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The Best Halloween Costumes To Impress Your Friends

The Best Halloween Costumes To Impress Your Friends

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year, as you not only get to go trick or treating, you have almost nonstop partying with friends and family. Halloween is famously known for the infinite number of potential dresses you can wear. Whether you are a fan of action movies, Disney princesses, or want to dress depicting a real-life profession, there is a costume for everybody. With that being said, here are the best Halloween costumes you can wear to impress your friends!

Iron Man

Iron Man is arguably the most popular superhero on the planet. This will surely be the case this year as well, especially after what happened in Avengers: End Game. You will have a plethora of people dress up as either Iron Man in the suit or Tony Stark.

You doing so is an amazing option, which is why it tops our list! There are so many ideas you can add to make your costume more unique; such as a jetpack, power source (on the front of your suit), or customized helmet. You will impress not only your friends but everybody who sets eyes on your costume this year!

The Best Halloween Costumes To Impress Your Friends

Boba Fett

Dressing up as Boba Fett will drop jaws, and not only those of vivid Star Wars fans. The potential for details on your suit (depending on your budget) will impress anyone who sees your costume, and you will surely get a huge number of compliments.

Bonus points if you can make your costume look rusty and old (authenticity and realism are quite sexy). Wearing this will not only make you receive comments but will definitely get you a few numbers.

The Best Halloween Costumes To Impress Your Friends

Eve’s Temptation

This costume is very unique, and you do not see it very often. It was first worn by the famous model Heidi Klum in 2006, depicting Eve from the Bible, inside a large apple. There is a lot of makeup involved, and you also have a “snake” all-around your body for full effect.

You have tons of wiggle room to be creative when it comes to this costume, as you can change the type of fruit, animal, and even the color of your (Eve’s) skin (Heidi’s skin was green for her costume). If you are skilled artistically, there are many places to pay attention to detail, and many people will definitely appreciate that.

Get ready to be bombarded with compliments all night at whichever party you go to, and you will most certainly the center of attention among not only your friends but strangers as well.

The Best Halloween Costumes To Impress Your Friends

Freddy Krueger

One… two… Freddy’s coming for you! Freddy Krueger haunted the roads of Elm Street all throughout the early 2000s, and you dressing up like him is a perfect idea!

Freddy’s disgusting and unpleasant face is quite iconic, and if you can pull it off, all the best to you! You can either use a very good looking mask, or some extremely detailed makeup to make his look very realistic. You will obviously need his notorious fedora as well!

If you can create his extremely long fingers (that are similar to Wolverine’s), even better, if not, buy them at a store! Remember to wear the beautifully knitted sweater to complete the look.

You can choose to wear a different sweater if you would like, and you have quite some leeway when it comes to the makeup you can use. Overall, you can make this potential costume any way you would like, putting your personality on full display.

Anyone who sees you will immediately know who you are playing, and will be extremely impressed.

I only have one request though, please do not haunt my dreams on Halloween!

The Best Halloween Costumes To Impress Your Friends

Papa Smurf And Smurfette

This is the perfect Halloween costume for couples; it is stylish, cute, and who does not love the smurfs?? Keep in mind you do not have to wear this with a partner, but you definitely get bonus points if you do.

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Both papa smurf and Smurfette costumes will turn heads, and they are not too difficult to get made. All you need are some blue overalls, good knowledge on face makeup, and some fake beards/hair!

You have all the room in the world when it comes to making Smurfette’s dress, although you will probably want to stick to her famous white blouse-like dress. With this though, you can add any patterns on it, make the dress fluffy, or whatever else floats your boat.

The papa smurf costume is much simpler, as you just need the beard, tall red hat, and the same blue overalls I previously mentioned.

The two of you will get complimented the whole night, and you will not feel uncomfortable in any way, shape or form. I highly recommend the costumes!

Daft Punk

Daft Punk are extremely notorious for their thirst for anonymity, and you can use that to your full advantage this Halloween! You dressing up as the electronic duo will most often require a friend (although you can do this alone as well), and if that is a possibility, you will both kill it!

The look does not require much attire wise, as you need some realistic helmets and very fashionable clothing.

More often than not, Daft Punk wore suits and tuxedos, so that is probably the most popular attire of theirs you would like to wear on Halloween. However, like with the other costumes, you have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to costume design here.

The actual clothes you wear can range from suits, to glow in the dark jackets (like they sometimes wore), to glowy, flashy tops. You pick something that will make you stand out, as that is what Daft Punk is all about, and you both will surely receive compliments from everybody you meet all night.

The Best Halloween Costumes To Impress Your Friends

These are our best Halloween costumes to impress your friends with! Let us know in the comments which costumes you plan to wear this wear to impress others, and why you want to wear them!

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