each other. This enables setting up a first date in person much more effective and you’ll be able to determine right away if you want that relationship to continue.

See Also

The League

The League is a prestigious dating app that requires a full sign up registration. Then because of all the entries you are placed on a waiting  list while your application is analyzed. In big cities this process can take quite a bit of time. This app also requires your place of employment and university degree information and your linkedin. This is great for people look for someone in their field of work or someone who are alumni from the same university.


If you love Uber Eats you’ll love Uber. This app allows you to order your date to your door, or to any location you’d like to meet. They provide percentiles that tell you how compatible you are with another person based on your profile. The user base is small but that also means most people active on Clover are serious about their online dating which will weed out those that aren’t.


You may remember this dating app as a well known dating website that came with the first wave of online dating platforms. Well, they’ve converted into an app for your phone. This app, like its website requires a paid subscription and is meant for people who are serious about settling down. This helps weed out all the people looking for something casual and will ensure that you get what you wanted out of their platform.

What dating apps do you use or have you tried? Have you tried any on this list? Let me know below in the comment section.

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