The Best Healthy Study Snacks You’ll Love

Study snacks are an essential component of every student’s life and diet. There are so many different options to choose from that it can be tempting to just pick the unhealthy junk food because it’s fast and often cheap. While junk food isn’t bad in moderation, you shouldn’t have to worry about not feeding your body good nutrients while also worrying about that big test coming up. Here are a few of the best healthy study snacks to munch on while you work.

Frozen Grapes Or Berries

Grapes and berries are a good snack even if not frozen, but once frozen, they almost taste like candy, making them a perfect replacement for those sugar cravings at 12am. Just pop a baggie or container of grapes or mixed berries in the freezer for a few hours and pull them out when you’re looking for a sweet snack.

The Best Healthy Study Snacks You’ll Love

Non-Sugary Cereal

This is one of my personal favorite study snacks. If you’re the type of person who likes something to constantly nibble on while you work, cereal (with no milk) is a great substitute for something like chips or candy. Eating one or two pieces at a time makes a bowl of cereal last for quite a while, and as long as it’s not something with a ton of sugar, it’s definitely a better alternative than junk food. If there’s a small amount in a bowl next to me while I work and I eat a few pieces every couple of minutes, I feel much less guilty about snacking while studying.

The Best Healthy Study Snacks You’ll Love


This obviously isn’t a good choice if you’re allergic, but many people choose to snack on peanuts, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc. as an alternative to junk food. For them to be a healthier snack, avoid nuts in trail mixes with candy or that have a lot of salt added to them. If you want added sweetness, mix in some berries or dried fruit.

The Best Healthy Study Snacks You’ll Love

Celery and Peanut Butter

Probably one of the most classic childhood snacks there ever was, celery and peanut butter is a great study snack food. It’s crunchy and creamy and (if you use chunky peanut butter) chunky and a little bit sweet. If you’re feeling nostalgic, add some raisins and call the snack “ants on a log.” You can make the snack on apple slices as well, but it may be more of an “ants on a stump” situation.

The Best Healthy Study Snacks You’ll Love


For something a bit more substantial but that still counts as a snack, try eating some edamame. Many grocery stores now sell bags of frozen edamame, so just heat a bag or part of a bag according to the directions and put the beans in a bowl next to your workspace. Just a tiny bit of salt sprinkled on top makes the flavor even better. Plus, the pods are fun to open.

The Best Healthy Study Snacks You’ll Love

DIY Chips

If you have the time, energy, and motivation to procrastinate make these, I’d highly recommend it. Put whatever base you want on a baking tray lined with parchment paper, whether the base is apple slices, kale or spinach, carrots, sweet potato, banana coins, or something else entirely, brush them with a small bit of olive oil, and let the chips bake until they’re dried out and crispy.

For sweeter snacks, drizzle some honey over them after taking them out, while for savory snacks, sprinkle a little bit of salt on top. These are great because you get the crunch and the texture of a potato chip, but it’s definitely healthier than super processed chips that come in a bag.

The Best Healthy Study Snacks You’ll Love

What are your favorite healthy study snacks? Let us know below!

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