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The Best Ice Cream Flavors For Fall

The Best Ice Cream Flavors For Fall

It may feel like summer has only just started, but the season is already halfway over, and with the changing seasons comes changing flavors – vegetables, soups, and even ice creams! Say goodbye to your watermelon sorbet and hello to the perfect fall ice cream flavors that you are bound to enjoy all season long.

1. Maple Walnut Ice Cream

You may have never heard of maple walnut ice cream before, but this classic New England ice cream flavor has been around for ages! What’s the secret ingredient? Pure maple syrup, of course! Mix that with some crunchy, toasted walnuts for some texture and you have the perfect fall ice cream to enjoy all season long. To make this delicious ice cream even more of a fall treat, scoop some on top of some warm apple pie and enjoy!

2. Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream

I don’t think there are any flavor combinations that scream fall more than apple and cinnamon! That’s why apple cinnamon ice cream is the perfect fall treat! Apple may seem like one of the oddest ice cream flavors out there, but mix it with the right amount of cinnamon and add some granola and salted caramel sauce and you have the tastiest fall ice cream dessert! Like the maple walnut ice cream, apple cinnamon goes wonderfully with warm apple pie!


3. Bourbon Pumpkin Ice Cream

What do you think of when you think of fall? I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind is pumpkin everything! Pumpkin is used to spice almost every tasty treat up, but have you had pumpkin ice cream before? Then bourbon pumpkin ice cream is something you have to try this fall! With notes of oak, vanilla, and caramel from the bourbon, the pumpkin is complemented and serves as one tasty fall treat!

4. Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Following along with the theme of ice creams flavored by popular fall alcoholic beverages, rum raisin ice cream is another fall ice cream flavor that you absolutely must try! The flavor of rum is added to a vanilla ice cream base which is later mixed together with raisins to create this iconic and classic fall flavor in ice cream form. This may be an ice cream flavor best eaten alone, but feel free to experiment!

5. Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Let’s take it back to something simple. Butter pecan ice cream is a flavor that has been around for ages. Nothing beats something classic, and butter pecan is about as classic as you can get! With a creamy, buttery texture and surprise, crunchy chunks of pecan mixed in, this ice cream is both full of fall flavors and one to enjoy all year round! Pair it with a waffle cone and enjoy!

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6. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream

If the previous flavors weren’t quite sweet enough for you, then this was definitely is! Brown sugar cinnamon ice cream is full of fall flavors and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! It’s a flavor as simple as it sounds – just lots of brown sugar and cinnamon with a creamy ice cream base! This ice cream flavor is paired perfectly with a warm slice of almost any fall pie you can think of.

7. Salted Pretzel Ice Cream

If you are the opposite of someone who would enjoy brown sugar cinnamon ice cream, then this salty alternative is for you! Salted pretzel ice cream is a tasty fall treat that’s not too sweet or too salty! Add more sweetness and saltiness by pairing the ice cream with chocolate sauce and peanut butter to complete your delicious fall treat!



What fall ice cream flavor are you looking forward to trying this season? Comment down below!

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