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The Best Gift Ideas For Your BFF’s Champagne Birthday

Your BFF’s Champagne Birthday is a big deal. Really any birthday your BFF has is, but champagne birthdays are especially important. Plus, with June 8th around the corner, a.k.a. National Best Friend Day, it’s time to show your best friend how much they mean to you. Don’t have any idea where to start? Look no further than this article, for I have curated a BFF Champagne Birthday gift guide, at various price points, to give you a little inspiration.

Moleskine Journal or Planner

If your BFF is anything like mine, they love to write out anything and everything — poems, thoughts, meanderings. I myself would love to receive a notebook or planner to keep all of my thoughts in one place (hint, hint, M, if you’re reading this!). At a reasonable price point, the classic Moleskine notebook is a perfect gift to show that you know your best friend and what they love to do without feeling like you have to break the bank. Plus, you also have the option of personalizing your BFF’s notebook with their name or with a symbol and quote they love. Talk about adding that little extra touch!

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Catbird Charm Collection

Slightly on the more expensive end as far as gifts go but oh so worth it for your BFF, is Catbird’s new jewellery collection, The Big Little Charm Collection. Catbird, a NYC-based jewellery company, just launched a new collection, consisting of 10 itty bitty 10k gold and sterling silver charms, each its own unique symbol and as sparkly as the last. If you’re working with a budget, I’d recommend the sterling silver charms, but if you’re able to splurge, go gold or go home. Reminiscent of the kind of charm bracelets popular in the 90s and early 2000s, these charms pay homage to you and your BFF’s childhood, yet are more sophisticated (and durable) because they are made to last — just like your friendship. You can choose from a butterfly, an engravable baby key, a cannoli, or a “Better Half” bagel half (hello, perfect BFF charms!), to name a few. This gift is a special one for your BFF’s special day, and one I can guarantee they’ll never take off.

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Traveller’s Backpack

A backpack large enough for all of your essentials but small enough to wear all day and still look cute? Pixie Mood’s Cora Backpack is the perfect gift for the BFF who is already planning their next adventure. This backpack comes in several different colours, most of them channeling beautiful spring tones, like lavender (pictured below), muted rose, and light grey, and looks great with any outfit. This is already guaranteed to be a well-travelled bag because your BFF won’t leave the house, let alone the country, without it.

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Cork Yoga Mat

A few years ago I had never heard of a yoga mat maded of cork, but it seems this type of mat is becoming all the rave — and reasonably so. Mukta Being cork mats are made with responsibly harvests Portuguese cork and offer a beautiful and sustainable alternative to many yoga mats out there, especially those that use leather or harmful rubber. I have a friend who swears by Mukta Being because it provides enough stick to keep you glued to your mat when needed and enough slide when you need a little bit of extra movement. Slightly more expensive than many yoga mats but responsibly made and in a variety of beautiful, intricate patterns, the Mukta Being cork mat is a beautiful gift for your eco-conscious yogi friend. Even better, when you buy a Mukta mat, you provide tuition for 1 elementary-aged student for one full school year.

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Tarot Deck

I have been told many times that you should not buy your own tarot decks; rather, they are supposed to be gifted to you by another, chosen by the intuition and hands of a loved one. If your BFF is nourished by spirituality and inspired by the greater elements in our Universe, a tarot deck is a perfect gift for them. There are many tarot decks to choose from, some that are more closely described as oracle cards and some that are very much tarot cards, infused with the spirit of both the Major and Minor Arcana. The Wild Unknown Tarot Boxset is a popular first deck choice, and beautifully illustrated. There is even a Kawaii-inspired Tarot deck available, for those who love cute and minimal designs ( — this website also gives a really good intro to tarot). There are so many different kinds of decks out there, all illustrated differently and evoking their own mystical energy.

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Hoops For Days!

The newest additions to the MBM collection, the ‘Live In Hoop’ Earrings are the hoops your BFF has been yearning for. Made to be worn all day everyday, as per its name, the ‘Live In Hoops’ come in 3 different sizes (12mm, 16mm, and 20mm) and are made in 3 metals (14k gold fill, 14k rose gold fill, and sterling silver). They are reasonably priced and solidly made. I have pieces from Made by Mary and love their quality. Plus, hoops are really in these days, especially when they are ones you can wear all the time – a sliver of gold subtle enough to wear all day but just bold enough to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to every outfit. Guaranteed to be an absolute win with your bestie!

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What Champagne birthday gifts have you considered for your own BFFs? Any of these listed give you inspiration? Has your bestie’s champagne birthday passed and, if so, what did you gift them?

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