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The Best Gay Bars In Boston For A Hot Night Out During Pride Month

The Best Gay Bars In Boston For A Hot Night Out During Pride Month

The Best Gay Bars In Boston For A Hot Night Out During Pride Month

Boston is always known to be one of the best cities for every kind of holiday or celebration and Gay Pride Month is no exception to that! If you aren’t from the area, you might be surprised to know that gay bars in Boston are not short on supply. These spots hold some of the hottest bashes the city has seen, and Gay Pride Month is about to bring on a whole new level of partying.

The Best Gay Bars In Boston For A Hot Night Out During Pride Month

1. The Boston Eagle

Right on Tremont Street is The Boston Eagle. It’s not one of the typical gay bars in Boston that you might expect. The atmosphere is great, the drinks are cheap, and everyone in there expects you to have thick skin. This isn’t a hide-away. These folks are damn proud of who they are and don’t care one bit what anyone thinks. Everyone is just down for great drinks and a good time!

2. The Alley

A wonderful inner city pool hall located on Pi Aly downtown. There’s no cover charge and it is cash only, but of course there is an ATM inside for newcomers. Although this place is more geared to gay men than it is women, anyone can have a good time. They play various sports games on all the TVs and the music is reportedly always great. As number two on our gay bars in Boston list, we highly recommend you check out this diamond in the rough.

3. Cathedral Station

Also known as Cathy’s to the locals, this place is unlike the rest. Even though it may not necessarily be one of the upper-class gay bars in Boston, it stands out by it’s set up alone. Cathedral Station is ultimately a giant drinking room. The space is so open, so the pool players and rowdy ones aren’t bumping elbows with you ’cause that can get pretty annoying. We like to think of this place as a townie bar with a little twist.

4. Club Cafe

Club CafĂ© is a dance club/bar combo that has become very popular in the city. Its Italian cuisine is to die for and it’s right off of the Back Bay stop, so getting there is extremely easy. There is karaoke and live shows to go along with dinner and dancing for both men and women. It’s one of the few gay bars in Boston, and further, that is always very inviting to the whole LGBTQ community and we love that!

The Best Gay Bars In Boston For A Hot Night Out During Pride Month

5. Machine

Machine is one of the most well-known gay bars in Boston. What’s different about this spot is that it is 18+ and anyone and everyone is welcome. It’s been known to get very wild with such an eclectic crowd. All inclusive bathrooms, half naked men, women in bikinis, all of which are a recipe for one hell of a time. There are even some great front row stripper poles for dinner, drinks and a show! Right by Fenway on Boylston Street, this place is an incredible experience.

The Best Gay Bars In Boston For A Hot Night Out During Pride Month

6. Trophy Room

The Trophy Room on Chandler Street actually replaced a former gay sports bar. This scene has switched to more of a formal, restaurant style spot, but that’s okay! The food is different and has great reviews. The story is that this is one of the only gay bars in Boston specifically geared towards a more upscale clientele. It seems they wanted a more diverse and lucrative crowd so they even completely redecorated with a more elegant touch. It is definitely worth taking the time to stop in for a unique bite to eat.

7. Boston Ramrod

Ramrod is the subsidiary of Machine, and like we said they have really stepped up their game over the last couple of years. The bar itself is immaculate when it comes to upkeeping with the maintenance. They keep expanding and shifting their set up and keep creating more and more room to dance!

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8. Guilt

Located right on Tremont Street, Guilt is one of many gay bars in Boston that has been and remains to be legendary. Formerly Jukebox in the 80s, Guilt has kept up with its reputation over the decades and provides some of the hottest night life activity you could hope to find in the city.

9. Dyke Night

Right in the Fenway part of Boston where there is always something to do and somewhere to go, Kristen Porter’s Dyke Night festivities have been presenting an ever-evolving, ever-revolving assortment of club nights for women all over the place. Although ‘Kristen Porter Presents’ is open to the entire LGBTQ community, it is known for creating safe, open, and fun places for women of the gay community since there aren’t nearly as many.

10. Climax

The last, but certainly not least, of our list of gay bars in Boston, Climax. It’s right on Linden Street in the Allston/Brighton area of Boston. It continues to be known for its great customer service and relaxed cocktail night feel. Just because it is the last bar on our list, doesn’t mean it’s not worth giving it a shot and checking it out. From what we hear, it’s one of the happiest places to drink and make new friends!

It’s been hard for the LGBTQ community to find local hot spots to celebrate Pride Month, but these gay bars in Boston will be holding some of the greatest parties every weekend for the month. If you check out any of these places, comment below and give us your opinion!

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