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The Best Influencers To Be Following

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Influencers and digital creators are killing it right now: while many are adjusting to the new #WFH lifestyle, content creators have built successful careers by working remotely. While the industry is definitely booming, it has in turn become oversaturated with thousands of influencers. It can certainly be difficult to find creators who are consistent and authentic, so that’s why we’ve created this list! Check out these amazing babes below and give them a follow!

Katy Bellotte, @katybellotte

Katy is a graphic designer, calligrapher, and video-editor based in NYC who left a full-time corporate job at L’Oreal to pursue her dreams of being a freelancer.

While taking on her creative clients, Katy also posts lifestyle Youtube videos and hosts a podcast called Thick & Thin. Her episodes are reminiscent of Sex and the City, and are formatted like diary entries for a really intimate listen.

Why You’ll Love Katy:

Besides having an impressive portfolio and a gorgeous IG feed, Katy is very interested in history and often weaves historical facts and figures into her content.

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Margot Lee, @margot.lee

Margot is a lifestyle Youtuber and recent graduate from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She runs her own blog, contributes to a startup platform called Home From College, and has been nominated for the Shorty Award’s “Vlogger of the Year”.

While she was in college, Margot was super involved in her sorority and also studied abroad in London for one semester. She is also an ambassador for brands like Sephora Collection and Glossier!

Why You’ll Love Margot:

She is incredibly well-spoken and smart AF. Also, her dog, Roo, is the cutest little cockapoo who loves to jump in Margot’s videos! 

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Annika Boron, @annikaboron

Annika is a Toronto-based, vegan Youtuber who is passionate about fitness and mental health. Having been involved in the modelling industry from a young age, Annika is also a strong advocate for female empowerment and self-confidence.

Alongside her Youtube channel, Annika is the founder and owner of Landia Collection, a sustainable jewelry company that donates money from every purchase to charitable causes.

Why You’ll Love Annika:

Her hilarious and energetic personality transcends the screen – she’s also obsessed with The Office and is super open about her use of cannabis.

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Keaton Milburn, @kkeeaattoonn

Originally from Texas, Keaton is a recent graduate of Arizona State University and is now a full-time Youtuber based in Tempe. She is the co-founder of Twin Flames, a streetwear apparel company, and also hosts a lifestyle and entertainment podcast titled I’m Into It. 

Keaton mainly posts about fashion and beauty, but is also known for her past sorority and college content. A proud Christian, Keaton is also very open about her faith and often reads her daily devotionals in her Youtube videos. 

Why You’ll Love Keaton:

She loves to have fun with her hair and switch up her colour every few months. Although Keaton’s natural hair is blonde, she’s dyed it lilac, peach, and now red!

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Liz Kapran, @lizzi.jpg

Meet Liz, an Instagram queen from Toronto who loves edgy fashion, skincare, and finding the best vegan eats in the city. She’s modelled for brands like Ardene, Excel Gum, and TrendSavvy, and she’s also gained a pretty big following on TikTok!

Liz is passionate about topics like mental health, thrift shopping, and travelling, and lives with her awesome content creator boyfriend Don

Why You’ll Love Liz:

She’s totally candid, outspoken, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind! Liz’s transparency with her followers is super commendable, and she’s always interacting with her community.

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Natalie Barbu, @nataliebarbu

Natalie is a branding consultant and Youtuber living in New York City. She founded her own influencer marketing agency, Barbu Agency, and is also the host of The Real Reel Podcast.

Although she was an Industrial Engineering major in college, Natalie is skilled personal branding and has recently started her own Patreon page with tips and tricks.

Why You’ll Love Natalie:

Natalie is always posting advice videos – she’s like the big sister you’ve always wanted! Also, she’s Half-Honduran and Half-Romanian, which is super cool.

The Best Influencers To Be Following

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Liv Perez, @livvperez

Liv is an NYU Gallatin graduate turned successful journalist and entrepreneur. She hosts the Friend of a Friend podcast, writes for Forbes, and co-founded a community service initiative, System of Service, alongside good friend and Nike Master Trainer, Joe Holder.

From being an intern at Teen Vogue to writing for Harper’s Bazaar and Huffington Post, Liv is a force to be reckoned with. She’s always finding the latest trends in fashion and has worked with brands such as Chanel and Tommy Hilfiger.

Why You’ll Love Liv:

She has the most soothing voice, and her fashion sense is classy AF. 

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Meghan Hughes, @meghanhughes

Now a sustainability and lifestyle Youtuber based in Oregon, Meghan started her online career as a teenager in the makeup/beauty guru space alongside her sister Lindsey. Meghan has since transitioned into a zero-waste, body-positive, cannabis-loving queen who is always smiling!

Meghan also hosts an advice and music podcast called Souls at Sundown, creates content for her Patreon page, and also runs a vlog channel.

Why You’ll Love Meghan:

Her and her partner, Finley, have a farm with all sorts of cute animals!

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Nitsan Raiter, @nitsanraiter

Last but not least, Nitsan (A.K.A Nits) is another Toronto-based influencer who loves all things fashion and beauty. She started her blog as a project in business school, and has since gone on to work with brands like Guerlain, TopShop, and Nudestix.

Her and her stunning queen BFF’s Emma and Sophie have travelled the world together, and also have an IG video series called That’s So Sabotage. Nits also has her own Youtube channel, and just got engaged to her boyfriend of 7 years!

Why You’ll Love Nitsan:

Her feed is so aesthetically pleasing, and she’s always putting together new outfits. Nits is originally from Israel, so she also speaks Hebrew!

The Best Influencers To Be Following

Do you follow any of these badass influencer babes? Let us know in the comments, or share some of your own favourites below!

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