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The Best Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Snacks

With all of us on lockdown, let’s just say that we have all been guilty of a little extra snacking. Being locked in the house gives us easier access to snacks, and for that, we are super grateful. However, we want to make sure that our bodies are also staying as healthy as they can to fight against any virus. 

From salty chips to sweet ice cream cones, the taste of junk food can be oh-so-tempting. Luckily we are here to help. Here are the best healthy alternatives to your favorite snacks. Just hear me out. 

To The Salty Lovers:

Potato chips have been the go-to junk food for centuries, and what’s not to love? Perfectly crunchy, salted to a T, satisfying and oh so delicious. Unfortunately, chips are very high in fat and starchy carbs, two things that need to be kept in check for a healthy diet. Plus, they are usually deep-fried, which is a big no-no when it comes to eating healthy. I know what your thinking. How can my mouth tell me, yes, and my body tells me no? Don’t fret. I have found some healthy alternatives to our favorite salty cravings. 

Kale Chips Instead Of Potato Chips

Fine, i’ll admit it. I’m usually the last person to add a little green into my diet; however, when you say that I can enjoy them in chip form, I am all ears. Using greens to replace your chips will result in fewer grams of fat and more nutritional value, and it will kick that salty craving right on its ass. My favorite part? You can get creative and bake these healthy chips in a variety of different flavors. From sea salt and vinegar to salt and pepper, from vegan cheesy to BBQ, the possibilities are endless. Give them a try; you might even surprise yourself. 

Veggie Fries Before Guys (and regular fries)

OK. Yes, potatoes are technically a vegetable, but that doesn’t make them healthy- especially when they are deep-fried in oil. Instead, try using the potatoes cousin, the sweet potato. AKA the perfect combination of savory and sweet. Sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index, which makes them healthier. Try baking them to your desired softness instead of frying them in oil. I prefer my fries this way now- no lie!

To The Sweet Lovers:

Look, I get it. When some ask me what my ideal vacation would be, it’s to the willy wonk factory where I can be surrounded by sugar, candy, and chocolate. Sweets haunt us from every corner of the store, and once you get is started, it is even harder to stop. Sugar, especially artificial sugar, is extremely unhealthy and should never be consumed as a regular snack. Here are some healthy alternatives to the sweet junk foods we have all learned to love. 

Fruit Pops Instead Of Ice Cream

Put the ice cream down because trips to the freezer just got a whole lot healthier. Ice cream is not the only way to get your frozen dessert fix. If you’re in a creamy mood, try eating a frozen banana covered in chocolate or a low-calorie fruit Popsicle that you will learn to love. The great thing about making your own dessert is that you get to control the sweetness. Don’t like bananas? Try eating frozen strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Seriously, guys, the possibilities are endless!

Power Balls>Donuts Holes

I never thought I would say this, but power balls over donuts every day. Easy to make and equally delicious, power balls are oh so good. They fill you up, taste great, and are a great healthy alternative to the decadent treat we love to indulge in. 

Smoothies > Milkshakes

It is starting to get hot outside, which means that it is time to indulge ourselves into some milkshakes, right? Wrong. Milkshakes are delicious, but unfortunately, they are not as healthy as we would like them to be. The next time you are in the mood for a milkshake tries a fruit smoothie instead. Fruit smoothies are packed with protein and nutrients, all while maintaining a rich and creamy sweetness. 

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To The Soda Drinkers

Say goodbye to soda and hello to sparkling water with fruit. Whether you drink regular or diet sodas, they are far from being healthy. Next time you are in the mood to crack open a soda think again. To get the refreshing satisfaction of a fizzy beverage, lightly crush and mix fresh fruit into sparkling water for a naturally sweet drink. Bottoms up! 

To The Fast Food Lovers

Fast food is often the first thing that comes to mind when you are stressed and want to jump into a carb-filled mail. Obviously, this is not the best choice when it comes to staying healthy. Skip the deep fryer and make your favorite fast food from the comfort of your home. From Chinese take out to cheeseburger fake-outs, healthy alternative recipes are out there; all we have to do is google. Next time you are in the mood for some fast food, opt for something healthier. 

When You Craving Pasta

Where are all my pasta lovers at? This one is hard because pasta is life, and so are bread sticks, but that is beside the point. When you feel like getting down and dirty with some good old mac & cheese, opt for something a little healthier. Replace part of the cheese sauce with pureed butternut squash or sweet potato soup; you will significantly lower the amount of fat in your meal while adding vitamins to your dinner. It is so delicious and will knock your pasta craving right out of the park! Bon appetite!

Quarantine is full of snacks, and even if you don’t eat healthily, we know you will still come out looking like a snack. Try incorporating some of these new tips into your diet for a healthier you. 

What are some of your favorite healthy snacking tips? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!

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