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The Best Gym Equipment To Use For Beginners

You’ve finally decided to start going to the gym but feel overwhelmed by the amount of gym equipment there is. There are so many options, and some of the machines look impossible to use. If these thoughts flood your mind the moment you step foot into a gym, no worries. We’ve all been there before, and it can be hard to figure out which machine to use first. If you’re a beginner in your fitness journey, here is a list of the best gym equipment that’s easy to use and will give you major results.


Ah, the treadmill. The classic go-to machine for those who are fresh into their health and fitness journey! There’s a reason why a lot of beginners choose to exercise on the treadmill first. It’s easy to use, and you can adjust your speed to whatever you’re most comfortable with. Not to mention that this gym equipment can help prevent injuries. The treadmill is also ideal for those who are bored with their current fitness routine.

Cable machine

The cable machine is perfect for beginners because it allows you to do a variety of different exercises using one piece of equipment. It allows you to do a total body workout or target a specific area. It can even offer a variety of activities based on a person’s goals. The cable machine is also one of the safest machines compared to other gym equipment because it allows you to stay in control better. This results in less injuries!

Exercise bike

Cycling is a low-impact exercise that provides significant benefits. You can burn major calories and body fat by using the exercise bike while strengthening your heart, muscles, and lungs. Unlike some of the other gym equipment available, stationary bikes put less stress on your joints, making it a beginner-friendly machine. Using the exercise bike at the gym is also an excellent option for people with joint pain, as cycling will strengthen your joints. What a way to enjoy cycling without ever having to step outside!

Leg press machine

The leg press machine is a great machine for beginners that want to get a killer leg workout. Using this piece of gym equipment is like doing squats while sitting down. They’ll help you to build the muscles in your legs without putting too much stress on your stabilizing muscles. The leg press machine also allows you to lift heavy in the safest way possible, making it beginner-friendly gym equipment. Get yourself the sexy legs you deserve without worrying about hurting yourself in the process!

Rowing machine

The rowing machine looks complicated, but it’s relatively simple to use and is a killer total body workout. It’s a great machine to use for beginners because you’ll get the benefits of an intense workout without the injuries. This piece of gym equipment mimics the movement of rowing (hence its name), so it’s great for those who aren’t able to go rowing outdoors because of the weather. The rowing machine also challenges your body, which means that you’ll see quicker results when using this machine. Seeing those results will make you want to keep going!


The elliptical is another classic go-to for people who are new to the gym world. It’s a great total body exercise that works on improving your mobility and balance. The elliptical is also an extremely popular piece of gym equipment, so you’ll want to get to it before peak times! Beginners love this exercise machine because it burns major calories, it doesn’t put too much stress on your joints, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it. You can’t go wrong with that!

Stair climber

Everybody already knows how beneficial it is to use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Since we already know how to use steps, the stair master is a great machine to use for gym newbies. All have to do is walk up the stairs like how you normally would and reap the benefits like bone strength, weight loss, and toned muscles. The stair climber is also a non-impact machine, so you won’t be putting too much stress on your joints.

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Okay, we know dumbbells aren’t machines, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ideal for beginners. You’re in control of how heavy you decide to lift, and you can take so many exercises up a notch just by adding dumbbells. You can do various exercises with dumbbells and work out several muscle groups, which you can’t do with the other gym equipment. Incorporating dumbbells in your workout can provide you with many benefits, including flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Arc trainer

The arc trainer is sort of like an elliptical and stair climber in one. It’s a great machine for new gym comers to try because it burns serious calories even though it’s a low impact machine. Like the elliptical and stair climber, the arc trainer puts less stress on your joints. It also prevents your toes from stretching behind your knee, which results in you keeping pressure off your knee joints. This piece of gym equipment works your muscles and helps you take off the pounds, making it an ideal low-impact machine that beginners will love.

Smith machine

For those who are just getting started with lifting or squatting, you’ll want to try using the smith machine. It’s great for helping to familiarize yourself with bench presses and squats. You’ll be able to properly do those exercises with free weights once you get comfortable doing it with the Smith machine. This piece of gym equipment is perfect for beginners because it allows you to focus on your form and reduce your likelihood of injury.

Some of the gym equipment you see may look scary, but there’s no need to worry. If you don’t know how to use something, never be afraid to ask someone for help. You’ll want to have an effective workout, and that can’t happen if you’re incorrectly using a machine. Which gym equipment is your favorite to use, and why? We’d love to hear your thoughts!
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