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The Best Glitter Makeup You Need For Pride Month

The Best Glitter Makeup You Need For Pride Month

The Best Glitter Makeup You Need For Pride Month

Pride Month is a great time to let your wild side show and wear some crazy makeup! The best kind is to go glitter all the way, but how do you know which ones are the cheap kind and which ones are worth the order? Sometimes you might just have to try things out for yourself and see what is going to work. We decided to help you out this year and do the research for you. Glitter makeup is kind of our specialty. Whatever you decide to do to celebrate this year, we guarantee you will be the most sparkly, poppin’ partier in the room. We put together a short list of the best brands to make sure your Pride Month wardrobe is unbeatable!

The Best Glitter Makeup You Need For Pride Month

1. H&M Loose Glitter

A loose glitter is a great way to add some sparkle literally anywhere on your body when you get ready for Pride Month this year. H&M Loose Glitter is non-irritating and you can either mix it into some makeup you already plan on using, sprinkle it loosely somewhere, or buy some makeup adhesive to pat the sparkles heavily where you would like! It is definitely our number one choice for the best glitter makeup you need for Pride Month. It also comes in numerous colors, so be sure to mix things up!

The Best Glitter Makeup You Need For Pride Month

2. Urban Decay Moondust Palette

If you’re looking for sparkles to specifically go on your eyes, this Urban Decay Moondust palette is absolutely the way to go. The eight colors they offer on this are super sharp and super bright. These colors are for the outspoken ones celebrating this year because there is nothing dull about them. Head over to your nearest Sephora right now because we are sure this will be one of the glitter makeup supplies that will sell out extremely fast. Also, even though this palette is for eye shadow, every true makeup experimenter knows that you can use shadow pretty much anywhere on your body for anything. Just a helpful hint!

The Best Glitter Makeup You Need For Pride Month

3. GlitterPOP! Eyeliner

We thought we would give you the opportunity to swap out every kind of makeup you use for the chance to replace it with glitter makeup. GlitterPOP! eyeliner can be found, of course, at Sephora (which is probably the best place to get everything you need… we LOVE Sephora) in a limited selection of colors. Personally, we think the Too Faced Fairy Queen eyeliner is the best option but look around and see which one you like best!

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4. NYX Glitter Brilliants

Similar to the first-mentioned H&M glitter, this glitter makeup is meant for face and body! It actually comes in more colors than we were expecting so we think this is going to be a must-have for Pride Month. NYX products usually aren’t too hard to find, but again, Sephora would probably end up being your best option for a one-stop glitter makeup shop. You could even throw a ton of this stuff in your hair when you go out for the night to really hit the scene looking like a sparkly unicorn princess!

The Best Glitter Makeup You Need For Pride Month

5. Hard Candy Lash Tinsel Mascara

Lot of 3 is a set of tinsel-like glitter mascaras that come in 3 different colors. This is pretty much the last step to complete your glitter makeup Pride Month appearance! Unfortunately, the 3-color choice doesn’t leave you with many options, but like we said before, you could always take some of the loose glitters we suggested earlier and mix it in with another form of makeup to ensure everything you wear out-sparkles everything and everyone else. You got this!

So now that we’ve completed your Pride Month look for you, let us know which glitter makeup products are your favorite! Comment below!

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