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The Best Grammy’s Looks Of All Time

The Best Grammy’s Looks Of All Time

The Grammys are a time where celebrities, nominees, or just guests, have the opportunity to display their unique styles on the red carpet. There are some looks that will go down in history for being so beautiful, iconic, and fun! Below, in no specific order, are some of the best Grammy’s looks of all times.

1. Jennifer Lopez’s Plunging Green Dress From 2000

This iconic dress from the 2000s is a defining fashion statement. Jennifer Lopez absolutely killed it in this dress, as she still does today! She totally set a standard for Grammy’s dresses and how original anyone can dress. This will surely go down in history as one of the best Grammy’s looks.


2. Taylor Swift’s Pink Gown From 2016

Taylor Swift killed it in this dress, making it one of the best Grammy’s looks ever from her! The long pink skirt with a complimentary orange top looked absolutely stunning with her short blonde hair and bangs. She never fails to amaze.

3. Beyonce’s White Sheer Floral Lace Gown From 2014

Queen B totally rocked this white sheer and floral lace gown. This is one of her best Grammy’s looks, especially considering how flattering the dress is on her beautiful hourglass figure! The red lipstick too, she is too good.


4. Rihanna’s Pink Gown From 2015

This pink gown worn by Rihanna in 2015 was a show stopper, and surely one of her best Grammy’s looks. It was rather puffy, obviously, which made some critics not as much of a fan. But being a fashionista myself, I can confidently say Rihanna slayed this dress and looked like a stunning princess.


5. Dua Lipa’s Butterfly Dress From 2021

This year, Dua Lipa most definitely rocked the red carpet. She had one of the best Grammy’s looks this year with her sequined butterfly theme dress. It was so complimenting to her body, skin tone, and hair color. She actually also took inspiration from Cher’s 1974 dress pictured below!

6. Cher’s Fairy Themed Dress From 1974

This dress will go down in history as well as one of the best Grammy’s looks. Cher, back in 1974, and still today, is an absolute icon in the fashion world. This butterfly/fairy-themed look gave her such a magical touch. See the resemblance to Dua Lipa’s look above?


7. SZA’s Long Sleeve White Gown From 2018

SZA. My gosh. This white gown is absolutely flawless. I wish I could see it in person. The long sleeve and partly sheer parts of the dress are so beautiful. She really knew how to work it. Definitely one of her best Grammy’s looks!


8. Kim Kardashian’s Sequin Gown From 2015

Although Kim Kardashian is not a singer herself, she attended the Grammy awards and absolutely rocked the red carpet in this sequin plunge neck gown. She made herself have one of the best Grammy look’s in 2015, and she is not even an artist. Go, Kim!

9. Lady Gaga’s Silver Dress from 2019

Lady Gaga looked absolutely stunning in her silver sequined gown from 2019. Gaga is typically known for her very out-there style, and this is one of her most basic yet best Grammy’s looks yet.


10. Miley Cyrus’s Black Cutout Dress From 2015

Miley’s best Grammy’s looks are hard to decide on because she always looks great. The hair here, the dress, it is all so good. Loving the cutouts too!


11. Selena Gomez’s Blue Sequin Dress From 2016

Selena Gomez looked simple and gorgeous in this blue sequined dress. This is for sure one of her best Grammy’s looks.

12. Lizzo’s Sheer Sequin Dress From 2020

Ugh, Lizzo has done it again. Her body positivity mindset and amazing style make her one of the most gorgeous celebrities to walk the red carpet, in my opinion. This dress is surely one, if not the one, of her best Grammy’s looks.


13. Miley Cyrus’s Black Pantsuit from 2019

Miley has done it again with this very different pantsuit that wowed everyone back in 2019!


14. Ariana Grande’s Grey Dress From 2020

Ariana Grande or Cinderella? She stole the show away last year with this grey ball gown.

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15. Madonna’s Red Look from 1999

Madonna’s red outfit from 1999 was absolutely iconic as she performed on stage. She surely knows how to wow a crowd!

16. Fergie’s Orange Lace Dress From 2012

This is easily one of Fergie’s best Grammy’s looks. I mean, the orange on her skin tone is perfect on her. And the jewelry? She killed it!


17. Demi Lovato’s Nude Cutout Dress From 2017

I am loving this Demi Lovato nude cutout dress from 2017. This is surely number one for her best Grammy’s looks. Her hair, makeup, jewelry, and dress were all the perfect combination to a wonderful, beautiful look.


18. Heidi Klum’s Black Sheer Dress From 2018

Model Heidi Klum may not be an artist herself, but she definitely made it seem so as she rocked the red carpet in this black sheer dress. A simple hairstyle with such an intricate dress is perfect, and she killed it.

19. Lady Gaga’s Blue Dress From 2016

Lady Gaga, as you already know, is known for her crazy outfits on the red carpet. The thing about Lady Gaga, however, is that she can pull just about anything off (even a meat dress!). Check out this gorgeous blue dress from the 2016 Grammy’s. It is different, but this makes it one of her best Grammy’s looks. And the shoes, I mean, look at them! They’re wonderful, tall, and complementary to the color of the dress.


20. Destiny’s Child Green Dress Look from 2001

Destiny’s Child looked gorgeous in 2021, with their matching green dresses that were all styled just a little bit differently.


Did these gorgeous looks make your jaw drop as much as it did mine? What are some of your favorites when it comes to the best Grammy’s looks? Share your opinions with us in the comments – we love hearing of everyone’s different fashion tastes!

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