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The Best Hand And Foot Masks You Need For Cracked Skin

The Best Hand And Foot Masks You Need For Cracked Skin

During the winter months, we don’t pay close attention to our hands and feet as we should. We wear gloves and boots but that is not enough protection for the most valuable assets of our body. Without moisturizing them daily the weather will leave your skin dry and will leave you with cracked skin! 

I don’t know about you but I try to keep my hands lotioned with Jergens because of its thick consistency and vaseline. Yet I don’t seem to have the right routine for my feet they are just left hanging to dry! These hand and foot masks will help to rejuvenate your skin giving you the best look for Summer 2020! 

1. Aveeno Foot Mask

Giving yourself a spa day is crucial especially in the winter months. Just get you a glass a wine and your favorite Netflix show and you will be sure to enjoy this foot mask! Aveeno is known for having a great recipe for their lotions and soaps, but who knew about their masks!


This product helps soothe dry cracked skin that is pained by the wind burns. It also hydrates to look visibly healthy and gives you soft looking skin. The Aveeno Foot Mask is enriched with shea butter which is the core butter to healing your skin! While you sit there drinking your wine and reminiscing on the week you can enjoy the feeling of healing knowing that your feet will come out baby smooth.

All it takes is 10 minutes and you can pull off the sock-like mask and rub in the extra serum.  You can find this product at your local drug store and Target, Walmart and beauty store.

2. Miss Spa Deep Therapy Hand Treatment

Not only can you have baby soft feet but you can have strikingly beautiful soft hands as well! We all go through life washing our hands up-teen times a day and they never manage to stay moisturized.  This hand mask will bring you all-day softness to your hands without drying them out.


These spa gloves are perfect for those working hands that can’t catch a break! The safflower oil in the ingredients help restore lost moisture and most importantly softens your cuticles. This 20-minute fix will have you feeling like a smooth babe!  Just like the Aveeno, all you need to do is rub in the remaining oil when finished and voila! No more cracked skin! You can find this product at Ulta and Target.

3. Leaders Moisturizing Hand Mask

This hand mask will have your hands as smooth as a baby’s bottom. This product much like the others are moisturizing but this one is specifically for dry rough hands! Now that I am telling you about these amazing masks, after you use them you cannot leave your hands hanging. You still have to give them that TLC! 


These gloves are easy to slip on with a strip of adhesive to tighten around the wrist. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and just rub in the excess product and your hands will feel brand new. If you enjoy this pack so much the website gives you the option to buy five packs for a great deal! 

4. Leaders Moisturizing Foot Mask

Leading in with the next product Leaders also has a foot mask! Who knew!? If you look on the package of both of the products you can see that there are three steps to this spa treatments. The hands, the feet then a mask for your hair! 


This formula for the foot mask is a little bit different than the hands. This has vegetable extract in it while the hand has fruit extract. The vegetable extract is known for encouraging circulation and great antioxidants to give your feet a more healthier look! This is perfect for cracked skin! Giving your feet some better circulation will protect them from cracking so harshly. You can try out both of these masks by picking up a pack at your local Wal-mart or on Leader’s website!

5. Lush Hot Hand Mask

Now, everyone’s skin is different and the products do respond differently! But if you are like me my cracked skin is unbearable in the winter! This vegan hand mask is beautiful from the package, like all of Lush products. Many people are not too fond of Lush products because the colors of their products are intimidating but I actually gave their products a chance and fell in love!

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The description of the hot mask will have you wanting to try it anyway. Infused with avocado and argan oil is quite interestingly beautiful to the touch! Once you are ready, get a bowl large enough to sit the mask in an upright position. Start a pot of hot water and stir in enough water in the bowl so that it completely covers the mask. 

When the product consistency is thick when it has cooled down, set your hands in the bowl for 15 minutes and just indulge in this glittery sensation! To find this product you can visit any Lush store near you or order from their website!


6. Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask

The best mask for people who have a hard time finding one that fits there feet is this moisturizing soft touch foot peel! Unlike most, this sock-like mask fits up to a size 11 in men! After walking around in your uncomfortable work shoes, just slip these on your feet and enjoy the relaxation it brings.

This foot peel is the most reviewed on amazon giving the product 4.2 stars. After cleaning and drying your feet, slip on this bootie and sit for an hour and just feel it working. This is the best time to catch up on your soaps or your reruns of your favorite show! When finished, wash the oils off and wait and see the magic work in the next 7-14 days!


Now I know this is a while to see results but your cracked, callused skin will thank you! If you love this product a lot, you are in luck because it comes with two pairs of booties.   You can find this product on Amazon! 

What is your favorite product for your cracked skin? Have you tried one of these masks? Let us know in the comments below!