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The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape

The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape

Hair is one of the few things about us that we can quickly change and feel automatically great or terrible about ourselves. Hair can reshape our identity, inspire change in our lives or just give us something fun to play and experiment with. There are some rules, however, that come along with the principle of hair and what works well for each individual person. Some of the things that come with hair are the color that matches with our skin tone, how to best wear our hair styled for each occasion and of course, the haircut that best suits our face shape. Read on to figure out which haircuts best suit your face shape and which ones to avoid to show the world the queen you truly are.


Some of our favorite actresses and musicians in Hollywood sport an oval face shape and are rocking almost every ‘do they try. Since celebrities and people we see on social media are mainly our guiding influence in what we experiment with in terms of our appearance, we shall look at some of the most stunning beauties of our time to try out a new haircut for the oval faces and walk with heads held high. Some famous celebrities with oval faces include Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna, both gorgeous women who have experimented with different haircuts over the years. The haircuts that seem to look particularly good with oval-shaped faces are shaggier ones like layers, side swept bangs, pixie cuts and a wide range of bob cuts. Really, this is a solid face shape to have if you like to experiment with your look because any tousled, wavy or short blunt one is going to look and feel fire on you.

The Best Haircuts For Your Face ShapeOblong

Again, there are many beautiful women in Hollywood with this face shape like Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham. The key to oblong faces is to find a hairstyle that makes your face appear shorter, because people with this face shape have one of the longest faces. Some haircuts that can achieve this look are long, voluminous waves, a textured bob, and straight hair with either blunt or side swept waves.The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape


Round faces are the perfect face shape to work with shorter haircuts that will frame the face nicely. Some people you may know who are known for their adorable round faces are Ginnifer Goodwin and Lucy Hale. The round face is a good shape to work with because you can either choose to accentuate it with short haircuts, frame it with layers, or drape it with long, loose waves. Some haircuts to consider getting if you have a round face are a straight bob, a fauxhawk, sleek, straight hair and a pixie cut.

The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape


Square faces are fun to work with because you get to play with bone structure and either choose to show it off with a shorter haircut or keep it hidden or soften the jawline with tousled waves. Some great haircuts to try out if you have a square-shaped face are a shaggy, long bob, long, side swept bangs, long, loose waves, layers with fringe bangs, and an asymmetrical bob.

The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape


If you have a heart shaped face there are many haircuts out there that will suit your face shape and very well. Some of our favorite heart shaped girls include Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence and Katharine McPhee. If you are rocking a heart shaped face you should try out hairstyles such as long bangs, the lob, a pixie, big loose waves and long layers that will frame your face and highlight your nice bone structure and chin. 

The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape


The diamond face shape is also another one that has many hairstyles you can experiment on it with. People you may know and love with a diamond shaped face include Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigan and Keira Knightly. Some haircuts you might want to try out if you happen to have this face shape are feathered bangs, deep side bangs, a wavy bob, among others.

The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape


The rectangle face shape can sometimes be a tricky one to find the right haircut because these particular face shapes seem to all vary in size. The haircuts you should experiment with for this face shape are fringe or side swept bangs, layered voluminous waves, coiled, bouncy curls, long bobs and anything to frame or soften a harsh jawline.

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The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape


Some people you may know with a triangle shaped face are Scarlett Johansson and Chloë Grace Mortez The triangle face shape needs to be complemented with a haircut that will soften the jaw and balance out a heavier bottom portion. That being said, opt for layers to frame and soften your face when you go to get a haircut. You can also ask for a pixie cut if you choose to go shorter, which will look good with the triangle shape and some wispy, side swept bangs if you decide to go that route.

The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape


Many celebrities that you may come across seem to have this hexagon face shape which consists of a structured jawline and straight forehead, one of those celebrities being Fergie. People with hexagonal faces should follow guidelines set for triangle and square faces that they should opt for haircuts that soften their jawline. These haircuts include heavy layers, long bobs and sleek, straight, long hair. 

The Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape

All in all, hair is fun to experiment with in general, whether that be the style, the cut, or the color. The key is to try out as much as possible when you are young before settling into a certain style and color for you. Examine your face and determine what is your face shape, research haircuts that would make you look your best and gather opinions from your friends and family and most importantly, your hairdresser. Look to celebrities and people on social media for inspiration and to gather an idea of what would look good on you based on their haircuts. Hair does not have to be hard to master, take your time, enjoy the process and try out as much as you can. Comment below what look was your favorite!

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