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The Best Ideas To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

The Best Ideas To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

The Best Ideas To Celebrate Galentine's Day

Galentine’s day.  A holiday made up my Amy Poehler’s Character on NBC’s Parks and Rec has taken off and women are loving it.  It is essentially a holiday for ladies to celebrate ladies A holiday of friendship. In Parks and Recreation,  it was usually celebrated over breakfast foods. But here are some great ideas to make your Galentine’s day special.

the best ideas to celebrate Galentine's Day


Getting everyone together for Brunch is a great way to Celebrate Galentine’s day.  Check out some of the local hotspots in your city for the best Brunch ideas. A jazz club with morning brunch, or one with a scenic view of the city.  There are more options than you think, so keep a look out and don’t settle for normal, it is Galentine’s day after all.

The best ideas to celebrate Galentine's day

Girls Night In

A girls night in.  Think about it. You don’t have to get all dolled up if you don’t want to, you can stay warm and cozy, you can make it a theme, like pajama night, and you chose the itinerary.  S’mores by the fire pit: Check. Sappy movies: Check. Board games and popcorn: Check. You an make it whatever night you want it to be. It’s Galentine’s day.

the best ideas for Galentine's day

Girls Night Out

Why not go out?  How often are you unattached to something or someone that you ACTUALLY GET TO GO OUT?   Try something new! A new live music venue. That new brewery you heard about. Hit the clubs!  Find new clubs, or graze on the old clubs for nostalgic reasons. Make a girls night scavenger hunt through your city, just for fun and bonding time.  Galentine’s day has no rules.

The best ideas to celebrate Galentine's day

Weekend Trip

Make Galentine’s a big deal!  Get out of town. Whether it’s camping, or up the the mountains, or somewhere on the beach.  Fly to Vegas for a girls weekend or if Vegas is not your style, try a city by a beach or mountain town.  Girls trips are always unforgettable, even if you are just lunching by the pool the whole time with a cocktail gossiping.  

The best ideas to celebrate Galentine's day

Treat Yo’ Self

Don’t get this confused with a bridal shower, but a pamper party is the way to go.  Make the day all about you and your girls. Get your nails done, go to the spa, or get a massage. Treat Yo’ Self!  And your girls. Hanging out getting your nails done will spark conversation, memories or Prom or weddings and keep the friendship juices flowing.  It’s Galentine’s Day. Live it up!

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the best ideas to celebrate Galentine's day


Much like the weekend away, pick a hotel in your city, have an awesome night getting dinner, drinks, cocktails and  desserts all while chilling with no major plans than to hang tight, walk around the city, hit a few bars and then find the comforts of your hotel .  One of my favorite memories is that one of the hotels where we stayed at for my friends Bachelorette party offers milk and cookies after 9 pm in the dining area.  We didn’t plan on this but it was the best part of the night as we all went downstairs before we went to the club and sat around eating milk and cookies and sharing all the good gossip.   Not every hotel is going to offer that, but it’s a cool idea to surprise your friends with when you get back to the hotel.

The best ideas to celebrate Galentine's day

Be Complimentary

Galentine’s day is a day of celebration.  Compliment each other , love each other and treat each other.  Come up with some unique gifts that celebrate your friendship.  Make everyone feel special. Like it’s everyone’s birthday including yours!

The best ideas to celebrate Galentine's day

DIY Waffle Bar.

Waffles.  How could anyone forget waffles?  The ultimate food served at Galentine’s day.   Whether you host a morning brunch or girls night in a DIY waffle bar is a must.  Whip Cream, strawberries, Nutella, jelly, you name it, the toppings are endless.  Much like the milk and cookies, good conversation and good friendship can be accompanied by waffles.  Galentine’s day waffles. Sounds pretty good to me.

the best ideas to celebrate galentine's day

Are you ready to call your girls and start planning and celebrating  your Galentine’s day?  Start and small so you know how big you can and want to go.   Well then.  Get to it.  Start planning!
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