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The Best Hair Colors For The Fall Season

The fall season is here and that means it’s time for a new and fresh hair color to start the season off right! There are a variety of hair colors for different hair textures and styles that are trending this season! Get ahead of the trends and check out these new hair colors for the fall season!

Rose Brown

This is a brilliant hair color and totally pops in the fall! The rose brown hair color is perfect for natural dark hair… or if you are planning on dying your hair from a darker brown color. Especially for the fall season, having rose tone in your hair really matches the warm fall vibes. This hair color also looks really cute in braided hair styles. The rose color in general is a beautiful color.The rose mixed with darker brown hair allows for the color to shimmer and pop in a subtle, but effective, way.

Auburn Highlights

Auburn colored highlights or lowlights are a classic fall hair color! The light auburn hair will get you ready for the fall in style. This hair color is unique and beautiful. We can’t get enough of this color. When you are going for the perfect auburn color, it suggested that you get your hair colored professionally. It is really difficult to get the perfect auburn from a box! With all that being said, the auburn color goes so well with a variety of skin tones. Give this color a try because it is so cute and trendy this fall!  

All Auburn

If you are feeling the auburn, we even suggest having the entire base of your hair color a rich auburn color. This is a trending color of the season and it is totally worth the hair color change. This color works especially well with curly hair because the curls can capture a lot of different shade of auburn in the light giving your hair a more textured look. The all auburn color look is also perfect for women with darker skin tones!


Light Brown

Okay, this is a color that is totally in for the season! The light brown hair color is very trendy right now but in order to get it right, it’s worth it to get it done by a professional. This color will also grow out very nicely for the late fall and winter season! If you are looking for a subtle change, this will be perfect for you. This light brown hair color also has a more natural-looking look to it so it won’t be obvious that you dyed it.

Elegant Blonde

The classic elegant blonde look can transition very smoothly from the summer season into the fall. This is a color that can also be toned down a little bit to really highlight an array of different blonde shades in your look. Style your hair with loosely curled waves or with a straightener to add dimension and show off the color even more. If you are going from a light blonde summer look, you should consider highlighting and touching up your hair color just enough to match the upcoming fall season. 

Hazelnut and Cinnamon Tones

The rich hazelnut and cinnamon hair color really comes from that perfect balayage hair coloring technique. The smooth transition in hair color and tones make the hairstyle look vibrant and fresh. This is a really pretty hair color for the fall and winter seasons because it gives off a darker tone while still flashing hints of lighter tones. This is truly the perfect look for the fall season. Who doesn’t love a good balayage? They work wonders and are irresistibly cute!

Melted Caramel Highlights

For the brunettes out there, this is a really cute look if you have straighter hair! If you have naturally darker hair and are looking for something to brighten up your look in a subtle way, then this is definitely the fall hair color to consider. Sometimes the leap from dark hair to light hair can be daunting and straight-up difficult. Caramel highlights can totally give your hair the lighter tone that you have been looking for without going blonde! This is also a perfect hair color for the fall!

See Also

Dark Natural

Another trending hair color for this fall season is a really dark hair color. If your hair is naturally a darker color, or if you are interested in darker hair, this is the perfect season to make the color change! Dark hair colors really give a more natural and warm tone to your look and match the fall trends of darkening in the hair. A lot of times darker hair also makes your hair seem thicker and more full! This is one of our most favorite looks and it actually takes the least amount of effort. Go natural dark for the fall? Sign us up!


This is a fun hair color that is so fun for this season! Silver hair color is totally trending and is really cute if it is done right. The silver hair color makes your hair shine like you wouldn’t believe. If you are in search of a bold color change, then this is a perfect color for you. This look will give you a unique edge to your style and silver is a fun change to your new fall look. 

Deep Purple

This is a fabulous hair color all around. Like the silver, this is another bold color change that is stunning this season. This is one of the more subtle hair color changes and the deep purple color is a solid color choice if you are looking for a fun new look. The purple color really goes well with darker hair. Imagine a deep purple colored lowlight paired with a dark chestnut hair color. That would be absolutely gorgeous and totally a trend in the fall season!

We love these new trending hair colors. Which hair color will you be rocking this fall season? Let us know in the comments below!

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